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TR 257 - The Anatomy of a Psyop

TR 257 - The Anatomy of a Psyop

Through the looking glass we go...

Here’s an eye catching headline:

Now that’s fascinating, isn’t it? What great news! I mean that, literally.

It would be very cool if scientists could successfully produce an endless amount of clean energy that could provide limitless amounts of power for everyone on Earth.

Do you think they’ll ever get around to doing that, really? Maybe. But what happens then? Say they’ve got it dialed. It becomes a common process that can be done economically and at scale. Supply lines are set up, distribution begins, and then what?

We are imagining a best case scenario, are we not? Such powerful technology would certainly need to be regulated, wouldn’t it? I mean, we wouldn't want some crackpot mad-scientist-type nut job tinkering with nuclear fusion in the basement, right?

No, that could end very badly.

Therefore, if humanity achieves the ability to generate endless amounts of abundant energy, the government absolutely must regulate it—for the greater good, of course.

And, in an increasingly tech-connected modern world, the government would no doubt need to monitor and control how much of the energy any given person is using—and for what purpose—in order to keep people safe from bad actors who might be inclined to use such powerful technology against the greater good.

All it would take is for one bad apple, just one radical extremist, to do something stupid and perpetrate some crime against humanity, and the whole of society would be up in arms, crying foul, and begging the government to intercede, to protect the public from such bad things ever happening again—because only the government has the authority, the power, and the surveillance capable of tracking down these extremists who threaten public health and safety, peace and stability, and even democracy itself, with their vile, selfish, extremist acts of terrorism.

The need for the government to keep people safe is abundantly clear. The logic is infallible. Nobody in their right mind would ever challenge this premise. Case closed.

But wait.

What if the government had been infiltrated by bad actors?! Oh the horror! How would we ever know?! Would it be able to keep us safe then?!! YIKES!!!

Snap out of it man, pull yourself together!

Guess what’s happening while the whole world celebrates this technological breakthrough? A lot.

I could point out the U.S. Cyber Command launching an elite group of tech commandos (properly called “cyber operators”) around the world in “hunt forward operations” to proactively build “cyber resilience” all around the globe, in public-private partnerships that promote and protect “collective cybersecurity.”

Call me a skeptic, but this “persistent engagement strategy” seems an awful lot like the deepstate embedding itself in critical infrastructure under the guise of lending a helping hand. They promise to “observe and mitigate threats” that are undetected—which means the public has zero knowledge of what these threats actually are—and these operators are “trained to know the behavior of their target,” which allows them to deploy subtle countermeasures (i.e. undetected) against “common adversaries.”

I bet these guys can do a really good job of keeping elections safe and secure all around the world—just like they have in the U.S. and Brazil.

Nevermind all the key words, the decades of deception and devious deepstate deeds, or the fact these cyber commandos are completely unaccountable.

We just have to trust them. Surely they’re doing the right thing, right?

Moving on.

You know who else we should trust? We should trust Bill Gates. Why should we trust Bill Gates? I’m so glad you asked!

Remember how Mr. Gates had worked so hard to help humanity prepare for a global pandemic, right before the last global pandemic? Well, apparently his altruism is almost as limitless as nuclear fusion, because now he’s at it again!

This time, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is teaming up with the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, and others to conduct another high-level exercise to simulate another global pandemic. They’re calling it “Catastrophic Contagion” and it portends a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 that disproportionately affects children and young people.

In fact, this planning exercise was conducted in October (just like Event 201), which is probably a good thing, since I’ve been noticing a lot of headlines over the last couple months that look like this (note the dates):

…and on and on…

Here are a few other things worth noting:

  1. This is happening all around the globe.

  2. This RSV global outbreak has been studied since June.

  3. This is exactly what the Catastrophic Contagion event predicted.

I know that’s a lot to take in, but please let it sink in. We’ve seen this all before.

To breakup the headlines, let me share some other things that stood out to me:

That screenshot offers some clues that a sleuth might look into, but I just want to emphasize that “c.oup” up at the top, which is what caught my eye. By the way, the same article can be found on the NIH website, where they are no doubt using the “data” to guide their latest efforts to stick a needle in everyone’s arm again and again.

Take a deep breath.

Because there’s more. There’s always more.

In other news, it turns out that Dutch farmers being forced off their land in order to save the planet from cow flatulence is now the center of a “global right-wing culture war”—at least according to the liberal idiots—and the Club of Rome is turning 50 years old. This is a perfect juxtaposition, as the Club is a radical, fanatical environmental cult that has been waging war against humanity since the 1970’s.

What’s interesting about their propaganda is that it perfectly mirrors the talking points of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Davos crowd in general. Even more fascinating is the fact that the Seattle Times plastered some of this globalist propaganda on their front page today, in an article titled “For better or worse, billionaires now guide climate policy,” which of course is not their own words:

Just to demonstrate how the globalist propaganda machine works, check this out:

I would say this is conditioning the psyche of the Occupy Wallstreet crowd to accept the collusion between billionaires and bona fide climate fanatics in an effort to save the planet. It’s kind of like the psychological tweaks that took place to nudge liberals from defending free speech to support mass government censorship in the name of defending democracy. It’s all mind control—advanced psychological warfare that is controlling public perception with Algorithmic Social Interventions—just like we’ve talked about. In reality, the billionaires already control all the policy. But then again, that should be obvious, just don’t tell the idiot snowflake progressives who still think that their woke votes are saving the world—and democracy.

Here’s what:

Over the last several weeks, I was noticing a shift in language toward “respiratory illness” as the new justification for restrictive public health measures, specifically masking. Now we’ve got public health officials all across the country “strongly urging” the public to put their muzzles back on, because the CDC recommends doing so.

The good humans are falling in line.

Good sense is failing at scale.

This moment is ripe for another massive psychological operation to manipulate the minions and advance the agenda. The planning has already taken place. The shift has already occurred. From here on out, the pace will only quicken. That’s my prediction.

But then again, I’m just an ignorant peasant. Don’t listen to me. Listen to the experts who can explain The Science to you in a way that makes sense and keeps you safe.

And don’t forget to be grateful, because nuclear fusion is really big news!


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