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TR 441 - The War Has Already Begun

TR 441 - The War Has Already Begun

The path to victory is the road less traveled, and I'll tell you how to get there.

The war for the hearts and souls has long been underway, yet too few people have awakened to the relentless attacks on their perceptions, emotions, and subconscious minds. Because the majority of people still remain unaware of this mental and spiritual assault, there is a lack of understanding as to what can be done about it.

I have addressed this issue from a number of angles in previous reports, drawing the correlation between neuroplasticity and subconscious taming for example, and emphasizing the elevation of inner (spiritual) awareness as the most practical solution. Today’s report will extend these concepts into a workable strategy that you can use to shore up your own mental and emotional resilience in the face of what lies ahead.

Taking the time to prioritize this conversation means setting aside the petty political circus—even the truly significant developments—in favor of a friendly heart to heart.

I appreciate your patience, grace, and presence as I embark upon this journey.

Prior to departure into the psycho-social-spiritual foray, I do want to line out a handful of interesting articles that point to the underlying issues I’m about to address:

  1. Judge: Sorority Must Allow Male ‘Sister’ Who Gets ‘Hard On’ While Watching Them Undress. — The title says it all, and this is a prime example of the warped reality that has infected the public mindset. One might wonder what the hell the “judge” was thinking, but the point is, the judge was not thinking. The judge was acting out the subconscious programming that has clearly captured his mind.

  2. Jordan Peterson Forced Into "Coaching Program" Over Controversial Statements — Dr. Jordan Peterson is a brilliant clinical psychologist who adheres to the belief that it is his responsibility to speak the truth and dispel the lies swirling around modern mental health, specifically as it relates to the massively unhealthy queer agenda. As a result of misgendering people, he is now being forced into a re-education program until the State deems him to have been properly reformed. This is a radical breach of professionalism and gross display of State abuse.

  3. "A Very Dangerous Moment" - Hungary's Orbán Warns Tucker "A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door" — This insightful interview blows apart the Western narrative that Ukraine is winning the war in Ukraine. “It’s not just a misunderstanding, it is a lie,” according the Hungarian PM. But the real meat of this interview was his calling out the U.S. “justice system” for targeting the regime’s top political opponent (Trump). Prime Minister Viktor Orban concludes that this is “impossible to imagine,” because this is exactly what is “done by the communists.” Americans damn well better take note!

  4. Military Seizes Power as Wave of Suspicious Coups Sweep Central Africa — What is critical here is that these coups have replaced “pro-Western governments,” meaning forcefully installed European puppets. On the one hand it may seem like the natives are getting restless, on the other, “The idea that democracy has any meaning at all in Africa is ridiculous. It’s a fraud.” Nevertheless, someone is toppling these regimes one after another, and it just so happens the largest American “drone base” is in the recently fallen Niger.

  5. Russia accuses Ukraine of biggest drone attack of war — Try to imagine the horror of dozens of drones swarming in, in the middle of the night, dropping bombs, blowing up an airport, and destroying part of your own home town. Where did these drones come from? Who is controlling them? Are there more of them coming? Yes, more drones are coming, by land, sea, and air. This is the new preferred method for delivering destruction, without the messy fingerprints.

The trauma of war is very real, as is the psychological impact of sustained high levels of stress and Fifth Generation Warfare. Taken cumulatively, these factors uproot conscious stability and catalyze coping mechanisms that cause the mind to become untethered from reality. The result is an irrational insanity masquerading as importance—a broken mind that believes its own story, however crazy it may be.

The mechanisms used to break down the human mind have long been understood, and it is no coincidence that these techniques were first discovered, dissected, and developed to clinical precision under communist regimes. We’ve discussed this at length, but I think it’s important to realize these tactics have now been infused with modern technologies like “sentinel surveillance” and weaponized AI.

If simple leaflets were effective in prior communist revolutions, just imagine how effective Algorithmic Social Interventions are at manipulating public perspective. What we are witnessing now, with the current media purge and the re-education of esteemed intellectuals, is the heavy-handed crushing of political dissent. If history is any indication, soon we will see an attempt to eradicate dissenters altogether.

If you think that could never happen in America, consider that the broken judicial system just allowed a judge to deny reality and put young women at risk by legitimizing and legalizing the desire of an utterly sick and disturbed male predator.

How can that be? How can any rational person think that’s okay? How can any intellectually honest individual deny the insanity of this entire situation? Why would anyone in their right mind support or advocate for this hideous perversion of justice?

The simple truth is, it makes no sense.

Attempting to bend and twist the mind in search of a suitable explanation would be a complete waste of time. In fact, anyone attempting to conjure up some sort of suitable explanation have themselves been captured or compromised by the mental virus of the collective hive-mind. That is to say, such poor insufferable fools are no longer capable of thinking for themselves, which brings us directly to the urgent need for solutions.

The War Within

How does it happen that good and decent people can descend so far into darkness? It can happen slowly, or it can happen quickly. It can be obvious on the surface, or it can be hidden somewhere inside. No matter the path, the mechanisms are always the same. Because we are biological creatures, we are in fact hackable animals.

As such, those who know how to push our buttons can bypass the rational mind and reprogram our beliefs at the subconscious level—hence the subconscious taming that psychologists have been warning about for decades. May the public beware!

Understanding that this threat exists, that it is very real, and that it is already present in our daily lives is vitally important, but here’s where we turn to solutions.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the two wolves fighting inside our hearts, one wolf with an appetite for goodness and light, the other with an appetite for darkness and destruction. As the story goes, the wisdom of the elders explains that the wolf that we feed is the wolf that will win. Have you ever thought about how we feed the wolves?

In Christianity, this same battle is portrayed as a battle between the spirit and the flesh. The Baghavad Gita speaks of two paths that always exist in the world, the bright and dark paths, noting that only one leads to liberation. I share both here now, to drive home the universal relevance and application of this profound dichotomy.

Before moving forward, I’d also like to offer this little nugget:

“The reason why I do not know anything about myself is due to one single thing — I was afraid of myself, I was fleeing from myself.

I was seeking … I was determined to dismember myself and tear away its layers of husk in order to find life and the divine…

But in so doing, I was losing myself.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Good and evil. Darkness and light. Hot and cold. Day and night. These contrasting labels are describing aspects of reality that have been observed since the dawn of time. The words themselves are mental constructs, but they allude to truths that transcend time. These very same truths also transcend the ability to put them in words. This limits what I am able to articulate here and now.

If you want to know how to overcome the odds and defy the concerted efforts to capture and transform your mental processes, you will need spiritual wisdom. This may take the form of prayer and fasting, reading various scriptures, meditation, chanting, singing praise songs, gardening, going for a walk, or simply crying out to God. It really doesn’t matter how you go about it, learn to feed your spiritual wolf.

You may find great assistance from pastors, priests, rabbis, swamis, or lamas, but never lose sight of the fact these spiritual leaders are fallible human beings. No guru, saint, or Christian giant is above the mortal restrictions of the flesh. None of them.

It is said that you reap what you sow. That’s pretty straight forward. If you tend to your spiritual self, if you nourish spiritual growth, if you cultivate spiritual awareness, you will inevitably grow spiritually stronger. Spiritual growth will manifest as peace and calm in the midst of the storm. It will manifest as mental stability, focus, and attentiveness, even in the face of relentless attacks and distractions.

Learn to feed your wolf. It’s not the same as mine, or the pastor’s, or your brother’s, sister’s, mother’s, father’s, or cousin’s — it is yours and yours alone. Always.

This is how we win the war.

It’s winning the war inside of us, learning to conquer fear by confronting ourselves, cultivating our spiritual awareness, and strengthening our resolve to grow regardless of circumstance. Life is not happening to us, life is happening for us.

Life is a gift. You can either accept it as it is, or struggle against the weight of reality.

These are the deeper lessons that develop mental resilience. Acceptance does not mean surrender, but rather it frees the mind from fretting and stressing about things that are beyond our control. This allows us to reclaim and redirect this mental energy toward practical, tactical, strategic solutions. This is how you can win the little battles in daily life, and this is how we can win the war.

May you each know peace is in this moment!

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