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TR 454 - The Loss of Human Dignity

TR 454 - The Loss of Human Dignity

Examining subtle clues to ascertain what these shyster are really up to.

This is rich.

It’s another action packed day in the political circus.

In ring number one, we find the U.S. military tacitly admitting that the software powering our F-35, F-22, F-16, B2, and Airbus A380—the Integrity 178B Operating System—has long had known vulnerabilities that expose it to hacking from our foreign adversaries. This is very likely what caused the pilot to eject and brought down the $140 million dollar stealth fighter some 80 miles from its base in South Carolina.

NOTE: Yesterday I incorrectly stated the F-35 was a meager $90 million dollar plane.

On top of that, our woke and utterly incompetent military leaders—and their bed-buddy NATO officials—are doubling down on the Ukrainian narrative, stating without a hint of shame, “We must prepare ourselves for a long war in Ukraine.”

I’m not so sure Americans are onboard with the insanity, with a firm majority rejecting the notion we need to keep supporting the senseless meat-grinder that relentlessly threatens to escalate into WWIII, but good sense be damned and shot to hell.

The blind lead blind, too daft to tell.

In the second ring of the political circus, off to the right, the U.S. national debt has officially surpassed $33,000,000,000,000 (thirty-three TRILLION dollars), all while the White House diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre is out there claiming that inflation is down 60% since last summer—a statement so absurd that even the liberal press has pressed back, citing the fact that public “perception” seems to be incongruent.

Perhaps that’s because food prices have skyrocketed to historic highs since Biden took office, and the fact that they continue to climb, with some grocery prices having risen a shocking 16.3% since this time last year—and food prices on average are up over 20% since this shameless, stumbling, bumbling sock-puppet was sworn in.

And while those who live off the spoon-fed drivel of the mainstream propaganda might think this is all caused by the war in Ukraine, the reality check is that gasoline prices have more than doubled since Biden took office, having spiked over 60%, which even intellectually honest liberals have admitted is driving the rising costs of everything from electricity to your grocery bill.

Yet, with all those facts on the table, the White House continues to shamelessly lie through their teeth, as if the American people are too stupid to realize that the cost of everything that matters in life is rising out of control—thanks to that $33 trillion dollars of printed fiat currency—and no amount of cooking the government books or claiming that “inflation is down 60%” can ease the pain of actual reality.

And just to emphasis the political disconnect between average everyday Americans and the elite ruling class, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was out yesterday making the ludicrous assertion that “this is the best of all worlds.” What world is she living in?

I feel inclined to remind the audience that this is all by design.

Pain is part of the plan. It’s called dis-incentive… otherwise known as “the stick.”

The truth is, the Great Reset is upon us, and there’s no going back. The best we can hope for is to stop this insanity in its tracks at the local level, by reclaiming the reins of local representative government, and working up the ladder from there. The majority of city, county, and state officials have been conditioned to accept that all of this is necessary—for the greater good, to save the planet—and there are many of them who are rabidly attacking our American way of life, in every conceivable way.

Which brings us to the main event, center stage in the political circus, and almost too crazy to say out loud. Senator Ted Cruz has predicted that Michelle Obama is going to “parachute in” and rescue the democrats who are itching to “jettison” the used-up, no good, senile old sock-puppet and lying shyster who is currently occupying the Oval Office. What do you think? Shall we play a game of pick your next president?

Laugh all you want, but I think it’s important to realize that “new polls”—in this case the long lauded Quinnipiac poll—show Biden is slipping, but quite unbelievably, that Biden is still beating Trump in a head-to-head match up. However, evidently his 1% lead isn’t enough padding for the Deep State to feel comfortable propping him up for another round of puppeteering, so why not make Michelle the belle of the ball?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

One more: If Biden is re-elected, “We will have saved American democracy”

As entertaining as it is, this political circus is still just a distraction. It masks the depravity of American politics and keeps people fixated on surface level drama. Things like the ongoing Hunter Biden debacle, the looming government shutdown, the sham impeachment inquiry, or the fact that FBI informant Ray Epps is finally getting charged for his role in orchestrating the J6 chaos, are also just distractions.

Let’s zoom out.

We need to keep the UN meeting front and center, for several reasons, not the least of which is because it is there we can learn what the globalists have in store for the rest of us in the years ahead. Though they will not likely used the term directly, I assure you that the Great Reset is central in all of this central planning. As we discussed yesterday, this event is being overseen by a bunch of radical socialist revolutionaries who are hellbent on transforming the world into the image of the CCP.

Which is why I state as fact: “The commies are taking over the world!”

And it’s really no laughing matter. They are coming for your food, for your guns, for your gas, and they’re even coming to snatch the soul out of your very existence.

(If that sounds crazy to you, you need to visit the archives and educate yourself.)

As previously discussed at length, communists are avowed atheists. They insist on the peasantry forgoing their primitive superstitions and swearing allegiance to The Science & The State. There can be no higher authority than The Science & The State, otherwise the peasants might question The Science & The State—which inevitably leads to the collapse of yet another failed communist system.

This is why censorship is so central to communist strategies. By controlling the flow of information, they control public perceptions and the peasants’ behavior. It’s not rocket science. It works every damn time—and unfortunately, it works even better with weaponized AI. Hence my new book, Hackable Animals.

BUT, while the media is spinning this UN meeting as a “litany of challenges” for Biden; while Jackass Zelensky questions Russia’s place at the table; and while European nations bicker and squabble about being force-fed Ukrainian grain; the real issue that is set to affect us all is the adopted acceleration of Agenda 2030.

According to the global cabal:

“The SDGs aren’t just a list of goals.
They carry the hopes, dreams, rights and expectations of people everywhere.”

Put bluntly, that’s a lie.

Think about the words: “They carry the hopes, dreams, rights, and expectations of people everywhere.” Horseshit.

If you hope to be able to travel freely to see your family, the SDGs are against you. If you dream of a nice juicy steak and frosty adult beverage, the SDGs are against you. If you think you have the right to speak your mind and have a representative government, the SDGs are against you. If you expect to live out your life in relative peace and harmony, and maintain your quality of life and cultural traditions, the SDGs are against you.

The truth is, the SDGs are against the expectations of people everywhere.

As always, these shysters are lying through their teeth. The astute will recall the communist tactic, per their manifesto, to use language with a “hidden, higher meaning” that is the exact opposite of what’s actually being said.

When they say they want to “end world hunger,” what they mean is that they want to take total control of the food supply and reduce the number of meat-eating peasants.

When they say they want to “ensure gender equality,” what they mean is they want to prey upon emotionally vulnerable people and leverage them for political power.

When they say the global financial system is “outdated, dysfunctional, and unfair,” what they mean is that you will be subjected to global digital currency and ID.

By taking control of the food supply, leveraging the useful idiots, and enslaving humanity in a digital prison, they will have nearly achieved their agenda.

The only thing left is to ever-so-discreetly reduce the human population—whether by sterilizing and offing them with experimental injections, or by starvation and war—and sell it as progress thanks to the complicit and completely captured media.

The younger generations, who’ve never known what it means to be free and never learned why the American revolution was such a radical departure from historical precedent, are going to be giddy about achieving all of these global goals.

That’s why the SDG Summit is emphasizing that “education can’t wait.” They need this new generation of heavily manipulated, domesticated, and mindless minions to “end the war on nature” and avert the “triple planetary crisis.”

There is urgency in the air. We have to act now, with concerted, ambitious action.

That’s what they claim, and on that note, I believe they are correct.

If we don’t act now, we are going to lose much more than just our country, our freedoms, and our way of live. We’re going to lose our dignity.

Resist we must!


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