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TR 284 - The WEF & The Club of Rome

TR 284 - The WEF & The Club of Rome

How evil is conspiring to cull the herd.

Connecting more dots.

Yesterday was a flurry of information, and one of the sources cited was the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2023. It’s a 98-page outline of what the global elites fear the most: Those major factors that might disrupt their plans to prod humanity into a dystopian socialist technocratic hell. It’s dense, but worth the read.

Should you choose to peruse, pay particular attention to the patterns in their language. On of the major themes is the “Triple Planetary Crisis” that supposedly hinges upon unsustainable population growth, which allegedly is driving radical climate change and unsustainable consumerism (which they link to debt issues).

Anyone keen to the darker side of the global cabal already understands the lurking beneath their fawning altruism is a sinister eugenicist impulse. This small group of secret elite have been working toward this end—of depopulating the earth of poor genetics and excess ignorant peasants—for at least a hundred years.

If one allows the mind to entertain this aim, it immediately becomes clear that this depopulation is the singular solution to the endless hysteria of sustainability issues. Less mouth-breathing, meat-eating peasants translates directly into less planetary pollution. Less uppity, mouthy, liberty loving, unruly peasants correlates directly with greater peace and stability in “civilized” society.

At the end of the day, having less people pretty much solves all their problems. Less people on the planet leaves more room for the expansion of prosperity among those who already live within the luxurious extravagance of society’s most elite class. In reality, they’re just looking out for their kids’ future, securing their legacies, no matter the cost or human atrocity involved. The ends justify the means.

In their minds, depopulation is the only solution. Such are the limits of growth.

The Limits of Growth

Toward the end of last year I had unintentionally stumbled into the world of secret societies, discovering how they have been deeply embedded within global politics, including American politics, since before even the founding of our country.

In TR 257 - The Anatomy of a Psyop, I pointed out that the Club of Rome was a radical environmental cult that has been waging war against humanity since the 1970’s—and also noted how their propaganda perfectly mirrors the talking points of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the Davos crowd in general. Not a coincidence.

What was not documented in that report was the fact that this elite group is in fact driven by an unabashed eugenics agenda. By extension, the entire environmental cult is being driven by the same impulse, whether the useful idiots realize it or not. And now, as the WEF continues to preen about its plans to use AI for Climate Adaptation, humanity is under assault from the Collective delusions of these sick individuals.

I grabbed this screenshot of the WEF website last week, when I started researching for this report, prior to their launch of the annual Davos gathering. Just sort of absorb the impression of the image, and then we’ll make a comparison:

Now let me introduce to you The Limits of Growth —a report published to flesh out and bolster the Club of Rome’s “Project on the Predicament for Mankind”— and note the image on the cover of the book (FYI, on the 1st edition the globe was green):

I suppose the similar images could just be a coincidence, and the fact that the World Bank has a similar graphic could just be a coincidence as well, but at this point I’m kind of over coincidences. This information actually cropped up on my radar as I was looking into the history of the World Economic Forum—in particular, in an early Davos speech by a man named Aurelio Peccei, who just so happened to be the founder and first president of the Club of Rome.

Just for reference, from the history link above, we find this timeline:

Aurelio Peccei spoke at the 3rd Davos gathering in 1973—exactly fifty years ago—which was the historic meeting wherein the global elites inaugurated the original Davos Manifesto. It’s worth noting that in honor of the WEF’s 50th anniversary, Klaus Shwab has revised and updated The Davos Manifesto for the 21st century, and you can read both on their website—but that’s a rabbit trail I’ll pass up for today.

According to the WEF’s historical records, Peccei’s speech on the Limits of Growth was sensational, and it was in fact what inspired the Davos elites to spontaneously write up the manifesto based on the principles presented. These principles were based on Malthusian concepts, which we’ll unpack in a moment:

Reiterating some of the same concerns about demographics that the 18th-century scholar Thomas Malthus had expressed, the authors examined several scenarios for the global economy and outlined the choices that society had to make to reconcile economic development and environmental constraints.”

The premise is that society has to make choices in order to reconcile with “environmental constraints”—doesn’t that sound familiar?

This same thinking is the current thrust of the globalist agenda, including the WEF’s efforts to institute global governance via the UN Agenda 2030 and their so-called Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s important to note that Thomas R. Malthus, and his Malthusian cult followers, believe that they have to manually control the human population with “preventative checks,” or else, in this theory, humanity will out grow our ability to sustain the population. Sound familiar? This is the pinnacle of justifying population control, and it comes directly from Malthus.

Just to show you how directly Malthusian thinking is related to the WEF and the SDGs, consider this excerpt from the 2023 Global Risks Report:

“…countries have become even more heavily import-dependent, unable to scale food production to meet the demands of population growth, given water stress and deteriorated soil conditions.”

And compare those words to the 1798 Malthusian Essay On The Principle of Population:

“…when subsistence is scarce in proportion to the number of people, it is of little consequence whether the lowest members of the society possess eighteen pence or five shillings. They must at all events be reduced to live upon the hardest fare, and in the smallest quantity.” (pg 50)

Thomas Malthus goes on to say:

“We tell the common people, that if they will submit to a code of tyrannical regulations, they shall never be in want. They do submit to these regulations. They perform their part of the contract : but we do not, nay cannot, perform ours : and thus the poor sacrifice the valuable blessing of liberty, and receive nothing that can be called an equivalent in return.” (pg 60)


This is how the global cabal thinks. Not surprisingly, Malthus was born into the elite upper class, and his “Malthusian theory of population made a strong and immediate impact on British social policy”—as well as on the Club of Rome, Aureilo Peccei, and the modern global cabal. What we have here, is a long history of elite aristocrats trying to figure out how to control and reduce the human population.

In Malthusian terms, the globalist agenda seeks nothing less than “the removal or mitigation of the evils arising from the principle of population.” Put forward in a rather blunt passage, here’s their logic:

“Finding, therefore, that from the laws of nature we could not proportion the food to the population, our next attempt should naturally be, to proportion the population to the food.”

To “proportion the population” means to reduce the population, just to be clear.

Thus, to reduce the evils arising from population, it becomes logically necessary to reduce the population—this is an unshakeable conviction amongst the global elite.

Back to the Club of Rome.

The forward of the book The Limits to Growth, commissioned by the Club of Rome, rooted in Malthusian population controls, and hailed by the WEF, has this to say:

Sound familiar? It should. This Club of Rome vision is virtually identical to that of the World Economic Forum, and sharing the same principles and assumptions, both organizations are continuing to advance their depopulation agenda…

…but unfortunately we’re out of time, so that’s something we’ll have to dig into even deeper tomorrow! Until then, please share this with a friend!

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