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TR 554 - Why the Masses Have Accepted that America Must Fall

TR 554 - Why the Masses Have Accepted that America Must Fall

Exposing the globalist fantasies lurking within the political circus.

Behold the affliction.

“There's something wrong with the world today, don't know what it is, there's something wrong with our eyes… we're living on the edge!”—Aerosmith

It’s odd to me that so many people cannot see what’s happening in the world today for what it is. Too many people appear to be entirely enthralled with the political circus, content to sustain themselves on the spoon-fed drivel and bread crumbs of propaganda, wholly dismissive of any concerns about the bigger picture.

For those in this camp, the most important thing in the world is the fact that Ronna McDaniel is going to step down as the chair of the RNC, that Nikki Haley refuses to concede to Donald Trump even though she just got trounced in her own home state by over 20 points, and of course, news that the Evil Russian Tyrant is gearing up to conquer the entire European continent.

Those key areas of focus capture what “paying attention” is supposed to look like, at least to the so-called Trusted News Initiative.

Indeed, both Fox and CNN were running harmonic headlines this morning:

The reason for this coordinated messaging campaign, which is being clearly and squarely aimed at the low-information voters on both sides of the aisle, is simple. According to the Associated Press, Biden is “summoning” congressional leaders and demanding they continue to fund the deep state’s forever wars in far-flung lands, just ahead of the forthcoming “summit on foreign aid.”

The purpose is to scare the American people and portray a common enemy.

For those unfamiliar, all of this is an extension of the Munich Security Conference. Last week, the Global Deep State was gathering their international spy conglomerate to discuss orchestrating how all of this global geopolitical chaos is supposed to play out. Surprise, surprise, their efforts are driving a new international order:

Spelling out the details of this new international order, the Interregional Strategic Analysis group offers this synopsis:

“In conclusion, the 2024 Munich Security Conference seems to have provided a timely opportunity to discuss various perspectives on current global geopolitical and security challenges. It drew attention to current international polarization between Russia, China, and the US, and competition between them as the international order shifts. The conference also highlighted fears in Europe and the Arab world about the fallout of current regional wars in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine. These geopolitical shifts will clearly produce a new international order in these regions in the medium term.

Their write-up fawns over the idea of “reformulating the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine,” once again elevating the CCP as a role model for the world. As they see it, the CCP—the Chinese Communist Party—is going to help global leaders rout out all the corruption that’s fueling the various populist uprisings, thereby ensuring that all nation’s only have “free and fair elections” forever more, forever more, forever more.

Their intent, explicitly stated, is to stabilize global governance and the rule of international law:

“If we do not understand, acknowledge and then act accordingly in relation to the critical role of corruption undermining everything to do with stability, global governance and international law, we will have a lose-lose situation. And we cannot allow that to happen.”

There’s no doubt that all of this is a lose-lose proposition for the average resident of planet Earth. As this dastardly cabal of global sociopaths continue their slow and steady march toward global domination, it’s the collective capture of democratic elections all around the world that seems to be in their crosshairs. Unfortunately, there are still too few people who are tracking this trajectory.

Instead, the sheeple are getting fed crap like this:

The public fleecing is shameless, if only slightly entertaining.

Are you not entertained?!

As the globalists advance on all fronts, conservative Americans are getting emotionally trained to respond to the new dog whistle of “migrant crime,” even as the leftist mainstream media runs a full blackout on the fact that another illegal alien just brutally murdered another innocent young woman—a trend that even Californian law enforcement is beginning to notice is “not by accident.”

Given the fact these heinous crimes have been happening for years, law enforcement has been hamstrung to stop it, and lawmakers have done essentially nothing to stop it, the timing of all the howls about “migrant crime” at this point seem a little tone-deaf. Yes, illegal criminals flooding into our country and killing innocent people is a major problem, but the issue should be so much more than just a Republican talking point in an election year.

Again, it’s not by accident. So why now?

Randomly speaking truth to power, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco says this:

“I want to make this clear, and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying ... this is not by accident. The driving force in our crisis is a radical Progressive agenda fraudulently called Criminal Justice Reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions.”

As I’ve said many times before, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, lawlessness abounds.

And we know it’s by design. So, where is all of this headed?

I suppose it’s anyone’s guess, but for the sake of general speculation, one might expect to see more people protesting all of this lawless insanity. Perhaps more Americans will soon start protesting in increasingly desperate degrees, something along the lines of the self-immolation that just went down in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, where woke Pro-Palestinian Airman Aaron Bushnell lit himself on fire because he could “no longer be complicit in genocide.”

There is a great irony in the fact that this man had at one point sworn allegiance to the United States, before setting himself on fire and screaming “Free Palestine” as he burst into flames. In his mind, this act of protest wasn’t extreme at all, at least not “compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers.”

Try to grasp where his mind was at. How did he get to that point?

There is no doubt Bushnell was deeply concerned about the fate of the poor, helpless, Palestinians. He was determined to show the world that what is happening is just plain wrong. One might admire the conviction, but it makes me wonder where the equivalent amount of concern is on the political right. Can you imagine a conservative lighting themselves on fire outside the DC Gulag to protest the deplorable treatment of the American patriots being held there as political prisoners? Me neither.

See what I mean?

What needs to be pointed out here, is that this sort of passionate self-sacrifice—to have a military service member actually light himself on fire to “Free Palestine”—is a perfect example of how sophisticated propaganda drives behavioral change. For whatever reason, it appears that this kind of radical psychological conditioning is much more prominent on the left than the right.

That fact has profound implications.

I think we’d be wise to realize there are many more radical Leftists who would be willing to burn your house down, burn your city down, or even burn down the whole damn country, long before they would ever light themselves on fire. We need to realize that those who’ve been so heavily steeped in propaganda can easily be activated, and when they are activated—say if Trump gets elected—watching radicalized leftists torch themselves will be the least of our concerns.

In my mind, if people can be conditioned and deluded to that point, there is really nothing they cannot be psychologically conditioned to do. Cue the Nazis. Add this to the caustic mix of social conditioning poisoning the public’s perspective regarding all those so-called MAGA extremists, and we have a perfect recipe for a publically endorsed eradication.

If you think for a second that it could never happen, consider that the mainstream media is hailing Aaron Bushnell as a “hero” for his Pro-Palestinian suicide.

That’s how twisted things have become.

The destruction of American society is well underway. The seeds of a socialist revolution have long been sown. What we are witnessing now is the end stage of orchestrated collapse that has long been in the works—but to fully achieve their overthrow of everything our country stands for, they’re going to have to deal with the millions of gun-toting Americans who will inevitably stand in their way.

And they have a plan for that.

The plan is to brainwash the masses, to control the flow of information and censor dissenting perspectives to the extent that the majority of Americans believe what Aaron Bushnell believed: that America is a racist, capitalist, imperialistic, genocidal nation that is wholly unworthy of existence. Those who’ve been brainwashed in this way believe that for justice to be served, America must fall.

If today’s political circus is any indication, that day may be closer than we think.



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