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TR 303 - What Are They Trying to Hide?

TR 303 - What Are They Trying to Hide?

Surveilling conspiracies and seeking truth in a world that is not what it seems.

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What’s going on?

There have been multiple train derailments over the last week, and the worst of them is spewing noxious chemicals into the air and water near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border in what some are calling “the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is getting roasted for responding with too little too late, as the hellish cocktail of an acid mist takes its toll on farm animals and family pets—even as government officials try to convince local residents that the situation isn’t really dangerous.

While some people have speculated that the “alien invasion” narrative is little more than a distraction from the toxic train situation, Edward Snowden claims the UFO hysteria is actually an “engineered distraction” from the bombshell report about the Baltic Sea Bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines—which was an act of war orchestrated by U.S. intelligence agencies prior to Russia ever invading Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government is setting up a UFO Task Force to more fully and forcefully fleece the American people—utilizing their billion dollar budget to investigate the 510+ Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon that have been officially reported in recent years. Could there really be an alien invasion?

Others claim that whether they’re aliens or balloons, all this hype is really just meant to be a distraction from the impending global economic collapse. Worse yet, some speculate that this is all part of a top-secret Project Blue Beam scheme—cooked up by the world’s secret societies, deployed by NASA, and designed to do nothing less than convince people that the alien invasion is the rapture itself, and thus allow the powers that be to take absolute control of a “fear-addled” populace.

What do you think? People are looking to the clouds are they not?

According to Serge Monsat, author of this conspiracy, it will play out like this:

  1. Step one would involve the manufacture of artificially-created earthquakes in strategic locations around the world. These earthquakes would, according to the conspirators’ hoaxes, unearth artifacts indicating that the religious doctrines of all nations have been misunderstood for centuries, thus discrediting all religions.

  2. The second step would involve a “gigantic space show.” During this stage, three-dimensional optical holograms, as well as laser projections of holographic images, would beam across the sky, including “projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc.,” that will all merge into one.

  3. The third step is where mind control would take center stage. Telephonic communication devices would send waves to reach each person within their own minds, “convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.”

  4. Finally, the fourth step of Project Blue Beam would make use of various technologies in order to convince people that alien invasions and the rapture itself were taking place, thus making it easier for the powers that be to take control of a fear-addled populace.

Of course, in the end, the goal is total global control. Says Monsat:

“The NASA Blue Beam Project is the prime directive for the new world order’s absolute control over the populations of the entire earth. I would suggest you investigate this information carefully before dismissing it as fanatic lunacy.”

How’s that for an outrageously absurd wild-eyed conspiracy? Throw on your tinfoil hat and grab a cup of kool-aid!! Friends, as you can see, there are all kinds of fascinating ideas out there. LET ME BE CLEAR: I’m not endorsing, condoning, or promoting any of these ideas as being factual or correct. I’m just sharing with you what’s out there, in an effort to develop a more informed perspective.

The question remains: What’s really going on in the world?

And: Is there any way we can know for sure what’s happening out there?

The answer is: No.

While psychics have been warning of an alien invasion since at least 2019, more “credible” sources like the progressive Fielding University have been sounding the alarm that this alien invasion is already here—and it’s invisible—and this invisible alien invasion is already rampaging the planet, and it has been since 2020:

“And now, that alien invasion is here. It’s no longer a dystopian fantasy; it’s a fact. For several months now, this invasion has cut a swath of destruction across the globe, killing tens of thousands while paralyzing much of the global economy. Fear of these aliens has all but grounded the world’s airlines, and forced us to shelter in our homes, only to go out for essential trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy. In just a few weeks, life on the face of the Earth has changed beyond our wildest imagining — or that of Hollywood, for that matter. And all because of aliens that are exactly 90 nanometers across. Invisible to the eye.

Undetectable, until it is too late.”

Now that’s an interesting twist, isn’t it?

The invisible enemy is ravaging the globe. Where have you heard that before?

Adding another layer to the conversation, consider that this week the WEF is pushing the WHO’s declaration that this “invisible enemy” still constitutes a Public Heath Emergency of International Concern, stating that “all countries remain dangerously unprepared for future outbreaks”—outbreaks like, perhaps, the planned Catastrophic Contagion that I reported on back in December.

Meanwhile, the WHO is gearing up to launch its global war on alcoholic beverages, much like it has done with baby formula, stating in their Global Alcohol Action Plan 2030 that “the overall public health and social burden attributable to alcohol consumption is unacceptably high.” Therefore, the World Health Organization must regulate alcohol with global resolutions and international mandates.

Just for the record, they’ve been planning this since 2010, and this is tied directly to the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals:

“Since the endorsement of the Global strategy in 2010, Member States’ commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol has been further strengthened by the adoption of the political declarations emanating from high-level meetings of the United Nations General Assembly. …

Reducing the harmful use of alcohol will contribute both directly and indirectly to progress achieved with the attainment of multiple goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

It doesn’t matter if you like drinking beer, wine, or whiskey. Your unsustainable Western diet is destroying the planet and eroding peace and stability. Hence the “international mandates” that aim to control not just your consumption of alcohol, but in fact, aim to control every aspect of your life. Mark my words, this will ultimately culminate in a global prohibition of anything that is deemed to be unsustainable—and at no point in this determination of what you can or cannot consume will you have any say whatsoever.

The only thing that matters is what “The Science” and “The Experts” tell you is important. You are not allowed to question the narrative or think any different. That’s the beauty of the “Common Agenda”—which is a product of the Collective Cult that just so happens to be front and center on the United Nations website today:

According to the UN:

Our Common Agenda is an agenda of action, designed to strengthen and accelerate multilateral agreements – particularly the 2030 Agenda – and make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

We must recognize that humanity’s very future depends on solidarity, trust, and our ability to work together as a global family to achieve common goals.”

We’ve talked about Our Common Agenda plenty of times, but just to refresh, quoting from TR 241 - Everything You Didn't See Coming:

In a nutshell, Our Common Agenda outlines the “use of digital surveillance and manipulation to influence behavior and control populations.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a pattern in all of this, is there not?

  • The alien invasion is an “engineered distraction” that directs people’s attention away from more important issues—which manipulates perspective and behavior.

  • Conspiracies like the Project Blue Beam are warning about governments using “telephonic communication” to manipulate public perception and behavior.

  • College professors claim the invasion of an invisible enemy has already changed life on Earth in unimaginable ways—manipulating our perspectives and behavior.

  • The World Economic Forum has declared that we are wholly unprepared for the next pandemic, unless we change our perspectives and behaviors.

  • The WHO has launched yet another crackpot initiative with the explicit intent of manipulating human perspectives and behavior at the global level…

… and they are using “digital surveillance and manipulation” to pull it off.

They claim that they are using this digital manipulation to build “solidarity” and “trust” so that we can work together as a “global family” to advance their agenda.

You might take that as a formal invitation to join the Collective Cult—or not. Of course, if you reject this globalist agenda, then you are actually the one who is in a cult—and you are in need of immediate deprogramming, at least according to the mainstream media. Given the fact that liberals have been openly talking about “deprogramming” their political opposition for years we might should take them at their word—and then realize they are already using weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions to do precisely that.

What’s the point?

These people are crazy and they are running the show. Therefore, I believe the alien invasion is not what it seems. Instead, this is nothing more than the next phase of collective programming being rolled out by the invisible hand of the global cabal, which is manipulating public perception and behavior in order to enslave us all in a dystopian Orwellian hell where you’re not even allowed to drink to escape the pain.

That’s what they’re trying to hide. We can’t let these commies win.

To quote the UN:

“2023 is a year of reckoning. It must be a year of game-changing action. We need disruption to end the destruction.” 

Indeed we do.

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