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TR 293 - The Lunacy of 5th Generation Warfare

TR 293 - The Lunacy of 5th Generation Warfare

There are a great number of people who are no longer tethered to reality, and it's not by accident.

Fresh perspective.

That’s what people need, fresh perspective. If more people would just set aside their personal opinions for just a few minutes, and try to understand how other people see things, then they might acquire some fresh perspective. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Of course, that’s not going to happen. In the era of Fifth Generational warfare, when emerging public perceptions are being attacked and manipulated by malevolent forces, there is really little hope that the majority of people will ever gain a fresh perspective—unless of course somebody walks up and smacks some sense into them. Such classic human-to-human contact is the only surefire way to really refresh someone’s perspective, especially when their head’s so buried up their backside they can no longer see the light. But alas, this sort of practical solution isn’t currently in vogue.

Today we once again awaken to a world gone mad, which is now just par for the course. The total disconnect from reality seems nearly complete, and at this point the powers that be can warp and twist public perceptions at will, virtually in real time. As a result, our country is more divided and less free than ever before. In fact, the United States has fallen seven places down the Human Freedom Index, and we’re not even in the top 20 anymore—how’s that for a national embarrassment?

But hey, even to this day, people believe that Biden is doing great!

In fact, to quote Biden himself:

“I’m not sure, and I mean this sincerely, that the news couldn’t be any better!”

Truth has become an illusion and the masses have been hypnotized by shear lunacy.

Obviously none of this bodes well for the future. But, perhaps, just maybe, if enough people start pointing out this shear lunacy, if we more boldly mock the Left for their collective idiocy, if we make fun of the snowflakes and shame them in the public square… maybe then more people will wake up to what’s really going on? It’s a long shot. I’m not going to hold my breath—but hey, why not give it a try?!

Let’s see… where should we start?

How about we start with the infamous Adam “Shifty the Pencil Neck” Schiff—who is a serial liar who's been caught innumerable times lying through his teeth, under oath, without even a whiff conscience—and his nonchalant campaign to move up in the world by getting shoehorned into Dianne “The Dinosaur” Feinstein’s senate seat.

Will there be accountability for his lies? Of course not. Instead, brain-dead Californians will swoon to his support and champion him as a hero of the people. F*cking morons. That’s my first thought. But perhaps I’m being too harsh—these f*cking morons are being collectively programmed by highly advanced Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW), and they know not what they do.

They only know what the algorithms want them to know. Poor bastards.

These fools fail to realize that Google has been stealthily curating their political convictions for years, slowly restricting their exposure to truth in a systematic assimilation into the collective delusions of the hive-mind. While people on the right are hopping up and down about the Twitter Files, the freshly leaked Google Files have documented what anyone with commonsense has known all along: Big Tech has been twisting reality and using “machine learning algorithms” to control how people vote and ultimately determine the outcome of elections.

Of course, this is nothing new. I’ve been ranting about weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions for months. This is more irrefutable proof that I’m not a raving lunatic, and neither are you. Foreign election interference? Psha. Our country has been captured by a techno-coup that has effectively brainwashed America’s useful idiots—on the left and the right—into accepting the absolutely farcical narrative that our elections are safe and secure. It’s those evil Russian hackers and Donald Trump that are threatening our elections and trying to destroy our democracy!

How stupid do you have to be to believe that our elections are safe and secure?

Aside from having the Sock-Puppet himself on camera admitting to having “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” the fact that people who question the outcomes of corrupt elections are now being persecuted and treated like felons should be a signal to any sane person that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. That such allegations are being used to destroy very prominent leaders like Kari Lake—who’s legal team has presented ample evidence of rampant election fraud in the court of law—should serve as a wake up call.

Though every single American should be enraged by all of this, thanks to 5GW, most people remain painfully ignorant of the facts, and thus the witch hunt continues.

And of course, it’s not just political dissenters this illegitimate regime are going after. They are openly attacking any credentialed opposition—like Dr. Scott Jensen, for example, a former Minnesota state senator who recently blew the whistle about the state’s inflated covid death toll—who is now being threatened by the state’s AG, who is trying to revoke his medical license for the forbidden act of telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the Biden adminstration just once again extended the covid emergency declarations, claiming that “an abrupt end to the emergency declarations would create wide-ranging chaos and uncertainty throughout the health care system.” So now, covid will officially stop being an emergency on May 11th—oh yay, how wonderful!

As asinine as all of this is, keep in mind that the liberal media is already shrieking about how the “benefits will disappear” once the national emergency ends—and don’t forget there are plenty of people who buy this crap. These are the same imbeciles who keep lining up for the endless boosters being shilled by the same pharmacuetical companies that have openly admittedly to intentionally mutating the virus—so they can keep selling these boosters to these feeble-minded fools.

One might wonder how stupid a person has to be to keep going back, especially with people falling over dead all over the place, but that is missing the bigger point:

This is the kind of lunacy that occurs when the pubic is being attacked by 5GW.

People don’t know what to think or who to believe. Their perception is being scrambled by a relentless onlaught of military grade propaganda. It’s a mental attack, and it’s taking it’s toll. Regardless, the puppet-masters of the global cabal will continue to push humanity to the breaking point as they march us ever closer to the dystopian technocratic hell they call Future Earth—and they’ve still got a few tricks up their sleeves for those peasants who are stubborn enough to resist.

If yet another massive fire destroying the food supply chain is any indication—this time at a huge egg farm in Conneticut, in the midst of already astronomical egg prices, while mainstream outlets are trying to discourage people from raising their own chickens—Tucker Carlson might be onto something when he links this event with Joe Biden’s “food shortages are gonna be real” remark and the rather matter-of-fact prediction that people are going to be starving to death in the near future.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may recall that just like with all Communist revolutions, starvation is part of their strategy—there is hardly a more efficient way to quell a rebellion than to starve them out. Hunger makes peasants more compliant.

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At this late stage in the game, it’s hard to tell how many people are going to ever be able to see what’s happening for what it is: It’s a Communist Revolution. As Victor Davis Hanson, distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and Senior Fellow at Stanford University puts it, this is anarchy, American-style. At this point, “The Establishment Is the Revolution.” (His write up is an excellent read.)

The implication is clear: “The commies are taking over the world!”

And they’re using Fifth Generation Warfare to do it.

And that means this lunacy is far from over.

…and that means someone just might have to start smacking some people around.


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