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TR 238 - The Crucible of Change

TR 238 - The Crucible of Change

Taking a passing glance at the political corruption and ranting about a bunch of damn fools.

Just the facts Jack.

While most of the media is still rolling on the floor pissing all over themselves—either in exaltation or lamentation, depending on party preference—there are still some people trying to help Americans understand what really happened this midterm election, but they are few and far between.

Let me just cut to the chase: This was not a free and fair election.

It was an election that denied the will of the American people through the collusion of Big Gov and Big Tech—again. The entrenched political establishment deployed algorithmic censorship, while RINOs worked with progressives to shore up the two-party system—again. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the ample outright fraud—again:

That’s a lot of Russian misinformation, so I’m sorry if I’ve confused anyone. For my more visual friends, they say a picture can be worth a thousand words:

So there you have it, Republicans failed to produce a big red wave, because Republicans are, well, Republicans. With all due respect for my Republican friends, family members, and the strong Republican candidates who had my support and earned my vote—and with present company excluded—please allow me to excoriate the national Republican party.

Are these not the same bastards who have spent years talking about a balanced budget, while simultaneously voting to destroy the value of the dollar, inflate away our paychecks and burden our children with an incomprehensible amount of debt, by printing massive amounts of money for progressive pet projects all around the world?

Are these not the same deceitful, lying, shysters who promised over and over again that they were going to repeal and replace the abomination known as Obamacare?

What has the national Republican leadership done to secure the border, to keep our communities safe, or make sure our elections are secure? What have they done to hold corrupt politicians—people who have openly violated their oaths of office, lied through their teeth in sworn testimony, flagrantly ignored the law of the land with felonious disregard—what have Republicans done to keep these crooks accountable?

If I were to start listing off all the times We the People have been blatantly betrayed by the Republican party I’d be here all week, and I’d be spitting mad before I was done.

That would not be a good use of energy.

Instead, suffice it to say, the American people have once again been shafted by the political establishment, with Republican leadership being just as guilty and complicit in the process as the Democrats. The state of elections in our country is shameful and embarrassing. That the majority of the population is simply accepting this despicable display of raw political corruption is flat out disturbing.


That’s right:

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled ...

Our country is being destroyed by a bunch of damn fools. Fools who vote. Fools who don’t vote. Fools who think that they’re running the show. Just a bunch of damn fools!

Okay, I’m done ranting now.

Let’s get to work.

We’ve got to fix this mess. But where do we start? First we’ve gotta understand the problem, and this picture helps to put things into perspective:

That chart was created by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (the real life genius who invented email), as part of his lawsuit against the U.S. government for censoring political speech. I’m glad this guy is on our side, because as this graphic demonstrates, we are facing a very complex mess.

With that in mind, let’s just be real:

  1. Most Americans will never see that chart. Most won’t question the outcome of the elections. Most will never realize that they are being manipulated.

  2. Since most people will never wake up to the fact they are being systematically assimilated into a global socialist surveillance state, the odds are against us.

  3. We the People are in fact hackable animals, and we are being hacked, but we are ultimately spiritual creatures capable of exercising the power of choice, of coordinating our efforts, and collaborating toward common goals.

Our shared humanity is both our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. As a whole, our humanity is both the greatest problem and the greatest solution. Thus, by the very virtue of being human, we simultaneously hold the keys to building a brighter future, as well as the means to ensure our mutual destruction.

Politicians are people. Governments are people. Globalists are people.

They eat, sleep, breathe and bleed like the rest us. They are not an unbeatable foe.

BUT, they do have the power, the money, the resources, the strategies, and the players in place to continue trouncing us in every election from here on out—unless something major changes. The good news is, change is always underway.

Change is coming.

Change is inevitable. It is unstoppable. It is interminable. Change is powerful.

The orchestrated chaos that has been sweeping around the globe attests to the fact that powerful forces are instigating change to upend society and seize control. Those who are pulling the strings have mastered the art of manipulation and wormed their way into the minds of the minions who invariably inhabit every community.

From the top down, the elites have changed the mind of the masses. They’ve programmed the public to forfeit freedom for the illusions of safety, security, peace and stability. They’ve conditioned the masses to accept being treated like slaves.

They take your money. They tell you what to do. They tell you what you can and cannot say, where you can and cannot go, when you can and cannot see your family. They threaten you and punish you if you don’t comply… but alas I digress… this is nothing new.

The AI, sentinel surveillance, and algorithmic social interventions are new. The forced genetic therapies are new. The unlimited authority of government to control every aspect of our lives is new, at least in America—and the question is, are we going to accept the changes? Are we going to just go along with it? Hell no!

Resistance is the spice of life!

People are waking up. More and more of the peasants are tired of being mistreated, tired of the pain at the pump, tired of the bare shelves, tired of the rigged elections.

While the media milks this election cycle for all it’s worth, don’t forget that we’re in the midst of an “incredible transition” and pain is all part of the plan. Understand that they’ve already got their sights set on stealing the 2024 election, and we’re facing a very bumpy stretch of road between now and then.

And one more thing: The commies are taking over the world!!! And this time, they’re dressed up as Republicans. Patriots take note!

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