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Weekend Review #28 - July16th, 2023

Weekend Review #28 - July16th, 2023

Audio of the one hour radio broadcast on "The Talk of Klickitat County" KLCK 1400AM.

So many people have said that everyone needs to hear this, I’ve decided to make this Torch Report Weekend Review available for replay after the Sunday broadcast.

The Weekend Review is a synthesis of what is covered throughout the week, threading together key points and pulling in additional perspectives. It’s also tailored to a radio audience, so there are definitely some differences between this and the daily podcasts.

This broadcast covers the following topics:

  • The problem with cluster bombs and Biden’s embarrassing time in Lithuania

  • The aggressive use of weaponized AI by woke federal agencies

  • The fact that the future is in our hands and what we can do about it

  • What the Declaration of Independence says to do about tyrants

  • The self-evident truths that ultimately set us free

This audio is of last week’s review, and I’ll work on uploading the other 27 broadcasts as time allows… summer is busy, and these things take time.


PS » This is free and anyone can listen, so please feel free to share!


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