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TR 474 - How to Be the Salt of the Earth

TR 474 - How to Be the Salt of the Earth

Inspired by recent meetings and a late night conversation, I've got some things to say...

***NOTE, my editor is off on an adventure, she may or may not approve of me licking the salt lamp, but she definitely didn’t have time to proof the report; please forgive the typos!

Let’s see here…

How do we sift through the grift while we drift?
How do we separate, connect, and align?
How do we stand on the land and demand,
What our hearts know is more right than mind?

What is the path to the vast that will last?
Where is the end not in sight?
Is it not in the plot and the rot now begot,
By the seeds of control and raw might?

The mirror, the sword, the weapon of word,
The reflecting of truth from within,
Gives rise to the light, to the sight of our plight,
To the source whence solutions begin.

When it’s hard to wrap the head around things, when we’ve stretched our minds to the max, there is a certain peace and clarity that comes when we take the time to relax. At times, when I’m grasping for the right words or way to express something, poetry spontaneously erupts from somewhere within, splashing out in the reality of now. Such was the case this morning, after having engaged with an incredible group of people and enjoying some excellent conversation, my mind was deeply stimulated.

My heart was stirred. My spirit ignited.

Do you know the feeling?

I’m going to try to wade into this gently, because there is something precious and priceless about gathering together with other people—meeting and sharing a space as human beings, filling a room with thought and words and laughter. It is within this experience of authentic connection, I believe we find the secrets to solving our problems. From personal level turmoil to societal chaos, these connections are key.

For that reason, today I’m going to set the chaos and political theater aside and focus on the practical strategies and solutions we can use, at the personal and local levels, to incrementally enhance our chances of achieving success in our joint campaign against total global control and abject tyranny.

This morning, contrary to popular belief, the Middle Eastern mayhem is not the most important thing:

And neither is the clown show political circus selecting the Speaker of the House:

Or the fact that Russia and China are now officially BFFs on the global stage:

The case could be made that these are important issues, that they will have an impact on the future of America, which will inevitably impact us all in both predictable and unforeseeable ways. Similarly, the case could be made that local and national politics are among the most important issues because this is how society hashes out who makes the rules, and what those rules are going to be.

However, all that said, there is something altogether more important than any or all of these issues combined. The most important thing, I submit for your consideration, is the cultivation of direct and meaningful human interaction.

Why? Because direct and meaningful human interaction is the ultimate solution.

It is the antithesis of, and antidote to, the strategy to divide and conquer us all.

It is the proper prescription for tech addiction, brainwashing, and groupthink.

It is the remedy for the isolation, loneliness, fear, and uncertainty used to control us.

It is the most impactful way to communicate convictions and plant seeds of thought.

It is the only way to build bridges, break down walls, and knit the social fabric.

It is the most practical method of making a difference and having a positive impact.

For all of these reasons and more, the facilitation and cultivation of direct and meaningful interactions—face to face, heart to heart—is how we win the war for the hearts and minds of humanity. It is the only way to beat the machines, to overcome the algorithms, to build the grassroots momentum necessary for freedom to win.

It is easy to understand, profound in its depth, and simple to communicate.

And for those in the audience who share the flame of a warrior’s spirit, know this: all of the above is the baseline for an effective tactical strategy, as well as the framework for an effective long-term campaign. In short, these words are not flowing from the heart of a pacifist, but instead, they are streaming from the mind of a strategist.

I care about winning. I have no intentions of losing.

If we’re on the same team, please listen up.

This is what’s most important.

The solution is simple.

Direct human interaction trumps technological advantage. This is the root of the strategy, and it is a concept that can be widely applied. For example, the Global Future Council is concluding their annual meeting today, and this is what they have to say:

“Many of the actions needed to achieving net zero involve societal behavioral change, including changes to how we heat our homes, travel and shop.”

Think about the implications of the global elites using weaponized AI and weaponized government to forcefully facilitate behavioral change at the societal level. They are openly discussing how they can use modern technology to manipulate the masses, for the purpose of making the average peasant behave as they please.

The global elites are going to change how we heat our homes, how we travel, and how we shop—and this will directly affect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in every conceivable way. What’s more, they also intend to control what we eat, what we think, how we vote, and even our sense of who we are as human beings.

When you hear the words “societal behavioral change,” understand this is what they mean, and they’re not asking, they are already doing what must be done to initiate, instigate, and facilitate these changes right now today, and they’ve been at it for decades. Just to give you one specific example, the UK’s Climate Change Committee estimates that 62% of the actions required to achieve the country's net-zero targets will involve some element of behavioral change on a societal scale.

The point is, we are facing global scale societal engineering at its finest, fully infused with advanced artificial intelligence that is being fed an incomprehensible amount of data being scraped and harvested by the global surveillance apparatus.

But that is a point that most people miss.

And, people are going to keep missing this point, wandering aimlessly through life toward the caustic abyss of total global control, unless we very intentionally wake them up—that is, unless we find a way to connect and communicate in a meaningful way, why this is a threat that threatens us all.

Global scale psychological manipulation isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a fact, and it’s easy to point out. Furthermore, it is an issue that can be approached from either end of the political spectrum. From the Left, one might invoke the threat of “predatory practices” by greedy corporations who use massive ad campaigns to make people buy unhealthy foods and stuff they don’t need. From the Right, one might consider the taxpayer funded ad campaigns being used to coerce the uptake of toxic injections.

From either angle, the issue is the same: someone is messing with people’s minds.

Examples abound and are easily found, and they can quickly be scaled to the global level. HOWEVER, as simple and straightforward as this conversation is, this is not a conversation that is commonly had—and that is the root of our problem.

As recently discussed, the root of all of our problems lies in thought. It’s the errant thoughts floating through the nebulous of the collective public psyche that drive the distinctly detrimental behavior that is rapidly eroding societal stability. What’s key to realize, is that these thoughts are not just circulating by accident.

These thoughts have been introduced through both subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions being disseminated by those who understand and are wielding the power of the Word.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
John 1:1 KJV

Regardless of political or religious affiliation—or lack thereof—there is a very profound truth concealed within that somewhat cryptic passage buried in that dusty collection of manuscripts that have been getting passed around for thousands of years.

Here’s a thought: what if ancient rulers and church leaders had a deeper understanding of what those words meant? And what if this understanding gave them the ability to control people’s behavior? Is that not societal behavioral change?

The Word was God…

In the beginning was the Word (logos, sound, story, narrative, etc), and the word was God. Many people think of God as the Creator. Thus, it might be helpful to think of language as a creative force in the universe. Language creates behavioral change.

Last night while having a conversation with a nuclear scientist, the conversation arrived at the gap between a physical and spiritual understanding of the universe, of what is. I was able to bridge that gap by articulating the infinite chain of awareness that connected my voice with his ears, and all the magic of that entire process.

The brain is physical, the mental synapses are physical, the voice is physical as are the ears, and yet where does this language come from? Where do my words come from?

I believe they flow from my heart, from the solar plexus, from the spirit within, from my soul. Inspiration is a spontaneous phenomenon. The ideas sprout into our consciousness, and through language we manifest and impact the material world.

But alas, I wax philosophical.

Practically speaking, the words and language we use have the ability to make or break the future of society. And as any married person or parent well knows, so often it is not what we say, but how we say it, that makes or breaks the conversation.

Hence the call to be the salt of the earth!

Salt is flavorful. It is a preservative. It is a disinfectant. It can be used to initiate chemical reactions. Salt has a distinct molecular structure that serves many purposes—and you and I are much the same. Infinitely unique and wonderfully distinct, we each serve many purposes as well.

At this particular juncture in time, we must choose our words wisely, speak them sincerely, and plant the seeds of liberation into the captive minds of the collective. We must do so intentionally, through direct and meaningful interaction, because this is where our words can work their special magic.

This is how we can be the salt of the earth.


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