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TR 517 - GOOD NEWS: There Will Be Massive Pushback Against Global Tyranny in 2024

TR 517 - GOOD NEWS: There Will Be Massive Pushback Against Global Tyranny in 2024

Reports are pouring in from all around the world showing people are ready and willing to stand up and fight back against the radical regulations of the global cabal.

This won’t be the focus today, but as I’ve been chewing on the timing of the release of Epstein’s client list, and the utter distraction of it all, my mind has wandered toward the what-ifs and the why. Why now, at the beginning of the most pivotal presidential election year, is all of this crap coming in hot and heavy?

It could just be coincidence, but at this point, I don’t really believe in coincidences.

I see this as another “aha! we’ve got ‘em now” moment, wherein in, after the hype and the buzz dissolve back into the swamp of daily news propaganda, nothing happens. In other words, this is just a distraction that elicits a momentary spike in false hope. It has the temporary appearance of a win, but the outcome is that nothing changes.

Is this not what happened with the congressional inquires into every other “major” news story over the last ten years or so? The “Fast and the Furious” episode, the Lois Lerner episode, the Hillary email episode, the Benghazi episode, the Afghanistan episode, the DNC leaks episode, the Deep State censorship episode, the 2020 election episode, the J6 show trial episode — it sure seems like we’ve seen this all before.

And again, what has been the outcome?

Nothing less than business as usual.

Why is that?

From my perch as an ignorant peasant, it appears the answer is two-fold. First, the establishment is going to do what the establishment is going to do, and both parties are in on this pilfering of the American public for the purpose of power and control. They can make, change, or completely ignore the rule of law anytime they want, so naturally we should expect there to be exactly zero accountability for any of this.

Secondly, I believe the reason the ruling class elites within our own corrupt political system have mastered the art of propaganda, and in cahoots with the mainstream media, they so cleverly and masterfully fleece the general public, the average citizen doesn’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. Instead, their fractured focus and intentionally truncated attention span make them easy prey for the meme of the day, and as their minds gets yanked this way and that, the dark truth trots on by unnoticed.

The result of this is a gross lack of public outcry and uprising. The long train of abuses and usurpations surpasses the threat of taxation without representation at least a million-fold, and yet most people continue to keep their heads down and do nothing to stop the onslaught of tyranny and treason.

People want to pretend like it’s not happening. They’d rather look the other way than face the ugliness of reality—and who can blame them? This is human nature after all, and of course, this loophole in human nature is being intentionally exploited.

The Epstein ordeal gives the public something to fixate on, something that’s bad, that’s grotesque, that’s salacious—something to fixate on that sells. It’s a peek into the darkness, but nothing more. Of course, it does nothing to expose the wizards behind the curtain, and thus this seedy story keeps the larger threats of the globalists’ overarching agenda out of the public’s consciousness.

Job well done, shysters.

Meanwhile, the good news is, elsewhere in the world there are massive protests erupting against the insidious Agenda 2030. Catherine Austin Fitts, financial expert extraordinaire and former Assistant Secretary of Housing under Bush 41, points out that the top story of 2023 was a “massive, documented pushback to tyranny and control by the evil Deep State globalists.”

Says Fitts:

“In 2023, people started to realize that it is kill or be killed.  We have to push back because there is no going along with this.  They are trying to kill us, number one.  Then they are trying to take all of our stuff, and we can’t let them.”

I love the boldness and clarity of her proclamation, and I concur 100%, more and more people are realizing that in the end game, “it’s kill or be killed.” The sinister agenda of the global cabal is a depopulation agenda—which is to say, they are trying to kill us—and worse, they believe they have a moral obligation to do so.

To the ignorant and unaware, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, and the Great Reset are all about transitioning the whole of humanity to a peaceful, tranquil, sustainable future, where everyone is equal, diversity thrives, society is fully integrated and inclusive, humanity lives in harmony with the environment, and global democracy ensures there are no more wars and everyone decides to get along.

Beyond the hubris, what they fail to mention in the propaganda, is the fact that they intend to drastically reduce the human population in the process, to stay within so-called “planetary boundaries.” As Fitts alludes, they also intend to “take all our stuff,” because our “stuff” is not sustainable. Gas cars, gas stoves, gas water heaters, incandescent bulbs and the like, all have to go. As do personal choice, free market competition, and the ability for us to live our lives as we see fit.

You will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy—because that’s the only way to save the planet, at least in the warped and twisted minds of the global elites. As insane and improbable as it seems to think they could ever get away with this sickening agenda, we must keep in mind that a) they’ve been meticulously planning and methodically plotting to pull this off for decades; b) this ruling class has nearly unlimited resources spread around the globe capable of being deployed instantly through an intricate network of corporations, governments, NGOs, and so-called “Enlightened” leaders; and c) they now have the inconceivable advantage of weaponized artificial intelligence, which has been working steadily behind the scenes to accelerate all of their schemes for the last 15 years or so.

And yet, most people remain clueless, including our elected leaders at every level of government. Fortunately, there is a growing chorus of leaders, mostly from places other than the Capitol, who are very publicly, and very defiantly, calling all of this out.

I think about Argentina’s Javier Milei calling out the rot of socialism and enacting truly radical government reform. I think about the many leaders in the EU who are calling out the death jabs (links below). I think about the Dutch farmers, and now the Germans too, who are using their farm equipment to make a fuss and quite literally bury all the ridiculous environmental regulations under a steaming heap of dung.

This is all inspiring pushback!

And yet, it also serves as a stark reminder of the fact they are trying to kill us. Here are some links to some videos of leaders from around the world who are calling out these heinous crimes against humanity:

There is much, much more out there, but again, most people will never see it. This is due to the censorship and algorithmic manipulations that are controlling what we see. It is for this reason that at least some leaders are wanting to “declare the mainstream media as terrorist organizations, due to the fake news, lies and misinformation” they so prolifically propagate. It’s a real nice idea, but it’s never going to happen.

Lies about the pandemic. Lies about the experimental injections. Lies about the outcome of elections. Lies about the so-called Triple Planetary Crisis.

We are living in an illusion of carefully constructed lies.

And all of these lies are feeding a singular purpose: total control over a reduced population. When we begin to analyze what’s happening in the world today through the lens of total control and depopulation, it’s like getting a secret decoding ring that allows us to decipher the global cabal’s thinly concealed intentions.

Climate propaganda scares people into supporting regulations that restrict farmers’ ability to grow food. Taken to its conclusion, famine naturally follows. People will starve to death and millions will die. It’s a hallmark of communist revolutions.

Hungry peasants are less likely to bite the hand that feeds them, and are therefore more dependent, compliant and less likely to revolt against authoritarian regimes.

Pandemic propaganda scares people into supporting regulations that grossly violate basic human rights, such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass “vaccination” campaigns. All of this is highly detrimental to both individual and societal well-being, serving the dual purpose of both population control and the consolidation of power.

The death jabs kill people and render others incapable of reproduction, which is going to wreak havoc and reduce the human population for years to come. Unfortunately, the relentless propaganda supporting these injections, and the public shaming of anyone who challenges this narrative, work in tandem to affirm the government’s assumption of authority in doing this.

However, as patriots well know, the government has no such authority. As discussed back in TR 170 - The Threat of Authority (Aug. 2022), this assumption of authority is the greatest of all superstitions. Quoting from Larken Rose:

“If a slave can be convinced that he should be a slave, that his enslavement is both proper and legitimate, that he is the rightful property of his master and that he has an obligation to produce as much as possible for his master, then he does not need to be physically oppressed. In other words, enslaving the mind makes enslaving the body unnecessary. And that is exactly what the belief in “authority” does: it teaches people that it is morally virtuous that they surrender their time, effort and property, as well as their freedom and control over their own lives, to a ruling class.”

If this year is to be a year of massive pushback, what we must push back on is the lie that the government has any authority whatsoever to enact these evil schemes. Yes, society requires civil structure to function. Yes, our elected leadership has been endowed with the ability to legislate and make some rules. But no, that does not give them supreme authority over every aspect of our lives—despite what the globalists are actively convincing local leaders to believe.

We are in an epic battle of “who gets to make the rules,” and at some point, as Catherine Austin Fitts pointed out above, it’s going to come down to “kill or be killed.” Does the government have the right to take control of the food supply, destroy the value of your money, enslave you in a web of inescapable surveillance, demand you forfeit your hard-earned dollars to support their perverse agenda, force you to cover your face, restrict your breathing, and get jabbed with toxic injections?

Of course not.

But they believe they do.

That’s why the world is rising up. Now is the time. Organize local resistance. Push back. Do not go quietly into the night. The enemy is moving full speed ahead, and it’s high time we slam on the brakes. Remember, the power lies with the people:

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”The Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776

For those who refuse to consent, there is good news:

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to our life and liberty, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” In my mind, that oft-forgotten fact makes this a very exciting time to be alive.



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