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TR 430 - Something Strange Just Happened

TR 430 - Something Strange Just Happened

You're not going to believe it, but I think some people just began to see the light!

Are you ready for the news? Here it is:

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, TRUMP!

That’s how many times CNN had Trump on the front page today. No Joke:

Wanna see Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Donald Trump’s indictment? Me neither!

It’s just despicable.

It was over a year ago when I first declared the United States had officially become a Banana Republic… I even made a video for Patriot Club members:

At this point, I must admit, I was probably a little late in making the declaration. At times I am hopelessly optimistic—because I’d rather be an optimist and be wrong than be a pessimist and be right—but even this inner resilience to dismal news has been rocked by the current revelations. My mood is not dark, but somber.

It’s kind of like that feeling that comes right before a fist-fight.

There’s ice in my veins. Emotions drain out of me. There is a numbness and a knowing. Somebody’s about to get hurt and it’s not going to be me. I didn’t want this fight, and I didn’t start it, but I’m sure as hell about to finish it. It’s time.

BUT HERE’S THE TWIST: Who are we fighting against here?

Are we just waving our fists at the sky? Are we fighting an invisible enemy? Are we fighting some sort of trans-dimensional superior being? Are we fighting against the powers and principalities of darkness?

Or are we just fighting against ourselves?

Are we just fighting against our own apathy, our own complacency, our own hesitancy to step out of our comfort zone and into the wild unknown? Are we just fighting against our own desperate desire to maintain an even keel, to keep things moving, to make ends meet and preserve some sense of normalcy?

Nothing that is happening right now is normal. And it’s NOT okay.

Remember that instructive historic document that talks about a “long train of abuses and usurpations” that seeks to reduce life to absolute despotism? We talked about it recently: it says we have the right to defend ourselves, abolish the abusers and cast off tyranny. Of course, just because we have the right certainly does not mean anyone is going to doing anything with it—THAT much is clear.

Obviously it doesn’t do any good to just sit around sulking about it. That might even be worse than trying to bury your head in the sand and pretend that it’s not happening. It is happening. Our country is being systematically dismantled, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. I’m sure plenty of people would claim that they care, but talk is cheap. The time has come for massive action. MASSIVE action.

But I suspect that nothing will happen. Why would anyone do anything that would jeopardize their job, or bring the weaponized whole-of-government retaliation down upon them and their loved ones? Aren’t we supposed to have a military for situations like this? Aren’t they the ones who have sworn to protect our country against “all enemies”—both foreign and domestic? What are these people going to do?

Again, I suspect they will do nothing. If one brave troop charged enemy lines, there would be a critical mass of Americans hot on their heels, but it’s not going to happen. Gone are the days of gallantry, when exceptional soldiers threw caution to the wind and took it upon themselves to risk it all in order to rout out the enemy. Such heroism today would be called reckless and unsafe. It would be deemed irresponsible and wrong. Intrepidness is no longer a value that most Americans can even define.

But I want to offer you a reminder.

I recently stopped at a scenic overlook in The Dalles, OR and read the inscription on a memorial that said in big bold letters: “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.” The memorial was to honor Sergeant First Class Loren R. Kaufman of the U.S. Army. It read as follows:

“SFC Kaufman distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action. On the night of 4 September the company was in a defensive position on two adjoining hills. His platoon was occupying a strong point two miles away protecting the battalion flank. Early on 5 September the company was attacked by an enemy battalion and his platoon was ordered to reinforce the company. As his unit moved along the ridge it encountered a hostile encircling force. …

Before we get to what happens next, I want everyone to realize the odds at this point. The enemy had a battalion—which is somewhere around 1,000 troops organized in 4 or more companies. This enemy battalion was attacking SFC Kaufman’s company—which is somewhere in the ballpark of 200 soldiers. That means this enemy battalion out numbered the American troops by a margin of 5-to-1.

SFC Kaufman’s platoon—which is about 30 troops or so—was two miles away. So there were 1,000 enemy troops attacking 200 American soldiers two miles away, and SFC Kaufman’s group of 30 or so troops were scrambling to cover the two miles and reinforce their heavily out numbered company.

That’s when Kaufman encountered the enemy and realized he was surrounded by enemy forces. What did he do? Surrender to save his life? Hell no!

“SFC Kaufman, running forward, bayoneted the dead scout and engaged the column in a rifle and grenade assault. His quick vicious attacks so surprised the enemy that they retreated in confusion. When his platoon joined the company, he discovered that the enemy had taken commanding ground and pinned the company down in a draw. Without hesitation, SFC Kaufman charged the enemy lines firing his rifle and throwing grenades. …

Try to imagine that moment. On the way to reinforce the company, his troops were surrounded by the enemy. SFC Kaufman surged forward so fearlessly the enemy fled in confusion. Then his platoon joined the company only to realize they were pinned down in a draw—some 200 men sitting like ducks with a 1,000 enemies bearing down on them from higher ground. What did he do?

He again charged the enemy lines with a violent barrage of force.

Here’s how it played out:

“During the action, he bayoneted two enemy and, seizing an unmanned machine gun, delivered deadly fire on the defenders. Following this encounter the company regrouped and resumed the attack. Leading the assault, he reached the ridge, destroyed a hostile machine gun position, and routed the remaining enemy. …

Talk about an uphill battle!! Did he stop there to catch his breath? NO!

“Pursuing the hostile troops, he bayoneted two more and then rushed a mortar position, shooting the gunners. Remnants of the enemy fled to a village and SFC Kaufman led a patrol into the town, dispersed them, and burned the buildings. The dauntless courage and resolute intrepid leadership of SFC Kaufman were directly responsible for the success of his company in regaining its positions, reflecting distinct credit upon himself and upholding the esteemed traditions of the military service.”


According to official records, SFC Kaufman died in the line of duty near Yongsan, Korea in September 5th, 1950. In other words, in boldly and aggressively attacking the overwhelming enemy force, in saving the lives of his fellow soldiers, SFC Loren Kaufman made the ultimate sacrifice. His legacy is now etched in bronze and serves as a timely reminder of what bravery and dauntless courage looks like.


Now, I want to make something abundantly clear here. Loren Kaufman was not a commanding officer. He was not an educated officer. He was just a soldier.

Two hundred men defeated a thousand enemies because of his incredible valor and exceptional individual effort. Loren Kaufman was a warrior.

And right now, we need warriors.

Throughout our country’s history, it has been men like Kaufman who have embodied the fighting American Spirit. It has been the remarkable, nearly unfathomable effort of a few who have secured the blessings of liberty for the many.

This time will be no different.

Now about that strangeness in the air…

I’m not talking about the U.S. court system siding with 5 year old climate activists to overturn the will of the people. I’m not talking about the insane transgender military spokesperson making a mockery of logic and commonsense. I’m not talking about the ridiculous decriminalization of drugs that is destroying one city after another. I’m not even talking about the “death scientist” creating bioweapons in Ukraine.

I’m talking about the slow and painful realization that many Americans seem to be having, that the system is not only rigged against us, but that the Republican party is just as complicit in the crimes against our country as the Democrat party is.

As all eyes look on toward the tumultuous 2024 election, consider these words from Jim Hoft’s brutally honest piece, It’s Time to Cut Ties with the Republican Party:

Republicans did nothing about Bill Clinton flying to islands with minors

Republicans did nothing about Hillary Clinton smashing devices

Republicans did nothing about James Comey brazenly lying

Republicans did nothing about Andy McCabe plotting a silent coup against a sitting President

Republicans did nothing about BLM raising $100 million and breaking charitable giving laws

Republicans in Florida did nothing about James Biden’s alleged fraud scheme involving a hospital system

Republicans in Arkansas did nothing about Hunter Biden’s myriad crimes

Republicans have done nothing against ANTIFA and their interstate RICO operations

Republicans have done nothing against Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, or the other fake scientists who promoted lies about Covid’s origins to hide their own culpability

Why would Democrats be afraid of us? They run the country while Republican AGs and DAs quiver in fear and run for the hills.

Republicans did nothing when the entire government apparatus came after Trump.

The Republicans did nothing when the regime arrested and jailed hundreds of Trump supporters for walking inside the US Capitol. They were embarrassed to be associated with such people.

Republicans did nothing about the Biden Crime Family despite a laptop of evidence.

It’s time to move on.

It’s time we move on.

It’s strange, isn’t it? How has it come to this? How have things gone so wrong for so long? How can it be that we’ve all been betrayed by the very same leaders we’ve elected to protect us? How can it be that both parties have become hostile enemies of the very people they were elected to serve?

How can it be that the good men continue to do nothing?

It is strange… but maybe today something clicked.

There is no cavalry coming.

We are the last line of defense, surrounded by enemies on all sides, pinned down in a hole by a superior force, facing an almost certain unceremonious elimination if we fail.

May the warriors act accordingly.

Stay wise my friends.


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