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TR 403 - Neurostrike Brain Weapons Go Mainstream

TR 403 - Neurostrike Brain Weapons Go Mainstream

Just when you thought you've heard it all, the mainstream media drops a bomb.

**Note: my lovely proof reader is off today, so I apologize for any spelling errors!

As I was saying:

Let me just start out with a brief victory lap here, as it was quite refreshing—and only a little disturbing—to see China leading the world with “brain neurostrike weapons” on the front page of the Washington Times this morning. Thus, the last two reports on psychotronics, psychic warfare, and transforming human consciousness (TR 401 & TR 402) now have their loose counterpart in the mainstream media.

The article opens up with this:

“China’s People’s Liberation Army is developing high-technology weapons designed to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations, according to a report by three open-source intelligence analysts.

The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams, adding that the danger of China’s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical.”

So there you have it, brain warfare weapons are no longer theoretical. The can disrupt the brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations.

Of course, if you’ve been following along with me this week, you already know all of that. This article in the Washington Times goes on to say that neurostrike capabilities are part of “standard military capabilities” and “should not be viewed as an unconventional weapon limited to use in extreme circumstance.”

You see, it’s not unconventional to zap someone’s brain, say a government leader or an entire population, to “impair thinking, reduce situational awareness, and cloud normal cognitive functions”—that’s just standard stuff these days. No extreme circumstance needed, just some annoying peasant who’s being a nuisance, or some pesky population who needs a gentle mental adjustment. Evidently most “directed energy weapons” are pretty painless, unless they set the dial to melt your flesh off.

Did I mention that these weapons can “disorient or even control” enemy cognition? That would be the mind control we were looking at yesterday—communist mind control. It’s not just that they can zap the brain to cause confusion and disorientation, it’s that they can control mental cognition, “at the population level.” How do you think they pull off this population level mind control? How about those space based weapons systems we were just talking about!

This would be science fiction at its finest, and yet, it’s reality and it’s happening right now. And, as previously discussed, they’ve been developing these technologies since the 1980s. The question is: how long have they been using them?

Or more importantly: how would we ever know?!

But enough of this not-crack-pot conspiracy come true, we’ve got other things to tackle today, like the FBI “freaking out” about deepfakes and humanoid AI robots telling the United Nations they could run the world better than humans.

The article on the FBI and deepfakes is coming from state propaganda mouthpiece Vice, and it purports to expose internal emails showing FBI officials were “freaking out” because they could not “effectively detect” this AI generated images—in 2018. Let me ask you: do you think the technology has gotten better or worse since then?

One can only image that in the last five years, deepfake technologies have transcended far beyond the capacity of the average citizen to discern. If the FBI couldn’t detect a deepfake five years ago, the average peasant is now woefully blind to this deception. Any image could be created for any reason, and no one will be able to detect whether the picture, video, or audio is genuine, or whether it was created by artificial intelligence. The implications of this are immense.

Ultimately, it brings us the same question: how would we ever know?!

Wouldn’t you know it, they do have a solution. The solution is to trust them.

Since we know for sure that the government, especially the intelligence agencies, never ever do anything wrong, and they never ever turn their formidable assets against we the American people, it only makes sense that the government’s solution is more government spending on more government programs for more government control.

This time we are being told to trust DARPA—the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—who has launched a program called Media Forensics (know as “MediFor” which sounds a lot like “metaphor”), and another program called Semantic Forensics (SemaFor). Personally, I am fascinated by the fact that the MediFor program went quiet on December 21, 2019—just weeks before the pandemic kicked off.

Remember all of the images of bodies overflowing out of morgues?

Those pictures were everywhere, branding the image of a catastrophic pandemic into the public psyche. But—based on the FBI’s 2018 concerns about deepfakes, and the DARPA project that ended December 2019—how are we supposed to know whether these images are real or not? I remember early in the pandemic seeing people videoing their local hospitals. The beds were empty. Where were all the sick people and all these bodies that supposedly piling up?

Something wasn’t adding up. That’s where my head was at during the earliest days of it. The pandemic caught up with me at a conference in Arizona in March 2020. I was already in town and checked into my hotel when the email came through that the event was canceled. Evidently it had just been declared an emergency, even though everyone around seemed to be just fine. That’s when things got real weird, real fast.

People started covering their faces and being afraid to leave their house. People started hoarding toilet paper. Everyone started looking at everyone else as if they were packing some deadly disease. But where was the evidence for any of this panic?

Here we are now, and many people are openly questioning the pandemic—the PLANdemic—“The Science” and all the rest of it, but in the beginning there were very few people who were able to maintain their curiosity and critical thinking under the barrage of relentless propaganda. That understandable, given that we are Hackable Animals, and the were deploying military grade psyops on a panicking public.

But what I find interesting is that these stories and images about bodies overflowing morgues were hitting the New York Times by the end of February 2020:

I highlighted that second link,, because it caught my eye due to the two DARPA “forensics” projects above. That, plus the fact that it’s smack dab in the middle of some very shady reporting (as in government psyops being pumped through the mainstream media). Here’s the issue with the NYT and Forensic Sources pushing this “overflowing morgues” narrative at the end of February: it doesn’t line up with the official timeline of events, as archived by the CDC.

According the CDC’s Museum of COVID-19 Timeline, coming into the second week of February there were only 1,013 deaths worldwide. By mid-February the CDC has on confirm 15 “cases” in the United States, and had noticed that a high percentage of these so-called “cases” were simply “asymptomatic individuals testing positive.” That means they weren’t sick, and they definitely weren’t dying—on February 18th.

But, on February 25th, the New York Times and other ran the story on over flowing morgues—and apparently they had pictures to back up the panic. Interestingly enough, these panic-porn pictures hit the net the exact same day at the CDC was telling the nation to brace for “mitigation efforts,” stating that “the disruption to everyday life may be severe.”

Of course, that’s just pouring fuel on the fire of panic, but the timing of the images, the propaganda, and the proclamation to panic point toward an orchestrated psyop.

What do you think? Do you think we went from twenty or so mostly asymptomatic cases to over flowing morgues in just a week? Of course not. That’s illogical.

But that’s the point: people don’t think logically when they’re panicked.

Woven throughout those search results is the fact that there was an “autopsy crisis” that was causing the morgues to overflow—which would make for a great photo shoot—but that was merged with the pandemic is causing morgues to overflow, and then the story about the Texas National Guard being called in to pile bodies in the back of freezer trucks because of covid.

It’s interesting that that story was coming out of an Australian news source, since Australia is one of the “Five Eyes”—the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia—all of whom happen to be in lock step throughout this whole planned operation. This who seem to support the suggestion that our own intelligence agencies were using deepfake technologies to push this propaganda worldwide.

But of course, how would we ever know.

For all of these reasons and more, I’m not inclined to trust DARPA or any other government agency with technologies that are able to “neurostrike weapons” and psychotronics to perpetrate mind control on the unsuspecting public. That fact that they are openly acknowledging these technologies do exist, and that they’re pointing the finger at China as the boogeyman, only serves to intensify my suspicion that these Fifth Generation Warfare technologies are already widely in use today.

Nor am I inclined to trust that the United Nations really intends to use AI for any purpose other than advancing their sick and twisted anti-human agenda. As always, they claim that they’ll only use for the great good, but only a fool would be naive enough to believe it was about anything other than power and control.

And depopulation, since that’s their stated goal.

Could the global cabal be using all of these technologies in concert to cull the human herd in broad daylight? Could they be manipulating the masses with mind control, impairing people’s thinking and clouding cognitive functions? Does that explain the skyrocketing mental health crisis and increasingly strange human behavior? How about the possibility that they’ve been targeting and manipulating our political leaders, causing them to disregard their oaths of office, forsake their country, and betray the American people?

In my mind the answer is yes to all of the above. We know for sure that it’s possible.

But if I’m honest, I have to ask the question: How would we every know?

Stay curious friends!


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