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Slow slow slow is the progressive way, in order to rewire normal thinking, communism is very violent and destructive, socialism is the needs of the many, fascism is all seeing all knowing big brother. Or there about, kind of like genders, I loose track after so many. Again and again and again why?? I am starting to think maybe what they lack is freedom FROM government. I don’t know maybe we start right at home and stop sending our kids to public schools. Don’t know about you but I learned pretty fast the difference between 1/2” and 3/4” and I didn’t need two, to , too pieces of paper to prove it. Dang. Germany learned from us that if you teach the children then the future is set. Well just stop. Apprenticeship is the teacher and I am the headmaster to my children. One graduated early and the other didn’t need it anymore and went to work. It’s better to try and be wrong then lead to ultimate slaughter.

Mr Franklin, what did you give us?

A Republic, if you can keep it.

P. S. My long term goal is my children, so war will very much anger me.

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