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TR 421 - Donald Trump vs. the Depopulation Agenda

TR 421 - Donald Trump vs. the Depopulation Agenda

Sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize what we should pay attention to... not this.

You may not realize it, but when the front page of Reuters—which usually covers global affairs—refers to Trump ten different times, you know something is up:

I scour dozens of news sources every day, and Reuters is a staple because they are a staple of the Trusted News Initiative—one of the oldest, longest running international propaganda mouthpieces on the planet, founded by the radical leftist Paul Julius Reuter in 1851. Reuters does not typically pump out U.S. political drama on it’s front page, especially in such an overwhelming fashion, and that caught my attention.

Obviously Trump’s latest indictment is “big news” in the eyes of the global cabal.

But why give it so much attention? To contrast, it should come as no surprise, but Reuters and the rest of the so-called “trusted news” initiative didn’t give any coverage to the greatest political scandal in American history, namely the flagrant crimes of the Biden family crime syndicate. The censorship is painfully obvious, but that doesn’t explain why all of a sudden this massive fixation on all things Trump.

Let me just toss out a couple extras clues, and I’ll tell you what I think is going on:

And just in case you think I’m trying to embellish by swearing, that is a direct quote:

If you weren’t aware, CNN and Fox are both part of the Trusted News Initiative, as first reported back in TR 195 - Ironic Contradictions. Mixed with the former Vice President, heavy weight neocons, and the likes of Chris “The Twinkie” Christie pulling out the knives, it should be abundantly clear that the establishment is desperately trying to keep Trump out of the White House. Having it all over the front page of Reuters indicates that the entire global cabal is aligned with this intent.

You may also recall that House Majority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell previously claimed that Trump provoked an assault on the Capital and fed lies to a mob, and that was before the party bosses had conducted the J6 show trials. I only point that out to drive home the utter betrayal of the American people by Republican leadership—the same leadership that stands idly by while Trump supporters are being persecuted and thrown in jail like political dissidents in a third-world country.

You see, now that history has been re-written, it’s the nasty, racist Trump-loving Republicans who were tampering with voting machines. It’s those dirty redneck Nazi white supremacist Republicans who are trying to overthrow the most popular president and most secure election in all of recorded history. Don’t believe me?

This is what the liberals are reading:

You see, in this post-truth era, it really doesn’t matter what you think—it only matters what the masses get fed. What matters are the digital guardrails that guide public perception to predefined and carefully curated perspectives. This is how they control what people think, maybe not what everyone thinks, but certainly what the majority of people think. Fortunately, some people are still thinking for themselves.

For example, and to provide some balance, David Strom has penned a couple of nice and tidy counter-narrative pieces:

It’s all so damn maddening, but we must remember that it’s maddening by design.

Zoom out.

Trump has sucked up all the air in the room and the global cabal seems to be making a full court press to keep him out of the White House—the same White House that has a commie flag draped in front of it this time last week. And, as if all the media hype wasn’t going to be enough, Americans are now also being told that the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded because of the J6 insurrection and political instability.

And then there are headlines like this one:

Wake Up America!

It’s not the aliens or the Biden’s or Donald Trump’s indictment that we need to be worrying about right now. It’s the weaponization of artificial intelligence that’s being used to censor the global flow of information, and mentally manipulate humanity on a scale never before possible, that presents the greatest threat of all. That, and the “secret” global cabal who are actively working to cull the human herd, depopulate the planet, and enslave us all in an inescapable global surveillance state.

That’s happening right now too. Which do you think is more important?

Let’s pull in another angle:

Right now, the CDC has just issued an alert about a “Biblical disease” outbreak in the southern US. Simultaneously, COVID hospitalizations are up 12% over last week, which has prompted some doctors to advocate bringing back masks, especially for kids in school. According to MSNBC’s medical contributor, Dr. Kavita Patel:

A mask can be your best friend! Back in time we had it in the back of our coats and pockets and backpacks. Time to bring them out again, and especially as the school season starts. We don't want to see kids missing school for things we could have prevented.”

I bring this up to remind you that the pandemic was designed to initiate the Great Reset, which will now crash upon us in a successive wave of “iterative” disruptions. That is how the global cabal intends to “build resiliency” and drive behavioral change.

Something that often gets overlooked in all of this, is just how quickly the public adapts to completely unnatural behavior—say like covering their faces with a worthless scrap of cloth—despite the innumerable studies that conclusively prove such behavior is foolish and unhealthy. This demonstrates just how powerful censorship and propaganda are, especially when operating in tandem.

People don’t know what they don’t know (masks don’t work), and they only know what they’re being told (that wearing a mask makes you a good human). By censoring any information that contradicts the desired outcome—which is dehumanizing the masses by turning them into scared submissive sheep—and relentlessly promoting the state propaganda, the transformation of human consciousness proceeds unabated.

Of course, this is all being carefully orchestrated by the cabal, via The Unwitting Coup:

“…what we witnessed during COVID may have been the result of the CIA and its counterparts turning their awesome powers of manipulation against their own people…”


The deep state intelligence apparatus wields some of the most sophisticated and powerful weapons ever created, and they have clearly turned these tools against we the American people. Having successfully conducted over 280 election interventions and several waves of the so-called pandemic, they have honed their skills, bolstered their confidence, and are chomping at the bit for the next phase of the game.

What’s critical to realize is that the U.S. Deep State is in bed with the rest of the “secret global cabal,” such as the WEF, the WHO, and the United Nations. Together, this international coalition of communist ideologues is hijacking humanity to consolidate unprecedented power and control in the hands of the ruling class elite—and they will stop at nothing to achieve their Common Agenda.

Hung election and a civil war? Maybe.

Nuclear conflict with the Evil Russian Tyrant? Maybe.

Unleashing another wave of pandemic to advance the depopulation agenda? Maybe.

All of the above? Maybe.

Friends, in this summer of political distractions, don’t lose sight of what Kamala Harris has said: we need to “reduce the population” in order to save the planet.

In these sick and twisted minds, the ends justify the means and anyone who stands in their way is a threat to democracy. Hence their putrid hatred of Trump and everyone who voted for him. There is no telling what these people might do to prevent him from getting back into the White House, and no matter what happens or how this plays out, you must never forget that their real target is YOU.

You are the carbon they want to eliminate.

Don’t let anyone tell you any different—especially the Trusted News Initiative!


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