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TR 236 - Election Day & Beyond

TR 236 - Election Day & Beyond

Skimming the surface in search of signal, then diving deeper than the elections.

It’s happening.

Today is election day. Americans all across the country are waiting with baited breath to see what the future holds. Will the Republicans take control of Congress? Will the Democrats hold the Senate? Will American democracy survive?

Will the American public accept the elections? Will all hell break loose? Will chaos ensue? Will there be civil unrest? Will there be riots and violence?

Who knows?! The truth is, we are going to have to wait awhile and see.

Already the media is tempering expectations, claiming it will take days or maybe even weeks before we see how this all plays out. The tension is palpable. There are already numerous signs of widespread corruption, which will soon be dismissed as disinformation:

How’s that for a sampling of insanity?

Here’s what I want to point out: The nervous uncertainty, the suspense, the drama, all of this is psychological warfare. It’s meant to keep people glued to the tube in a perpetual state of heightened suggestibility. You may recall, from TR 200 - How They Hack Your Mind, that “the inducement of nervous excitement” allows tailored information and perspectives to be “firmly implanted in many minds.”

This is brainwashing, in the clinical sense. It’s how mass psychosis is formed. The various techniques have been studied and understood by psychologists for more than a hundred years. It has been used in psychological warfare for much longer than that.

Now add to that everything we’ve learned about AI, sentinel surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that manipulate public perceptions and behavior, and we’ve arrived at the Mysterious Election Interventions discussed yesterday.

Just to refresh:

They are intensifying surveillance with “systematic social listening” that allows them to target communities with tailored propaganda, crafted with the help of behavioral scientists, in an effort to control any “emerging perceptions” that may hamper the government’s intentional manipulation of public behavior.

Keep that in mind as all of this political theater plays out. It’s not what we see happening on stage that will shape the course of history—it’s what we never see.

You can’t see an algorithm. You don’t know what the search results don’t show. You won’t know the stories that you never hear. You will never really know what happens in the 3,143 different county offices where the election results are verified.

How could you? It’s incomprehensible.

Here’s a little thought experiment to illustrate what I’m getting at:

Say you wanted to personally check-in on county level results. How would you do that? First you’d have to find a list of all the counties, then you’d have to look up the website for each of the 3,143 jurisdictions. Let’s say that only took you two minutes per county, because you are an exceptionally efficient human being…. do a little math… 2 x 3143 = 6,286 minutes. That’s over 104 hours, or more than 13 eight-hour days, just to find the points of contact for each county office.

See what I mean?

We have to trust.

We have to trust our local officials are doing the right thing. If we suspect they are not, we have to investigate. If we find evidence of election interference, we have to hold people accountable. When there is no accountability, public trust is broken and corruption accelerates unabated and emboldened. Just look at the last four years.

Still, we have to trust. There is really no other option. We have to trust that good people are doing the right thing even when no one is watching. At the same time, we must accept that bad people are doing bad things, especially when no one is watching.

All that said, I still believe there are many more good people in the world than there are bad people—BUT, many good people remain unaware of the Great Reset, The Big Lie, and the profoundly important implications of algorithmic social interventions.

In other words, while most people are focused on the midterm elections, wholly unaware of the advanced technological tools and psychological warfare being used against them, the global cabal continues to advance their malicious agenda.

Zoom out.

“The Commies are taking over the world!!!”

And don’t you forget it.

Let’s connect a few dots and move on:

  1. Macron Urges US, China To Pay Their "Fair Share" For Climate Change

  2. Woke Pentagon: ‘Climate literacy’ poll distributed to service members

  3. Not content to just kill coal, Biden issues direct death threat to oil

What does this have to do with midterm elections? It has everything to do with midterm elections. Even as Americans are rejecting the radical climate agenda en masses, casting their votes accordingly, the cabal marches on—with corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle fully on board with their schemes.

Which brings me back to the One Health Joint Plan of Action—what I call “the one agenda to rule them all”—and what I believe is truly the greatest threat to the future of humanity. The reason I believe the One Health initiative is the greatest threat, is precisely because it establishes a misguided moral imperative to manipulate the masses and capture society in a centralized socialist surveillance state.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s how they describe it:

“One Health requires continued institutionalization, supported by appropriate investments for greater awareness among all stakeholders, cross-sectoral competencies and capacities, joint workforce training, career pathways and opportunities, effective governance rooted in transdisciplinary and multisectoral principles and appropriate legislation, stakeholder and community engagement, the integration of the concept into education in related disciplines, and a renewed emphasis, with key interventions and collaborations at all levels, on moving towards a more sustainable, healthier and safer world.”

Translation: “The Commies are taking over the world!”

I have to laugh at the complexity of their language. The full 86 page report (linked above) is equal parts mind-boggling and maddening. They have a very detailed plan for taking control of the world—under the auspice of saving the planet—and they are keen to using all of their spiffy new 21st century tools to pull it off.

They are convinced of the moral imperative and acting with utter conviction. They are trying to save us from ourselves, and in order to do that, they have to control the flow of information, the flow of money, the means of production and consumption, emerging public perceptions, the outcome of elections, etc.

In other words, they have to control everything—otherwise their plan doesn’t work.

Just look at what a mess it’s been trying to get millions of red-blooded liberty loving Americans to agree to their radical agenda. There’s no way they can get all 8 billion people on the planet to go along with it… unless… unless… unless they lie, cheat, steal elections, destroy economies, and literally re-program and brainwash the masses.

And that is exactly what they plan to do. In fact, as we’ve seen, they are already doing it—and make no mistake, no pesky midterm election is going to derail their plan.

They’ve been planning this decade for decades.

The wise will realize what that implies:

While it’s critical we get out and vote, we need to be looking beyond this election!

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