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TR 226 - The Greatest Threat of All

TR 226 - The Greatest Threat of All

How machine learning is being used to silence dissent and hack humanity.

It was a silly question.

Of course AI has been weaponized. On the heels of yesterday’s inquiry into the implications of weaponized artificial intelligence, today we find this article:

Should Killer AI Robots Be Banned?

Yet another silly question.

The focus of that article is on using AI robots in the theater of war—something that the international policy setters have been debating for years. Their very best solution is to attempt to “regulate” this potential threat, which should come as no surprise.

In reality, the use of artificial intelligence in combat has long been underway. As I’ve been digging into this topic, the degree to which I was unaware of this threat has been sobering. I’m still chewing through the 756 page Final Report issued by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence—a commission that for whatever reason was disbanded October 1st, 2021.

While it’s understandable that war-hawks want to make sure they have every technological advantage to keep us safe in the event of war, this is really not the biggest concern. What if China made millions of kamikaze drones and equipped them with weapons that were wielded by AI algorithms on a mission to seek and destroy?

So what.

The much greater threat of AI is an inescapable censorship. When artificial intelligence fully captures the flow of information, algorithms will be able to rapidly reprogram public perception. What’s going on in the world? Only what they want you to know.

How do you feel about a particular candidate? Only the way they want you to feel about that candidate. How are you going to vote on the next pressing issue? However they want you to vote on the next pressing issue. Why is this true?

Because perception is based on information.

When the AI controls all the information, the AI will control public perception.

By extension, the AI will then control humanity.

This is serious.

In fact, it’s alarming—not because it is possible to weaponize AI to manipulate public perception, but because this strategy is actively being deployed all around the globe.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: It’s just a computer, right? It’s just some lines of code pecked out by some budding young computer engineer in a Google lab somewhere, right? At the end of the day, we can just pull the plug, right?

Perhaps, but let’s not be naive. I’m not talking about AI robots taking over the world, I’m talking about the global cabal using this technology to enslave humanity—that is, to trap the majority of the population in a mental mirage carefully crafted by machines. This is where they keep people safe, especially from misinformation.

Consider these recent headlines:

Remember the Disinformation Governance Board? Imagine super intelligent machines running the show. The AI would be the ultimate fact-checker, right?


This would be the worse sort of tyranny. It would be an invisible hand covering your mouth, holding you down, and strangling the life out of liberty and justice for all.

Think about it. There is “astonishing evidence” that private tech companies and the U.S. government conspired to censor public discourse and punish dissenting perspectives. As noted in Missouri v. Biden, investigators have been “uncovering astonishing evidence of an entrenched censorship scheme cooked up between the federal government and Big Tech that would make Communist China proud.”

The opening line of the legal briefing provides some historical context:

“In 1783, George Washington warned that if the Freedom of Speech may be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”

The brief goes on to say:

“The freedom of speech in the United States now faces one of its greatest assaults by federal government officials in the Nation’s history.”

That is all true. But what will come of it? This insatiable desire to silence free speech and control what people think has already been unleashed at the global level. That is exactly what the effort to immunize humanity against misinformation is all about.

Extend the thought.

It should be obvious that information affects elections, and by extension, that censorship—removing or prohibiting information—also affects elections.

When the WHO talks about “immunizing the public against misinformation” and managing so-called “infodemics” they aren’t working alone:

“Now, WHO is working with more than 50 digital companies and social media platforms including TikTok, Google, Viber, WhatsApp, and YouTube to ensure that science-based health messages from the organization or other official sources appear first when people search for information related to COVID-19.”

Two things I want to point out here:

  1. This acknowledgement of Big Tech collusion was made over 2 years ago.

  2. When “official sources appear first” they don’t have to delete the dissenters.

That second part is important. These people aren’t stupid. If they just started shutting down websites and blocking access to news sources, it would tip the public off to their ploy. But if they just bury these dissenting sources under a mountain of official narrative, then voila, most people won’t get the memo and very few people will grow wise to the scheme, until it’s too late.

Says someone slow to wake up: “Wait a minute, didn’t I hear something about covid shots causing serious adverse reactions?”

Says the AI: “Vaccines are safe and effective. Evidence of adverse reactions has been identified as misinformation. For more information, refer to the CDC.”

In reality, the AI will communicate in whatever way is most effective to change the mind of some one with your personality profile and linguistic preferences.

Directly from the WHO, here’s how it works:


Just to drive the point home, consider this:

Machine learning also provides insights into what kinds of emotions users are experiencing. Instead of simply dividing the data by type of sentiment (positive, neutral, negative), language analytics can shed light on anxiety, sadness, denial, acceptance, and other emotions expressed in social media posts. This level of detail allows [the global cabal] to develop an effective offensive strategy and assuage the public’s concerns before misinformation can gain steam.”

Now zoom out.

In their own words, they’ve developed an “effective offensive strategy” that uses AI to “assuage the public’s concern” before the peasants get to uppity about global tyranny.

To assuage is to appease, to calm, to satisfy, to relieve some burden or pain or make it less intense. Since “fundamental transformations” and “incredible transitions” can be uncomfortable and intense, it only makes sense they would want to assuage the public—otherwise there might be emotionally charged opposition their globalist schemes.

Keep in mind, they are using AI to do this—and they have been for years.

Now, how might they use these same offensive strategies with regards to elections?

Since this technology was clearly in use back in 2020, how might this AI-infused strategy have impacted the outcome of our own “historic” election?

If for some odd reason our own government hadn’t grasped the power of this tool and the importance of pacifying the public with AI at that point, what are the chances they’ve still failed to realize just how politically useful weaponized AI can be?

How many people do you think realize this is happening?

How many people understand how all of this works?

As this capacity and strategy to manipulate public perception continues to accelerate—completely unchecked—weaponized AI will gain greater and greater control of our political discourse, our public policies, and our everyday lives.

As Yuval Harari correctly pointed out:

We don’t even have philosophical models to understand such an existence.

…And if we fail to conceptualize [this] new hell quickly enough, we might find ourselves entrapped there with no way out.”

Just imagine when the AI is in charge of your social credit score and digital currency. Imagine when it can track your location in every moment, when it keeps track of your heart rate and breathing patterns, when it can predict your thoughts and make decision for you… then realize that these technologies already exist.

It may seem like a wild leap of faith, but the efficiency and convenience of all these new technologies will soon become irresistible. Like the thousands of people who are already getting micro-chipped so they can pay without carrying a wallet, and those who dream of implanting a chip that connects their brain to the internet, the allure of being lazy and yet somehow still all-knowing will intoxicate the masses.

Especially since it will be AI that’s selling the product. Imagine if the machines get all deep-faked up and adopt a persona that appeals to your profile. Imagine if Donald Trump showed up in your feed, telling you that Joe Biden was doing a great job.

Perhaps that would be too obvious, but imagine if someone you trusted told you something you didn’t want to hear (in a deep-fake video)—would you believe them?

Would it matter if you didn’t, if the majority of people did? The point is this: While you may be able to accurately discern between what’s real and what’s not, between what’s AI and what’s human, between truth and lies—most people cannot.

People act on their beliefs. When the AI controls their information, it will control their beliefs. When the AI controls their beliefs, it will control their actions.

Who’s programming these machines again? Oh that’s right, the global cabal.

“Resistance is futile,” says the Borg, but my soul cries out, “Resist we must!”

Stay alert friends… I assure you, this current calm is being artificially created!

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