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TR 473 - Trophy for the World's Biggest Victim

TR 473 - Trophy for the World's Biggest Victim

It's a hotly contested field, and the winner may surprise you!

As the tension and anticipation mounts in the Middle East, I just want to offer everyone a friendly reminder: Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the United States, our economy is about to buckle under the unbearable weight of unfathomable debt, criminals and terrorists are pouring across our southern border, rampant drugs and crime are ravaging our cities, weaponized federal agencies are persecuting political opposition and directly interfering with our national elections, state censorship is running out of control, and our government is still pushing people to “uptake” another round of deadly toxic injections.

Did you notice how nobody’s talking about Ukraine these days?

With the flick of a switch, the public mind has changed channels. The next round of programming is underway, and no matter what you think about the Middle East, there is no denying the fact that it is just one big fat distraction. When every single news channel instantly becomes consumed with the latest sensational story—that subtly shifts from “shock and awe” to another drawn out drama—the wise will look beyond the headlines and hype of the day, to see where all of this is heading.

I believe that underlying it all is the intentional destruction of the United States of America. I could be wrong, but then again, what other outcome could there be? Imagine if an American battleship gets attacked, or worse yet sank. Imagine if Israel attacks Hamas, then Iran or Syria or some other Arab country attacks Israel, then the U.S. helps them retaliate through funding, weapons, or naval/air support—and then all at once we are at war with the entire Middle Eastern block.

Much like the leftists have been brainwashed into supporting the baby killing Islamic terrorist organization know as Hamas, if Americans began bombing “innocent civilians” in the Middle East, there would be massive protests and potentially riots right here at home. Our nation would further be divided against itself, even as our dwindling military equipment and ammunition is being divided between Ukraine and Israel. Republicans would be fighting amongst themselves, the warhawks against the fiscal conservatives. The Democrats would be fighting amongst themselves about who gets the trophy for being the World’s Biggest Victims—the Jews and the be-headed babies, or the poor-discriminated-against Palestinian terrorists.

If you’re curious how anyone in his right mind could actually support the Palestinian terrorists, you need to try and look at things through the eyes of the liberals. Let’s take CNN’s front page headlines as an example:

Notice how Biden is being portrayed as a brave hero for making an “extraordinary wartime trip” into the thick of the “Gaza Crisis.” Notice how the picture of Israeli forces looks like they are crossing vast expanses of open terrain, coming for the Left with cold calculated cruelty. Notice how the other two pictures show the poor helpless Palestinians desperately trying to save their children from the rubble of Israeli aggression. Isn’t it clear who’s the victim here?

Aren’t you outraged that these cruel Israeli “occupiers” have moved in, taken the Palestinians’ land, now they’re bombing innocent civilians in cold blood so they can keep their illegitimate claim to this little patch of sand they call the Holy Land?

How could anyone support those murderous Jews?

You see how that works? Do you realize there are millions upon millions of people who think and believe just exactly that? But, where do these ideas come from?

Why does the average everyday American even have an opinion about this?

It’s not by accident. It’s by design. It’s thanks to decades of cleverly crafted propaganda that has conditioned and primed the subconscious mind for a time such as this. These latent thoughts and beliefs have been there, lying dormant under the many layers of psychological conditioning that we’ve all been subjected to since the advent of modern media. Again, none of this is by accident. It didn’t just happen.

Hey, what do you think would happen if Biden got taken out by a stray Palestinian bomb? I mean, they are a known terrorist organization, right? That could happen, right? And nobody would ever suspect the whole thing was a setup, right?!

Anything could happen.

Let’s zoom out.

Here’s a curve ball: more Americans believe that Donald Trump has done something illegal, than believe that Joe Biden has done something illegal—52% say Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election, while 40% believe Biden broke the law doing business with his crackhead son. Fascinating isn’t it?

This poll comes out just as certain tech billionaires begin openly admitting they were wrong about Trump, and acknowledging that he was actually a “pretty good president”—in fact, they’ve upgraded his performance from an ‘F’ to a ‘B+’.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? But wait, innocent children are getting shell-shocked and “nowhere is safe from Israeli bombs”—just ask Reuters, or this poor kid hanging out the window as her parents flee in terror:


Donald Trump is surging in the polls, even with Democrats, and especially with black voters, and while he’s out there saying he’s willing to go to jail to save America, the media is shrieking “oh no!”; the Middle East is on the “verge of abyss!”; Gaza is suffering and the murdering imperialist Israeli’s are plotting their offensive!

Just look at it:

The propaganda is relentless. How about that hubbub in congress, wherein “Trump ally” Jim Jordan may very well become the next Speaker of the House, if he can get passed the objections of the entrenched establishment RHINOs.

And do you know who his challenger is? None other than Democrat minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, the whip for the Congressional Black Caucus, and “rising star” who’s first trip abroad as House Democrat Leader just so happened to be to Israel—first in April, six months prior to the conflict, then again in August, which has stirred up some controversy amongst Democrats.

“After a meeting with Netanyahu, Jeffries defended the US’s $3.8bn a year in military aid to Israel without conditions…

The stakes are too high in a very dangerous world for anything other than our continued security cooperation to remain ironclad.” —Hakeem Jeffries

How prescient of him.

It’s almost like he knew a conflict was coming, isn’t it? Even though the American people were cluelessly standing in solidarity with Ukraine, six months ago this Democrat was shoring up military aid and “iron clad” commitment to supporting Israel “without conditions.” And he did it not once, but twice.

Then BOOM.

Bombs start dropping in the Middle East, and Jeffries is being propped up as the best bet to beat out the Trump-supporting MAGA extremist Jim Jordan, who has dared to publicly question the validitiy of the 2020 election and mock the J6 show trials. In fact, Jordan has been accused of being “a significant player” in Trump’s effort to “overturn” the 2020 election—at least that’s the narrative.

Then add the twist that while Jeffries (a hardcore liberal progressive leftist) was doubling down on military support for Israel, just months before there was any conflict in Israel, the Biden administration (also full of hardcore liberal progress leftists) was giving the Iranians—sworn enemies of Israel and supports of Hamas—some $6 billion dollars, on Sept. 11th, just one month before the conflict broke out.

Thus, the corrupt U.S. government is funding both sides of this war.

The history of the “Iranian frozen assets” is beyond the scope of this report, as is the associated diplomacy that has been playing out since Obama gave the Iranians some $400 million U.S. dollars on a pallet in the back of a plane back in 2016. Suffice it to say, all of these moving parts somehow have magically set the stage for the unfolding orchestrated chaos that’s playing out at this current moment in history.

I think that has to be about as much of a coincidence as the fact that Israeli intelligence somehow missed a bunch of radical Islamic terrorists plotting to perpetrate heinous attacks against innocent civilians, in their own back yard, despite being widely respected as having one of the most—if not the most—sophisticated intelligence operations in the world. Maybe none of this is an accident, eh?

Let’s just put a little icing on the cake:

Doesn’t it kind of feel like we’re being set up here?

Perhaps the American people should get the trophy for the World’s Biggest Victims… it’s either that, or special recognition for being the world’s biggest fools.

What do you think?

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