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TR 295 - Sock Puppets, Crack Pipes, & Hookers

TR 295 - Sock Puppets, Crack Pipes, & Hookers

Lining out the facts about the latest corruption and looking into the great unknown.

Let’s be honest.

Anyone who doesn’t have their head buried up their backside, anyone who hasn’t drank the kool-aid, anyone with even a shred of commonsense probably already knows what I’m about to say—but I’m going to say it again anyway: Things are f*cked.

On that note, due to late breaking news, let me tell you everything you need to know about Hunter “The Crack Pipe” Biden and all his seedy misdeeds:

  1. Hunter’s laptop is a treasure trove of incriminating evidence that ranges from smoking crack with hookers to corrupt backroom deals with global players.

  2. His escapades were conducted with impunity precisely because he is the son of one of the most corrupt politicians on the planet—his father, the Sock Puppet.

  3. All of this information was known before the 2020 elections, would have impacted the elections, and therefore had to be withheld until it became politically expedient.

Any questions? Now Hunter’s lawyers are demanding a criminal probe into the “laptop leakers” who dared to tarnish his family’s name. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Joe “The Sock Puppet” Biden continues to stumble around making a fool of himself and further making a mockery of America on the world stage—this time by offering Vladimir Putin 20 percent of Ukraine to end the war. No joke.

On that note, let me tell you everything you need to know about Ukraine:

  1. Vlodomor Zelensky is a shmuck, a comedian actor being propped up as a hero by the global elite, precisely to extort the U.S. for billions in weapons and aid.

  2. Zelensky (and the global elite) has so much dirt on Biden’s shady deals he could easily expose the globalist’s scandal—except that he’s just as corrupt as they are.

  3. Ukraine has long been one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, and the globalist coup that installed a comedian as president was just the latest example.

Oh, and I probably should mention that Zelensky’s henchmen, the infamous Azov battalion, are a bunch of neo-Nazi war criminals who are on par with al Qaeda—at least according to the Democrats who wanted to label them a “globalist terrorist network” back before Zelensky was installed and the new narrative was formed.

But you know what? None of that matters. The only thing that matters is what the media tells you matters. At least that’s what they’d have you believe. I suppose it would be appropriate at this point to tell you everything you need to know about the media:

  1. The media is shameless, they know about the corruption, they are complicit in the corruption, and they are relentless in fleecing the American people.

  2. The media is the most powerful tool the deep state and global cabal have. It is being used to propagate military grade propaganda and mind-f*ck America.

  3. The media is the virus, rampantly spreading the mental disease of complete delusion and democratic fantasies, that are in fact just a cover for Communism.

The media is essential wholly owned and operated by some of the most twisted evildoers on the planet. I lack the words to adequately express my loathing of this enterprise and the profoundly detrimental impact it’s having on society. Though in my new book Hackable Animals I posit the Great Reset as the greatest threat facing humanity today, it is ultimately the media that makes all this evil possible.

For the corrupt political class, the media makes all things possible.

For the global elite, it’s all about money, power, and control. And hookers. Don’t forget the hookers. When you get invited to swanky conferences in Davos and drop $2,500 a night on hookers after a hard day of trying to figure out how to take over the world, you know you’ve reached the pinnacle of political power.

It’s unclear whether or not Hunter’s hookers were of sufficient quality to qualify him for the title of ‘Global Elite’—but since his dad helped pay for it, he’s probably in the club. Dropping $120K on drugs and hookers makes him an honorary member at least.

But none of this really matters, right? So we should probably stop talking about the Parliament of Whores and move on.

Zoom out.

Nevermind that the Security Service of Ukraine just invaded the home of an oligarch who has ties to Zelensky and Hunter Biden.

Nevermind that the biolabs in Ukraine have ties to the Biden crime syndicate, the National Institutes of Health, the CDC and the World Economic Forum.

Nevermind that Canadian dairy farmers are being forced to dump tens of thousands of gallons of milk because they’ve reached the government imposed quota.

Nevermind that our own government officials are now seizing “illegal” eggs from desperate Americans who can no longer afford an omelet.

The good news is that cities in Washington are now getting much more strict with the homeless drug-addicts who keep stealing shopping carts.

What matters is that the governments are now having to prop up the failing “fake meat” industry so they can save the planet from cow flatulence.

What people need to be worried about is the latest “epic generational arctic outbreak” that is once again canceling flights and thrashing the grid, because global warming.

But on the bright side, scientists are now figuring out how to use brain-dead bodies—including male bodies—to incubate designer babies for the global elite.

So, what do you want to talk about today? Here’s what I want to talk about:

The world is f*cking crazy!

I’m sorry-not-sorry for being so crass. I come from a long line of crude and uncouth communicators—my mom can make a sailor blush—and sometimes we just have to call out this sh*t for what it is: It’s f*cking crazy!

While there are plenty of “conservatives” out there who see this for what it is (71% of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track), there are two critical points that must be understood, and dealt with:

  1. As it stands today, there are approximately 65,112,457 Americans—adults over the age of 18—who believe that our country is heading in the right direction. Let that sink in. Over 65 MILLION people have accepted this insanity as if it’s a good thing. [Calculation based on data from here, here, and here.]

  2. Conservative politicians, our supposed leaders, are so bedazzled by their own collective delusions, they actually think that they’re winning—at least according to Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell, the longest serving shyster in the Senate.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of casting a positive vision for the future of our country, but this optimism strikes me as a complete detachment from reality. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is set to deliver this encouraging news—that we’re winning—in response to Biden’s State of the Union address next Tuesday (Feb. 7th). I like Sarah, her stellar job as Trump’s press secretary and what’s she’s doing as the Governor of Arkansas, but then there’s this:

“One of the things as governor that I will not permit is the government using culturally insensitive words.” —Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Maybe it’s nothing, but if she’s going to trot out and tell Americans that conservatives are winning, and that the government shouldn’t be using “culturally insensitive words,” my gut tells me that she’s just another political shill who’s going to toe the party line so she can rise up the ranks and get her day in the sun. I could be wrong.


NONE of the party bosses are talking about rampant political corruption or stolen elections. NONE of the party bosses are trying to get the political prisoners out of the DC dungeon. NONE of the party bosses are sounding the alarm about the subversive communist forces within our own government. NONE of the party bosses are raising the issue of the globalist agenda that’s systematically eroding our national sovereignty.

Maybe they don’t know? Maybe they don’t care? Maybe they’re in on the game? Maybe they’re just human, they have limited time and energy, and a painfully shortsighted perspective? Maybe just maybe, they’ve just yet to wake up?

In reality, they’re playing the game. It’s politics as usual.

Unfortunately, given that it’s politics as usual that got us into this mess, there is no way in hell that just playing politics is going to get us out of this mess—and if our politicians can’t even admit that, then we may as well just talk about crack-pipes and hookers. At least then we could laugh about the Sock Puppet in office, because c'mon, none of this is really that serious. Seriously.

Shouldn’t we just keep trusting the process?


**Friends, I’m sure you know I’m joking. We are in a very serious situation. If you want to get a comprehensive perspective on all the threats we are up against, how political corruption runs all the way to the top, how weaponized AI is being used to hack humanity, and how the commies are taking over the world, check out my new book:

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