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TR 428 - Between Conspiracy & Speculation

TR 428 - Between Conspiracy & Speculation

In order to question the unthinkable, we must remain skeptical and be willing to consider some of the conspiracies.

Friends, as many of you know, I don’t like to dabble too deeply into the realm of hardcore conspiracy. I come across all kinds of information that I feel is sketchy at best. Some of the theories that get tossed around are laughably absurd, others have a skosh of plausibility, but if I can’t point directly to reputable primary sources—or deduce the truth from direct observation—I set it aside for personal rumination.

There are things I’m willing to entertain that may not seem palatable to some people, and there are things other people entertain that do not seem palatable to me. In my mind, it should be that way for all of us. After all, I believe it is absolutely critical that we each think for ourselves, share our information, and develop our own informed perspectives.

That’s the exact opposite of groupthink or expecting everyone to agree on everything.

All that to say, I do take pride in being willing to say the quiet parts out loud and risk my reputation to explain some of the sketchier aspects of the globalist agenda. I do so to shine light on the facts that are not being covered by the legacy media and normalize sticky conversations about the bigger issues like weaponized AI, depopulation, and the New World Order.

In essence, I don’t care if people think I’m crazy, I’m going to present the evidence and data that justifies and substantiates my claims. In doing so, I strive at all times to steer clear of questionable sources, or sources that may have some elements of truth mixed in with a whole bunch of malarkey. In other words, I don’t want to send anyone into a rabbit hole that has no bottom.

People can plumb those depths and scratch that itch some other time.

Here and now, as with every Torch Report, it is my intention to put the most pertinent facts and pressing issues front and center. In the podcast I elaborate and opine in greater detail. In the write up, I put the links to back up my claims.

How’s that for a gentle romp into the raging insanity of the day?!

Let’s dive in.

Yesterday I pointed out there were many things about the Maui fires that didn’t add up. It turns out there were plenty of other people picking up on the same things, and there was some interesting information sent my way. The consensus in certain circles is that this was a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) attack against one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

What better way to bolster the drooping “climate crisis” narrative, right?

Now, on its face, the assertion that someone—some entity or state actor—actually scorched this historic Hawaiian village with a DEW sounds completely outrageous. Anyone who sticks fairly close to Fox news and other closer-to-the-mainstream outlets would likely see this as an unhinged crackpot conspiracy.

I know, because I’ve spent most of my life in this crowd. I’m not judging.

BUT, given the government documents I’ve discovered through countless hours of research, I now know that such “space based weapons systems” do in fact exist. The evidence to support this fact comes directly from the congressional record, specifically H.R. 2977, which outlines what these weapons systems actually are:

Just to set the record straight, the ‘‘Space Preservation Act of 2001’’ specifically discusses Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) that include but are not limited to:

  • directing molecular or atomic energy

  • sub-atomic particle beams

  • electromagnetic radiation

  • plasma beams

  • ELF energy radiation (extremely low frequencies)

  • ULF energy radiation (ultra low frequencies)

As if that’s not enough, then they mention OTHER “unacknowledged” or “undeveloped” weapons. That’s kind of a lot to chew on.

You can deep dive on this subject with the links in these reports:

Let me ask you: what do you think about the government having these technologies? Do you think they just developed them for fun, just to see what they could do? Do you think they launched them into space and played around with them a little bit, and then decided that they were just too dangerous to leave up there?

Why oh why do you think they decided to pass a bill—over 20 years ago—to “terminate” and “remove” these weapons systems from space?

So, what happened in Lahaina exactly? Will we ever know for sure? Probably not, but the speculation that this could have been a directed energy attack is not off the table, nor is the speculation that it could have been caused by a string of electric vehicles igniting one after another and burning so uncontrollably it burned the whole town to the ground. Either explanation is only about as outrageous as the official narrative.

But I don’t want to get stuck on this. There’s no need to get lost in the weeds, and there are several practical lessons we can extract from this terrible situation.

First, we can rest assured that we only know what they want us to know. As of today, all access to Lahaina town is blocked off. According to

“On Thursday, Maui police said residents aren’t being allowed back into Lahaina because the area simply isn’t safe — active firefighting and search-and-recovery operations continue.

There are also biohazard and other safety concerns, police said.”

I understand there are legitimate reasons to evacuate and keep people out of an area, I just want to point out that no one in the general public really knows what’s happening in Lahaina, because nobody is allowed to be there and see. By extension, this exact scenario could play out anywhere. Some terrible atrocity makes the headlines, but nobody is really able to investigate the situation. Therefore, the only explanation is the official explanation, plus the various conspiracy theories.

I noticed there were quite a few people linking the DEW theory to the utter destruction of Paradise, California back in November 2018—pointing out how much of the burn damage (especially of vehicles and stone buildings) looks very similar.

Again, we will never know for sure.

But just take a quick peek and tell me: in a wildfire that allegedly burned buildings and cars to the ground (note the leaves and the pine needles that didn’t burn):

How is it possible that these flimsy signs did not melt or get burned?

I’m not jumping to any conclusions, I’m just saying that those who are pointing out the similarities between Maui and Paradise might be on to something. There definitely seems to be some strange and inexplicable coincidences there.

But let’s step back and just assess what we know:

  1. Space based weapons systems do in fact exist.

  2. These systems are in fact capable of direct energy attacks.

  3. Both fires were used to advance the climate crisis narrative.

  4. Both fires happened so suddenly, emergency warning systems failed.

  5. Both fires required military clean up, without the residents present.

Then there are the reports that it looked “like a bomb went off” and others where victims felt like they were safely away from vegetation, but the fire came upon them “like a blow torch.” I’m sure it’s all just circumstantial, but it does make one curious: how did these massive fires suddenly spring out of nowhere, kind of like a bomb going off, and then scorch the entire towns to the ground, just like a blow torch, while simultaneously leaving some highly flammable items strangely untouched?

Nevermind all of that.

I’ve gone far enough down the rabbit hole to know the answers are there for those who seek them, but such an excursion into the alternate interpretations of reality are certainly not for the faint of heart. Just remember: we only know what they want us to know, unless we muster the courage to question everything.

This logic applies to mysterious wildfires just the same as it applies to mysterious election results, mysterious banking transactions, and mysterious algorithmic interventions—all of which just coincidentally advance a certain nefarious agenda.

All that to say, at the end of the day, who knows what the hell is going on.

Here’s what I know for sure:

It’s Friday—a fun, fabulous, fantastic Friday—the world keeps turning, the sun keeps burning, and it’s a great day to be alive. It’s an exciting time to be alive, with all the aliens stuff, all the advanced AI, and all the marvels of the modern world. It’s also an exciting time because of the historic nature of our current circumstance, and the fact we are faced with the opportunity and challenge of protecting and preserving the blessings of liberty for future generations—and that means we have work to do.

As fun as it is to dig into the happenings, to poke around the propaganda in search for truth and do our best to refute the warped official narrative, sometimes the best thing we can do is just let it lie. Walk away. Embrace the day. Be grateful you haven’t been zapped by a space based weapons system or struck by a bolt of lightning.

Chances are, as long as you’re not in Lahaina, life’s still good.

Go make the most of it!


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