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TR 451 - The Sad Miserable State of Things

TR 451 - The Sad Miserable State of Things

Surveying the scope of the situation and pointing out the silver lining.

Let me see if I can just casually lay out all the chaos in a leisurely fashion:

  1. Republicans Are Living an Enormous Lie — From the Spectator:

    “Republicans don’t mention the Jan. 6 prisoners. There’s no recompense for those brought before the Jan. 6 Committee, the one that destroyed evidence. The Jan. 6 footage is still not released. Donald Trump is facing more than 90 charges and 700 years in prison. …

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation placed agents in Catholic churches to look for dissidents. The DOJ is prosecuting people and dropping charges at the last minute, just to make people suffer. The persecution is the point.

    Across the fruited plains, American citizens doing perfectly legal things are being arrested because they deign to disagree. Republicans respond by whistling past the graveyard in a meaningless debate debating meaningless things.”

  2. Musk says Weaponized Govt Agencies “Don't Wish Good Things For Me” — “...there does seem to be some significant increase in the weaponization of government and really sort of misuse of prosecutorial discretion in many areas... I think this is really a dangerous thing for there to be partisan politics with government agencies.” Weaponized government is a threat to everyone.

  3. I.R.S. Deploys Artificial Intelligence to Catch Tax Evasion — ‘nuff said.

  4. G20 Leaders Set to Impose Digital Currencies and Digital IDs on their Citizens — Leading the way is India, who’s rolled out “The India Stack” of digital public infrastructure to “enhance financial inclusion” in “the domains of health, education, and social welfare.” It’s more than just how you manage your money.

  5. National Guard deployed to assist with spiraling migrant crisis — “Massachusetts National Guard members were officially deployed as ‘rapid response teams’ Wednesday to assist with the state’s bursting migrant shelters, as pressure mounts for President Biden to address the crisis in the state.

    …Democrat Gov. Maura Healey declared a state of emergency several weeks ago because of the strain on the shelter system. “Massachusetts is in a state of emergency, and we need all hands on deck to meet this moment and ensure families have access to safe shelter and basic services.”

  6. Nancy Pelosi Announces She’s Seeking Reelction to Congress in 2024 — That one is hard to stomach. Even worse, she called Kamala Harris “politically astute” in the process and complained that she doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Gag me.

  7. Biden Makes First Public Comments on Impeachment Inquiry — “President Biden seemed unfazed by the effort and insisted he remains focused on serving the American people.” Biden went on to say “I don’t know quite why” but he’s pretty sure it's because Republicans want to “shut down the government.”
    (See point #1)

  8. Trump: I did great on COVID and I never got credit for it — ummmm…. yeah. (You can learn how Operation Warp Speed authorized the lethal injections of unsafe, untested, self-assembling nanoparticles directly from Dr. Robert Malone.)

  9. McCarthy drops f-bomb, venting frustration with GOP members — From The Hill: “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) vented his frustration about the hard-line conservatives holding up appropriations, dropping an expletive as he dared his fiercest critics to attempt a vote to oust him.” The Freedom Caucus is threatening to vote Kevin “The Schmuck” McCarthy out, since he continues to lie through his teeth, break their agreements and betray the American people.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, looking on with his keen wits and sharp eye, has called the situation “a pretty big mess.”

  10. Mike Pence got his advice on being VP from Joe Biden — Former Vice President, current Presidential contender, and consummate spineless shyster Mike Pence then went on to praise the Obama-Biden years, claiming they had a “good working relationship.” Sadly, this used up political stooge fails to see the whole world is laughing at him, no one likes him, and Americans see him as the shill that he is.

    And yet, like Jeb Bush and others before him, the Republican party bosses continue to prop him up as a viable representative of We The People. Mike Pence is about as in tune with the American people as Nancy Pelosi is. I’m surprised they haven’t thought about running together—surely that would be a winning ticket. NOT!

It would be difficult to quantify this steamy heap of garbage, and just how impactful all of this is going to be on the future of our country. Of course, all of this is really just political circus. It’s just distraction. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s about as meaningless as the last Republican debate or NASA’s timely livestream UFO press conference.

Spoiler alert: despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary, the official narrative is still that there is “no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics.” So there you have it.

Nothing to see here.

Moving along.

There are a handful of honorable mentions that I want to toss on the table, because they tie back into some of our recent discussions:

  • Remember the demand for slavery reparations in California? Evidently news of this brilliant idea travels fast, because now several Caribbean nations are demanding a staggering $33 TRILLION in slavery reparations of their own—along with a “formal apology,” according to their 10 Point Plan for “reparatory justice.”

  • Lefties are starting to sound the alarm that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stands to “make a lot of money off this war” over in Ukraine—mostly through his private consulting company WestExec—while all the while Big Tech and the mainstream media continue censoring evidence of Ukrainian troops sporting Nazi symbols like this:

  • And of course, with all the hand-wringing over illegal immigrants overrunning the sanctuary state of Massachusetts mentioned above, it would be a major oversight to miss the fact that “The Mexican Cartel is in Full Control of the Southern Border,” according to Texas Republican Mayra Flores.

And hey… by the way… did you catch CNN’s announcement that “we’re still learning new things” about the JFK assassination? That was front page news today. Today.

Take a deep breath.

This too shall pass—all of it. But it’s going to take awhile. It’s going to take blood, sweat, and tears. It’s going to take sacrifice, pain, and discomfort. It’s going to take courage, throwing caution to the wind, and taking massive tactical action.

But this too shall pass. The pendulum will swing. Evil can only prevail so long before the good men do rise up. Only then can peace and justice be restored.

I believe that with everything in me.

I believe that, even when I hear of J6 political prisoners being tortured and abused by another round of covid lockdowns and solitary confinement—starting today.

I believe that, even when I see more hospitals imposing strict authoritarian covid vaccine mandates upon health workers who’ve already been jabbed 3 or 4 times.

I believe that, even as news breaks that schools across America are bringing masks back to the classroom, despite them being worse than worthless and harmful to kids.

I believe this too shall pass, when the good people of the world finally stand up and make a stand. Government shutdown? Let it happen. Another election? What’s the point when illegal aliens can vote, ballots can be printed, machines can be hacked, votes can be flipped, and the media runs cover for it all?

Our country is rudderless and hopelessly lost. We are quickly sinking into the sea of global change, and friends, I’m here to tell you, I don’t think there’s a damn thing we can do about it. There is not enough duct tape and bubble gum in the world to repair our broken vessel. In this new “post-truth” era, lawlessness and evil abounds.

And yet within the midst of it all, truth does exist. Life is still good. This will pass.

It has to. Nothing stays the same. As sure as the tide ebbs and flows, this craziness will run its course and wreak its havoc before it goes. Life will go on.

And life is still good, despite the very real suffering of everyday life, despite the tyranny that’s gripping the globe, despite the depopulation agenda and the fact that the commies really are taking over the world, despite the manufactured crises, despite the food shortages, despite the digital enslavement and inescapable surveillance state—despite any and every evil in the world, life is still good.

It’s when we lose sight of this fact that we must use our secret weapon.

Surrender the story that this is the sad miserable state of things and accept the circumstance just as it is. In this exact moment, it cannot be any other way than the way that it is. Accept it. Accept the gift of life just as it is. Surrender the story.

Peace is found in doing so. And clarity. And courage. And strength. And even stamina. The truth is, life is a gift. What are you going to do with it?

Write a new story.

Many will wallow in the mire of wishing things were different. Many will succumb to self-pity, self-indulgence, self-soothing, and self-centered living.

Yet, from the midst of the masses, there will rise another group, those who accept the gift of life just as it is, who delight in the dangers of living, embrace the chance to make things right, and embark on an inspired mission to rout out the tyrants and secure the blessing of liberty for their children and future generations.

The time is nigh.

Out of this evil, the good will rise—and that is the silver lining.


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