Jul 26 • 21M

TR 416 - Understanding the Great Manipulation

This timely review will walk you through how they've been stealing elections for years.

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Luke Throop
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Today is Wednesday, July 26th 2023, and what you are about to hear is some of the most disturbing, pressing and relevant information that I’ve uncovered here on the Torch Report—stuff that I’ve literally never heard anyone else talking about, which is a MAJOR issue given the gravity of the facts at hand.

This review will revisit the fact that the global cabal’s efforts to fight the so-called “infodemic,” and their attempts to immunize humanity against misinformation, is actually rooted in using AI for political censorship dating all the way back to 2015—and the Democrats and Republicans are BOTH in on it.

This report shines light on the Algorithmic Social Interventions that are manipulating humanity as we speak, and though I’m addressing the midterms in the original report, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all of this WILL be impacting the upcoming 2024 election, and definitely not in a good way. Without further ado: