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Am glad you mentioned the Republican party and how little they've done as well.

I've been hit up many times about gun control and how the Rep. party has done nothing to curb the guns. Then I mention how the Dems owned the White House under Obama, as well as both the House and Senate...and nothing was done about gun control. Under the Clinton...the so called Assault Weapon ban was a joke...as most gun control laws are.

Under the Reps in the White House and owning both the senate and the house, very little was done under Trump and other Rep Presidents as well. Obama care is still alive and well, and the amount of government hasn't shrunk.

Unfortunately it's voting for the lesser of the two evils...but as the years go on it's getting harder to tell which one is the lesser. The Reps tend to ease the burden on the public somewhat, but the Dems don't give a shit.

People get upset that the politicians get richer in office, and point fingers at the Dems, but the Reps are right up there as well...getting richer off the back of the public...yet the public still slober after these people....and the beat goes on...the public still suffer...ugh

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Well said. Thank you!

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