Feb 15, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 59 - What Are They NOT Talking About?

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Wait for it…. hold… WAIT….. Nope. Nevermind.

All that talk of war? That was all just failed propaganda.

At least that’s the story according to Vladimir Putin, leaving U.S. war hawks in the Biden administration looking like fools. Just yesterday the MSM was frothing at the mouth over the announcement that Russia planned to invade the Ukraine on Wednesday — war was imminent, and the tension was palpable.

BUT — now that their military exercise are over, Russian forces are withdrawing from the border, and heading back to base. The pentagon is actively monitoring the situation, but CNN, always the most astute reporters in the room, assures us that there has not been any de-escalation just yet.

My initial take that this was all just a distraction is now being discussed by our friends over at Townhall, who are actively questioning whether or not the is all just a hoax. Just another sham brought to us courtesy of the corrupt Biden administration. Which brings me back to some serious questions:

What if this is just a distraction? A distraction from what? Bad polling data, the president’s mental decline? Rampant inflation and bare shelves? Unconstitutional mandates, suffering children, and the destruction of on entire way of life? What are they trying to distract us from?

I can almost hear the cooing and snapping fingers of an adult distracting a child. Can you?

What are they NOT talking about?

One brilliant local citizen offered this food for thought: What if it this was all to tied to Biden’s backroom deals with the Ukrainian government and his crack-smoking son Hunter?

Apparently, at some point the derelict Hunter Biden left his laptop at a repair shop, and it was later seized by the FBI. The contents of the laptop are disgusting, but the real smoking gun were emails that details conversations that expose Biden’s corruption going all the way to the oval office.

Biden, being the fool that he is, even bragged about it to reporters:

“I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired,” — Joe Biden

All of this was done to stop the investigation of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest gas producer, who just so happened to be paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars to be an advisor — and get access to the “Big Guy.” No doubt Hunter was imminently qualified. He also took $3.2 million in Russian money (right about the time they invaded Crimea), and other shady deals in China .

So, this information is out there, even on mainstream outlets. The question that too few people are asking is: Does any of this have to do with what’s going on in Ukraine today? You think?

Maybe, just maybe, the U.S. and Russia are playing a high-level game to gain strategic advantage with Ukrainian gas production? How does that relate to the well-being of U.S. citizens? How is this in the best interest of our country? Please explain it to me.

**Couldn’t we just re-open gas production in the U.S., since Biden shut it down?

Or maybe, just maybe, the war-hawks want war, as a convenient distraction and desperate attempt to unite the country with some 21st century WMD-style shock and awe. Again, how is that a good idea? How is this the best solution?

Another possible angle would be to consider that the elites are going to instigate a war to facilitate the transition to global government, digital world currency, digital identification, oppressive government surveillance, eugenics driven Sustainable Development Goals, and a Socialist Utopian State.

Make no mistake, they want control, and they will create any sort of crisis to claim they have the power — nigh, the necessity of controlling our lives. Never forget: It’s for our own good.

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