Oct 7 • 19M

TR 214 - ARMAGEDDON: They're At It Again!

Which is worse: The threat of nuclear war or an outbreak of weaponized Ebola?

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Luke Throop
Intelligent views on global news.
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Brace for impact.

The U.S. is stockpiling anti-radiation drugs, Putin’s hiding in a bunker, and Joe Biden has announced we are on the verge of a nuclear Armageddon… or so the story goes:

But then again, maybe it’s all just puffed up propaganda and Biden misspoke:

The mainstream media appears to be in a holding pattern ahead of the midterm elections. There is a lot happening in the world to be sure, but what is being pumped out for public consumption is little more than smoke and mirrors. Meanwhile, the invisible hand is on the move and the globalists are plotting their next steps.

I want to emphasize the threat factor in the above headlines. Just like the threat of an invisible enemy like a “novel coronavirus” was enough to cause a mad dash for toilet paper, so too does the threat of impending doom—aka Armageddon—keep people on edge and glued to the tube in a highly suggestible state. Such are the facts of life.

But there’s more going on than meets the eye.

One of the major developments over the last week has been OPEC’s humiliation of Biden on the global stage, which not only demonstrated the United State’s dwindling foreign influence, but also made it abundantly clear that world leader’s really have no respect for our decrepit leader or his political aspirations.

As Biden continues to wage war on fossil fuels on the home front, he is now reaching out to Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro—an avowed socialist with an impressive track record of instituting food shortages, decreased standards of living, and oppression of political dissent—practically begging them to pump more oil. Of course, that would require the lifting of U.S. imposed sanctions, which Biden is happy to do, so long as Maduro agrees to discussing “free and fair elections” in 2024. What a joke.

But in the age of insanity, this is diplomacy at it’s finest!

Nobody seems to recall that the United States was fully energy independent in 2019, just before Biden took office as the most popular president ever elected. Few people seem interested in the fact that keeping fossil fuels “in the ground where they belong” is an agenda being pushed by the global cabal—much to the chagrin of all the peasants suffering from skyrocketing inflation, economic recession, and an entirely preventable energy crisis.

Unfortunately, too few realize this is all by design and that pain is part of the plan.

To drive home the insanity of it all, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, we see droves of electric vehicles combusting with toxic fires raging at over 4,900 degrees Fahrenheit, while climate fanatics are arguing that anyone living in a “climate disaster zone” should abandon their homes for good and relocate to some place that’s safe and sustainable. According to the “experts” the thinking goes like this:

“Though they universally express sympathy for people who would be asked to abandon their homes for good, a number of experts say that it’s simply not feasible to keep pouring resources into communities that are directly in the likely path of future hurricanes and wildfires. They argue that people in these areas must stop treating major disasters as random events and instead accept the reality that climate change has made more catastrophic weather all but inevitable.”

I think it’s important to emphasize the disconnect here. Radical environmental policies are driving the cost of living through the roof (because the economy requires fossil fuels to remain viable), while simultaneously creating even worse environmental disasters (like exploding electric vehicles)—and yet, as if no one can see through their crap, these arrogant educated idiots want to force people to accept their unhinged theories and abandon their homes forever!

But let’s set that aside.

The holidays are just around the corner. Dr. Fauci says if you want to “enjoy the holidays safely” you need to roll up your sleeve and get another dose of genetic modification… even though it may kill you or maim you for life. Apparently he’s very serious about it:

Grrrrr… I really don’t like that guy.

Though Fauci claims he’s saving countless lives, I’m sure you’re aware that he was smack-dab in the middle of unleashing a weaponized virus on humanity. You’ve also probably heard about him raking in exorbitant profits and earning a plush retirement in the process. While Fauci doesn’t really seem to be headline news anymore, you’d never guess what this evil doer is set to unleash next… here are a few clues:

Government funded research that weaponizes Ebola? What could go wrong?!

In case you were curious, according to the World Health Organization the Ebola virus has a death rate of 50%. On Wednesday (Oct. 5th, 2022), the WHO Director General released $2 million dollars from the Contingency Fund for Emergencies to address a rapidly evolving Ebola outbreak in that seems to be evading current vaccines.

The following day, yesterday (Oct. 6th), the U.S. announced a health alert that proscribes “enhanced screenings” for Ebola in five major airports: New York's JFK International, Newark Liberty International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Chicago O'Hare International, and Washington D.C.'s Dulles International. The CDC and the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection are adding new screening measures at these airports.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Here’s the question: Which is worse? The threat of nuclear war? Or the threat of another much more deadly weaponized virus making its way around the world?

Friends, it’s Friday, and this is heavy stuff. So let’s lighten it up a bit and end the week with some good news:

  • “It’s the beginning of the end” for the Islamic Republic of Iran, as hordes of angry women chant “death to Kamenei” and seek to overthrow their Supreme Leader. Much like the Baltic Sea Bombing, I’m sure the U.S. has nothing to do with this.

  • The world has done “far too little too late” to save the planet from climate carnage, but the good news is the U.N. has a plan: “It is time for a game-changing, quantum-level compromise between developed and emerging economies. The world cannot wait.” Now we get to stand in solidarity!

  • In other news, President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network has finally figured out who bombed the Nord Stream…. and it was US! Now the world really know who has the power—because, “Nobody f*cks with a Biden!

  • On that note, while word on the street is that the feds are closing in on Hunter Biden, Mark Levin offers the friendly reminder that they’ve had this information for years and this is really just a sneaky backdoor setup to get Donald Trump—which still may in fact be the real October surprise.

So there you have it.

All is right with the world. Even though it appears that everything is coming apart at the seams, we can rest assured knowing that we have over 200,000 heavily armed bureaucrats who have been granted the authority to pack weapons, make arrests, and keep us safe—which is even more man power than the Marines!

And, on an especially heart warming final note, even if there was a nuclear Armageddon, or even if there was an outbreak of weaponized Ebola, there is still hope for the future of humanity—at least the deceased will be properly honored, now that Portland has taken the bold first step to stop “misgendering” the dead.

As always, the truth is stranger than fiction. Have a wonderful weekend!