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TR 275 - THIS is the Worst Case Scenario (part three)

TR 275 - THIS is the Worst Case Scenario (part three)

This is part three in the Worst Case Scenario analysis.... will S-H-T-F in 2023?!

What’s the worst?

Let me start out this third installment of the Worst Case Scenario by splitting hairs.

The worst case scenario is going to be different for everyone, depending on location, personal levels of preparedness, and just plain old luck. When a city is getting bombed, for example, some people end up with a bomb in their lap. When a tornado rips through town, some people end up in Oz. I’m sure you get my point.

Are you prepared? How prepared are you for a real S-H-T-F scenario?

Are you ready for the lights to go out? For the power to get cut? How long can you function without electricity? How much food do you have stored? How long would it really last? Weeks? Months? Then what?

What if there really was a nuclear war? What if society really does collapse? If you have a pile of food and there was an angry mob of hungry people, desperate and willing to do anything, can you defend yourself? How will you defend yourself? How long before you run out of ammo? Then what?

What if there really was an EMP? What if somehow, someway, we were thrust back into the dark ages? Does it seem impossible? Maybe so. But what if there was space war that knocked out communications? What if you couldn’t access the internet, use your cell phone, or even get the radio? What if your only source of information came from people you could meet face to face? Then what?

What if there really was a Catastrophic Contagion, a truly deadly virus, genetically modified by government researchers, that accidentally escaped into the human population? What if it was released on purpose? What if the death rate was 25%, 30%, or even 50% or more? Then what?

What if some jackass decides to launch tiny particles into the atmosphere to shield the earth from the sun, to save the polar bears, and then something goes horribly wrong? What if this radical atmospheric manipulation had catastrophic consequences and the earth were suddenly plunged into another ice age? Then what?

Meteor strikes. Magnetic poles shifting. Alien invasions. Anything can happen.

But then what?

We deal with it.

We, as a species, are survivors. One need not consider much more than our hunting and gathering ancestors to grasp the profound capacity for human beings to adapt to what now would seem like unimaginable hardships. Even the challenges of life in the wild-wild-west and the wagon trail days is beyond comprehension for most people.

Drop the average domesticated American in the wilderness and they will die. Drop them in the mid-1800s for that matter, and a hefty percentage simply wouldn’t make it.

We’ve grown soft. There’s no point in trying to deny it. I have grown soft.

But I grew up without running water or electricity in the Alaskan wilderness. I come from a long line of grit and tenacity, of figuring it out for yourself, of fixing it with what you’ve got, of making do with what you have. “The Good Lord always provides” was a staple belief in my upbringing… but that didn’t mean what you might think.

Nature provides. Food, water, shelter? It’s out there. You just have to go out and get it. You have to find it. You have to work for it. “The Good Lord only helps those who help themselves” was another bit of wisdom drilled into my brain. Nature is indifferent. God really doesn’t care when I bitch, moan, or complain about my circumstance. Prayer? Well, there’s always that…. but then what?

Are we to just sit on our asses and wait? You’d be a damn fool if you did.

There’s a storm coming. You’d better get ready. Stock up. Prepare to hunker down.

The worst case scenario is you pray for something that doesn’t happen, then sit around hopped up on hopium waiting for someone else to save you; someone else to help you with your food, water, and shelter; someone else to solve your problems, fix your stuff, or help you figure things out. What if someone else never comes?

Then what?

There are too many things in motion for any one of us to track at any given time. We have a limited amount of time, a limited amount of information, and a limited scope of consideration. There is a great number of matters that simply exceed our limited cognitive capacity and ultimate ability to comprehend.

With this in mind, one of the worst case scenarios for any of us, is to be paralyzed by indecision. Hesitation can lead to death. Another aspect of this is simply not knowing what to do because a) there are too many options, b) there is conflicting information, or c) we’re hung up in an endless cycle of evaluating what is best. Regardless of the cause, the fact is that these mental loops cripple our ability to take action.

Life is a path of action.

Now more than ever we need to take bold, radical actions. We need to act as if we have to, as if our very survival is on the line—because it is. Hopium and hesitation will surely lead to our demise. Even if one is fully prepared to weather the storm, the unpleasant reality of all hell breaking loose, whatever that looks like, impresses upon the patriot a certain urgency. We must help others prepare as well.

BUT HERE’S THE THING: If we simply sit back and wait for it all to happen; if we just react to the circumstance and try to ride it all out; we lose. FOREVER.

Once the global cabal has inoculated the masses against misinformation, once the people cry out for state sanctioned censorship, once they’ve fully revised history, once this incredible transition to the collective hive-mind of global groupthink is complete; the bulk of humanity will become slaves to the flow of information.

They will become enslaved in their own minds. Their perspectives, opinions, and sincerely held beliefs will be directed from on high—by weaponized AI—and their actions and behaviors will become increasingly less human. The dumbed down domesticated masses will be thrilled when they learn that all the threats to peace and stability have finally been eradicated from the planet.

The genocide will be recorded as a win for global democracy.

Then comes the genetic engineering. Designer babies might become fashionable, but the real power of this technology is in identifying the genetic predisposition to rebel. Why allow such disruptions when they can be snuffed out at inception? This is taking the idea of pre-crime, which is already being deployed with AI technology, and extending it to the most noble cause: Keeping people safe and protecting democracy.

Make no mistake, predictive policing is here to stay, and the results of this dystopian technology—which has been in use in Washington state since at least 2015—have been nothing short of astounding. It’s like a police state’s fantasy come true.

Just think what they can do with this technology once they turn it on all those radical right-wing extremists who cling to their guns and Bibles. The Christian insurrectionists and the radical school-board-harassing domestic terrorist types won’t even stand a chance. They’ll be stopped and arrested before they are able to cause a disturbance. This will keep people safe and ensure peace and stability.

And the crowd goes wild!

For all of these reasons, and for so many more, having humanity mindlessly march into a inescapable global surveillance state is in fact the worst case scenario. Weaponized AI, Algorithmic Social Interventions, Sentinel Surveillance, state sanctioned censorship, the control of “emerging perceptions”—all of this is already in motion—and this force will stay in motion until acted upon by an unbalanced force.

What will be that force? Could you be that force? Could I? Probably not. That would be like an ant trying to stop the crushing force of a boot. But an idea… now THAT is something that has a force of its own. What if the ant’s last act was to send out the warning, “Watch out for the booooooooots!!” …maybe other ants would wise up?

Who knows.

Back to reality.

Kevin McCarthy is a schmuck. That’s nothing new. He’s the Mitch McConnell of the lower chamber. He cares not for the Constitution or the American people. He cares about his career, his position, and his power. He is a politician, not a representative.

Those 20 or so brave representatives who dare to defy the establishment are getting raked over the coals by the mainstream media. They’re being attacked from the left and right, facing ridicule day and night, and yet they’re standing their ground. Many people are saying this circus is a prime example of our government being broken.

I say it’s a prime example of our dysfunctional government still lurching forward.

To have twenty patriotic representatives making a stand and being willing to throw a stick in the spokes of business as usual, to make a big fuss, to stand up and rock the boat and embarrass the party bosses; I believe this is a good thing. It exposes the deceit and corruption of the two-party system, who want nothing more than to frolic with taxpayer dollars and dance on the grave of the American Dream.

The heart of the swamp has a globalist pulse. It’s time to stick a stake in it.

These 20 rebels are demanding transparency and accountability—like giving our elected representatives 5 days to read through the thousands of pages of legislation that get dropped on the House floor before being forced to vote on it. That’s not too much to ask, is it? How about federal spending cuts and a balanced federal budget? How about term limits for all these corrupt career politicians?

What is absolutely SHOCKING to me, is that there are only twenty elected representatives who are willing to stand up and fight for the American people. Everyone else is either cowardly or corrupt, in my humble opinion. If McCarthy gets in, the establishment wins, just like they have for all of these years. Nothing will change.

And that just might be the worst case scenario of them all.

It’s time we be the change!

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