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TR 312 - What's Wrong With America?

TR 312 - What's Wrong With America?

This isn't a rhetorical question. Practical solutions require an intelligent answer.

Geez, I wonder.

[NOTE: Please LISTEN to this report… the audio better conveys the message!]

I am of the firm belief, as I’ve repeatedly said, that we are being taunted and demoralized more and more by the day. Each news cycle is another smack in the face, as the progressive cabal rubs our nose in the fact they’ve captured the media and can manipulate public perception at will. Blatant corruption, conducted in broad daylight, outright fraud, complete disregard for the rule of law, and the utter insanity of it all as captured in the screenshot above—all of this serves to stoke rage.

But underneath the rage is a distinct sort of sadness. It’s the sadness of not knowing what to do about it. The sadness of feeling overwhelmed by it all. The sort of sadness that leads to a creeping sense of hopelessness, desperation, and even depression. I believe there are many, many people who are riding this emotional roller coaster, who are struggling to stay sane in the midst of all this chaos and find a path forward.

I believe that those who know in their hearts that this is all wrong, that there is evil in the world ruling the day, that we are rapidly approaching the point of no return, that what little hope there is left is under a vicious and relentless assault—those who would be willing to do almost anything to reclaim their God given rights, who would do almost anything to get back the country that they love, to stop this radical transformation and retain the founding principles of our once great nation—THAT crowd, the passionate, red-blooded, liberty loving Americans all across the fruited plains, from sea to shining sea, We The People who are willing to fight and die to protect our country, our children, our traditions, and future generations—I believe that we are in need of a vision and an executable call to action.

Raise your hand if you think we can vote ourselves out of this mess? How? What hope is there if there is no election integrity? If election fraud can run rampant and go unchecked? If courts side with crooked politicians and the media runs cover for the corruption? HOW? There is no simple answer. The only solutions are difficult.

There is no easy way out.

Let me ask you this: Do you believe that drag queens are being persecuted? Do you believe that drag queens are having their rights violated? Do you believe that drag queens are going to stand up and fight for their constitutional rights? That’s what the news says.

It’s backwards, obviously. But so what? Isn’t that just another smack in the face?

How many times will the bullies smack around the American Patriots before they finally stand up and push back? I don’t believe the patriots will take much more. Temperance is important, I get it. Turn the other cheek, I understand. But how long will we sit back and watch as these bastards ravage everything that we love, pillage the village with impunity, and rape the minds of our fellow Americans? How long?!

No longer.

We can take it no more. It would be a dereliction of duty to simply watch the destruction of the country we love and do nothing about it. Which raises the only question that really matters: What are we going to do about it?

Now, I know, like myself, there are many of you who have been asking yourselves this very question. There have been murmurs and whispers about various ways forward, but ultimately, they all end in defeat. It’s not that people aren’t willing to fight and die—there are plenty who are—it’s that there is no value in sacrificing one’s life, only to expose your position, have hell reigned down upon your heads, place your family and loved ones in grave danger of wrathful retaliation.

Do you recall my prior warning? Can you imagine the wafting stench of death floating across your back porch? Can you imagine blood in the streets and literal horrors of an actual civil war? Most cannot, and those who can, wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

It is said that the Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants—and so it must. But if there were any other way, would that be preferable? Wisdom begs that we seek more peaceful solutions.

But are there any peaceful solutions? I mean, at this point, what can we do?

Friends, we’ve talked about this. Some in the audience have accused me of being a pacifist, or focusing on the problems and not providing any solutions, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a warrior at heart. I love to fight, literally and truly, and I have fought my way through life, through military service, through chronic pain and depression, through innumerable cycles of self-induced suffering, personal challenges and hardships, to be here today, speaking from the heart and challenging you to think deeper.

Want to know what I think the best solution is? I spelled it out here:

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But that was eight months ago, right? I’ve certainly learned a lot since then, and I’ve done my best to share what I’ve learned with each of you. I’ve often said that there is no chance of finding solutions if we do not understand the problem. Do we, do you, do I actually understand the problem? Do you understand what we’re up against?

It’s more than a global commie cabal. It’s more than propaganda and mind control. It’s more than weaponized AI and government censorship. It’s more than apathy and idiocy. It’s all of the above, plus powers and principalities of darkness, plus generational cycles, plus centuries of conditioning, plus decades of subversion—plus all of this being multiplied for exponential affect unfathomable ways.

In short, what we are facing is humanity.

How do you propose we defeat human nature?

How do you propose we defeat the urge of the useful idiots to sacrifice their freedoms for the illusion of safety? How do you propose we stop the majority of people from voting to give politicians more power, because they think they can get something for nothing? How do you propose we stop the evildoers and tyrants from trying to take over the world? The simple answer is this: We cannot.

Thus, we lose, right?



Thus, we must fight. At this point, it is only by force that we can correct course. Interpret that how you will, but I am speaking of the laws of physics here. Recall from TR 273 - The Worst Case Scenario (part one), that the only way to stop what is already in motion, the only way to change course, is by the intervention of a superior outside force—and absent this superior force, many people believe this is the year that it all falls apart. While I understand the sentiment, I strongly disagree.

There is a stronger force, and that is the human spirit.

Setting religion aside, side-stepping any inclination toward prophecy, and resisting the urge to bicker about different beliefs, can we all agree that human beings all come equipped with a certain spiritual sense? Is it too much of a stretch, without delving into philosophical tangents, to declare that we are spiritual beings?

I am seeking the broadest possible consensus here—and I believe that it’s vitally important. You see, inner strength, grit, tenacity, and determination, I view all of this as an extension of spiritual expression, just as much as prayer and worship, and I believe such expression is an inseparable aspect of our humanity, regardless of one’s personal beliefs. As such, I believe that the ultimate solution to political chaos is an elevation of spiritual awareness—that is, that the human spirit be awakened, in order to unleash the indomitable spirit that is needed to win the battles ahead.

We can never give up—and yet right now, we can’t even get enough people to step up.

So, where does that leave us?

Have you heard about all those attacks on the power grid? How about all those train derailments? How about the hundreds of attacks on the food supply chain?

Let me ask you: If we were at war, how would you know? If there were patriots fighting for freedom all across the country, how would you know? Would the media tell you?

Would the word get out on social media?

Would someone send you an email?

Would a family member give you a call?

How would they know what was really going on?

We know the media is state run propaganda. We know social media is censored. We know emails get intercepted. We know phone calls are monitored and recorded.

Because of this, how would we know when it’s actually time to fight? How would those who are willing to defend freedom communicate and coordinate their efforts?

Taking it even further, hypothetically speaking, who exactly, who specifically, would these freedom fighters be fighting against? What would be their potential targets? What would be their theoretical strategy? How might they define their victory?

Where are the military leaders? Where are all the militias? Where are all the good men who refuse to sit idly by, who refuse to do nothing and thus let evil prevail?

What do you think these heroes are supposed to do? Think about it.

Take a deep breath.

Get out of the head. Get into the heart.

There are solutions. There are answers.

To win will require wisdom and discernment.

KNOW THIS: If we want to win this war—if there is to be any hope for the future of humanity, we absolutely must start winning hearts and minds. We absolutely must start building relationships. We must build networks and alliances. We must build trust.

Only then can we work together to overcome the odds.

What’s wrong with America? We are too divided and distracted to make a stand—and obviously that’s not by accident. If Americans were united, the majority could stand up at once and just say NO—we’re done with this globalist agenda, with this commie cabal trying to conquer us all. We’re done with corrupt politicians and rigged elections. We’re done with this medical tyranny and media censorship.

If we could unite the majority we could end the insanity at once. Imagine massive civil disobedience. Imagine massive peaceful noncompliance. Imagine if the majority of people stopped paying taxes. Imagine if the majority of people disregarded the rules and regulations the same way that the politicians do. Imagine if the majority of counties said no to their respective states. Imagine the majority of states said no to their federal overlords. Imagine if the farmers stopped shipping their goods to the cities.

Imagine the possibilities if we could awaken the human spirit and remind people what it’s like to actually live free. Imagine the possibilities if we could awaken the masses to the power of choice—to realize that their bondage is an illusion, that they can set themselves free in an instant by refusing to live out of fear, by refusing to submit to the state. Can you imagine such a peaceful revolution?

Concepts are contagious. They spread through conversations.

Such is the seed of every solution.

Please share.


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