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TR 490 - Three Inch Heels versus 3D Chess

TR 490 - Three Inch Heels versus 3D Chess

Look beyond the illusions... what do you see? I see the fate of our shared destiny!

Who wants to talk about Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels?

Anyone interested in discussing how the Republican party has become a party of losers? Any takers on one candidate calling another candidate scum?

As alluded to yesterday, the most recent election has come and gone, and I’ve heard more and more people proudly declaring that they didn’t even vote. Many of the American people simply refused to support either of the corrupt political parties currently presiding over the systematic destruction of our country.

While I strongly disagree with the decision to disengage, can you blame them?

Hence the term “shit-show” I used yesterday, and the apt application of this moniker to the continuing political circus today. And just to drive home the shear stupidity of the modern media’s news coverage, take a look at the top of page at Fox News:


Who in the hell thinks that Biden’s “breathtaking new pronoun mandate” is the most important news of the day? Isn’t there anything else to bring front and center into the public consciousness? This is, in fact, as their propaganda subtly suggests, an utter denial of reality—but as you might suspect, Fox is not alone.

Take a look at the front page of The Hill and the Seattle Times this morning, and note the similarities:

Top of the page we find the great breaking news of the day: doctors gave a man breast implants, and it miraculously saved his life! Oh the wonder of modern medicine!

For all of those wondering what’s wrong with our country, I think we’ve found the answer. This skewing and warping and complete denial of reality has been happening for decades. Year after year, like the proverbial frog in the pot, the American people have become accustomed to increasing degrees of insanity.

At this point, it’s hard to tell how many people can still make the distinction between the stories being told and the actual factual reality that exists outside their minds. The masses have been lulled into a trance of illusions and fairy tales, where the boogeyman is hiding behind every bush, and the knight in shining armor declares, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Nuff said.

But of course, as the astute audience of The Torch Report well knows, we really are facing a dire situation, things are certainly not as they seem, and we definitely do need to be discussing the bigger issues that beset us. We need to understand the dynamics of the problem so that we can generate strategic solutions. We need to keep our eyes on the ball and not allow the media to hijack our minds and take our attention elsewhere—and that, my friends, is precisely what I aim to do.

The secret global cabal—to quote Rockefeller—is working to enslave humanity in their own minds, using clinically proven techniques for subconscious taming (i.e. mind control) in conjunction with Social Listening, Sentinel Surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions, all of which are mere technical terms for the menacing threat of weaponized AI. This has all been thoroughly documented.

Simultaneously, this same not-so-secret cabal is working toward their utopian New World Order (aka Future Earth), stealthily installing a global surveillance state, then once in place, will capture the whole of humanity in an inescapable digital prison. This digital prison will require every person to have a digital ID, every transaction to use digital currency, and every interaction tracked and analyzed by algorithms.

Social credit scores, ala China style, will dictate what is and is not acceptable, both in public and private, and this will become the ultimate driving force of behavioral change. The masses will sway with the whims of every dictate, unwilling and incapable of thinking for themselves, of questioning The Experts, The Science, or The State, and remain entirely subjugated to the unholy alliance of global elites forevermore, forevermore, forevermore.

How could there be any escape? What path to recourse exists when everyone’s been conditioned to believe “we’re all in this together?” If one were to be curious or skeptical, to question the masks or the mandates, then at once they would be identified as a threat to public health and safety. Worse yet, any would be dissenters would quickly be identified and denounced as extremists who are disrupting peace and stability.

Those who challenge this narrative will become the enemies of Democracy.

In time, when the public has been sufficiently primed, these enemies must be eliminated. This is the only way to ensure peace and stability, to protect public health and safety, and uphold the sanctity of “our democracy,” forevermore, forevermore.

What percentage of the human population do you think is aware that this is the plan? What percentage of the masses realize that we are moving in this direction quickly? What percentage of people understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals have enshrined this grand design, that the pieces of this puzzle have been being put into place, and the public psyche has been conditioned to accept all of this for decades?

It’s anyone’s guess, but I’d say not many.

That’s why they are being so bold.

Stealing elections in broad daylight. Starting wars on a whim. Bankrupting nations with no remorse. Injecting toxins into children and genetically modifying humanity to sterilize, paralyze, and euthanize the herd. It’s just sick. But it’s happening.

And much like the Nazi pogrom that’s being remembered today—that fateful day when state-sanctioned murderers smashed into houses, raped and pillaged and pulled people from their homes, marched human beings into cattle cars and hauled them off for slaughter, en masse, while the average citizen was too scared to intervene and chose to simply look the other way—85 years later, we face the same fate.

With the virus lurking everywhere, people were too scared to take off their masks and question the mandates. This is the exact same pattern of behavior; people stood by and watched our entire way of life get destroyed overnight. They watched their loved ones die in isolation, they watched their children struggle to breathe, and in fact, having quickly succumb to Stockholm Syndrome, many were demanding compliance with these dehumanizing tactics, and happily reporting anyone who chose to resist to the authorities. What makes you think it won’t happen again?

Don’t forget: Covid was just the opening scene of the final act of the Great Reset that is now upon us. Think of it like a chess master initiating the final sequence of moves to systematically eliminate the opposing pieces and capture the opponent’s king. Realize that before the first move was ever made, the strategy had been skillfully mapped out in advance, calculating every possible path of escape or resistance, and then:


Of course, the checkmate was solidified many moves in advance.

Without sounding too dire, I want to warn you, we are but one or two moves away.

To lighten the mood on this sobering reality, have a look at this:

Have you ever played three-dimensional chess? It’s never too late to start!

The beauty of playing in 3D is that it is much more difficult to capture pieces and put the opponent in checkmate. The reason is simple: there are many more ways to escape.

Carrying this analogy into the geopolitical chaos, I think of it like this: the enemy has captured many of our pieces; they’ve captured the minds of the masses; they’ve captured the major institutions; they’ve captured most of the media; they’ve captured most of the courts; and because of this, they are very confident they’re going to win.

But I believe the ruling class of global elites underestimates us unruly peasants.

They underestimate the power of the human spirit.

I was recently discussing the concept of freedom with someone who suggested we need to redefine what freedom means in 2023. Humbly, I disagreed. I contend that freedom means the same thing now that it always has, namely, freedom means something different to everyone. Redefining freedom is a head-level exercise, and what we need are heart-level solutions, because emotion trumps logic.

The globalists understand this, that’s why they call us hackable animals. They know how to physiologically hack our mind, body, and emotions, and they do so constantly.

Back to the chess analogy, if we consider the whole of humanity as the body politic, we can then stretch the imagination to think of 3D chess as playing out at the levels of mind, body, and soul. Per capita, by percentage, they’ve already captured most bodies and minds. Think of obesity, cancer, depression, and mental health for example.

It is an observable reality that most people are no longer thinking for themselves, let alone living a balanced and healthy life. This is not by accident. This is but one element of a broader social engineering scheme that is meant to subdue the masses by weakening men, emboldening irrational emotions, and gradually conditioning the public to accept greater and greater degrees of insanity.

So here we are. Look around. There is no cavalry coming.

The enemies of humanity are winning. They have captured the masses.

But we are not out of moves.

If you’ve been with me you’ve heard me say: the ultimate solution to political chaos is an elevation of spiritual awareness. It is the awakening of inner awareness that gives rise to the wisdom and strength we need to win this battle. Awakening the spirit within is akin to getting a pawn across the board and cashing in for a piece of your choosing. In essence, we could all be kings and queens if we realized how powerful we truly are. We are already free to rule our own lives, people just need to be reminded.

They could tie me to a chair, but I could still blink my eyes. They could pluck out my eyes, but I could still hold my breath. They could try to steal my breath, but I could still control my mind, I would still have a choice, and I could choose to resist to the last beat of my heart, and maybe even beyond.

I am as free in life as I will be in death, this is what my spirit believes.

They cannot conquer the human spirit, they can only lull it to sleep.

Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to rise!
Awaken your heart!
Open your eyes!
The time is nigh to see through the lies!
To cast off the shackles and reclaim our lives!

“Give me liberty or give me death! I will live free or die!”

This is the spirit that’s sleeping inside…
And you can awaken it by sharing this far and wide!

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