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It is sad that elected officials can make LAWS that limit Free Speech and all other Bill of Rights. What is intolerable is that we (police) enforce theses “laws”. Then I’m told “we would never enforce any harm to our community “ but no arrests warrants are issued for any of our officials no arrests. And still citizens are raped killed starved overdosed financially ruined by our growing criminal community that isn’t even being committed by US citizens. But that is always someone else’s jurisdiction crap. But if you good citizen don’t pay your ever increasing taxation you are the Threat to Democracy and will be punished. As I have said before. Inside out, bottom up, top down. I will stand alone with God before I will ever kneel with everyone else. And you can quote me

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"Live free or die!" That is the battle cry of the American Spirit... or at least it was. Now people expect the government to protect them from scary thoughts. They same people that feed them that lie are the ones who are pillaging the village with impunity. People are blind to the fact they are being abused. If they were to awaken, they would realize they can walk free once more, not fearing the state nor responding to their tyrannical dictates. Law? What law?

Are you talking about the law that is so commonly disregarded, distorted, and ignored? Are you talking about the law that keeps changing, being manipulated, perverted, and weaponized against everyday Americans? Are you talking about the law that is arbitrarily enforced and scoffed at by criminals? Does the rule of law mean anything in this completely lawless society?

Apparently not, except perhaps in justifying the state to abuse the citizens and force them into submission under the threat of penalty, imprisonment, or death. But in reality, that threat is mostly hollow. If 300 million Americans decided to ignore the law the way the politicians, cartels, and criminals do, we'd be free at once. They cannot punish and imprison us all. Same goes for taxes. If 300 million Americans decide to stop paying taxes, they could not punish us all -- unless of course we've all been forced into a central bank digital economy and have 87,000 armed IRS agents to round up any rebels. The writing is on the wall.

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But that is just crazy talk. That would never happen. 🤪😂🖖🏻

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