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TR 375 - Will Ignorance Lead to Extinction?

TR 375 - Will Ignorance Lead to Extinction?

Examining the very real impact of manipulated search results.

Back in action.

It was nice to take a break from the daily routine, withdraw from the digital world, and step out of the insanity for a few days. I even felt a strange sort of comfort coming back and seeing that society continues to lurch forward, as the Great Reset continues to unfold and the algorithms “nudge” humanity toward Future Earth. The sense of inevitability balances out the feeling that things are out of control.

On the right side of the political spectrum, people often talk of God and God's plans, and thus are able to trust that everything's going to work out just fine. Faith and hope are central to the Christian worldview, and this correlates strongly with greater mental resilience and an overall sense of well-being. The sense is that since God is in control, we have nothing to worry about. However, that perspective is somewhat problematic, as it tends to foment resignation and a do-nothing attitude.

Faith without works is dead.

If we just sit back and watch it all play out, without making a stand to defend our children from predators, to defend our culture from ideological subversion, and defend our country from a globalist takeover, bad things will happen. More children will suffer. More people will lose their minds, struggle with mental health issues, and lose their grip on reality. More people will succumb to insanity. And that means, if we don't make a stand now, Joe “The Sock Puppet” Biden might even get reelected!


At the same time, if we only focus on the local level push back and miss the bigger picture (like weaponized government agencies using weaponized AI to systematically reprogram public consciousness), then we are destined to lose—and by extension, humanity loses, as will our children and future generations. With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence we stand at a crossroads, on the cusp of something truly significant, facing a potential extinction level event.

That’s not just my perspective mind you, that’s according to “the experts” who’ve yet again issued another dire warning:

It should be pointed out that these articles are being driven by the opinions of “experts” who believe tackling the risks of AI should be a “a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.” In other words, out of an “abundance of caution,” the government must take control of this powerful technology to protect people from using it… against the government.

This is the Precautionary Principle and the Responsibility to Protect on full display, but alas, I digress—the justification for tyranny will always be to keep people safe.

I strive to blend news analysis with big picture perspective, in order to put what we're up against into proper context. While it is critical to take local action to protect our children and our communities from the Left’s insidious, Satan inspired agenda, we must simultaneously realize that there is a dark and unrelenting pressure that is working to enslave the whole of humanity. The global elite are intentionally transforming human consciousness, converting the masses into mindless drones to serve their nefarious purposes, and the vast majority of people are still clueless.

It is the conscious transformation that leads people to accept crap like this:

Target's trans-the-kids agenda goes deeper than you think

Of course, this disturbing reality must also be balanced by the fact that life is still good, the world keeps turning, and there are endless reasons to be grateful for the gift of life just as it is. It reminds me of the old theme song, “You take the good, you take the bad, put them together and then you have, the facts of life, the facts of life…”

Such a catchy tune. Such a timeless truth.

It was in that spirit that I wanted to address a few additional facts of life, before getting caught up in a web of deceit. It all started out with this statement:

  • California RHINO “Republican” House Speaker Kevin “The Schmuck” McCarthy is a WEF globalist hack—as previously reported—which means his caving on the debt ceiling should have come as no surprise.

…and that’s where things got real interesting, real fast.

I’d heard “McCarthy caved” ringing throughout the right-wing infosphere, so I knew there had been some prominent players calling him out for being a sell-out schmuck. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t heard it. I wasn’t just making stuff up. My mind wasn’t just playing tricks on me. But when I went searching for references using DuckDuckGo—which claims to prioritize privacy (by not collecting your data) and be Google’s top search engine competitor—I found exactly nothing that stated “McCarthy caved.”

Instead, I got a long string of results that pointed to liberal outlets that were painting McCarthy as a level-headed negotiator who was “optimistic” about working with Biden, and how all of this was a “big win” for reasonable Republicans.

It was exceedingly frustrating, so I kept clicking “show more results” until I apparently got to the bottom of everything DuckDuckGo could muster—none of which returned what I was actually looking for—where I found this:

How does DuckDuckGo intend to keep me “safe” online?

The answer is by censoring the flow of information and making sure that I’m only accessing “trusted sources” that are parroting the state sanctioned narrative. In their own words, “we rely on multiple non-governmental and non-political organizations that specialize in objectively assessing journalistic standards.”

Ah yes, the standard “non-political assessment” by globalist NGOs that bolster liberal spew and systematically sink dissenting perspectives. Here’s how they put it:

“We trust that users can find the right information for themselves, so even in these rare cases we do not remove these sites from our search results page. Additionally, impacted sites are not moved so far down in the results that they are effectively removed.”

That’s a flat out lie. They do NOT trust users to find the “right” information, which is why even though I searched for a specific term in quotation marks, they refused to serve up the results. They claim they don’t remove the results of “impacted sites”—i.e. blacklisted conservative sources promoting counter narrative news—but admit in the very same sentence that certain results can be “moved so far down” they are “effectively removed,” though they try to deny that it’s happening.

Meanwhile, over at Google, the same search revealed different results, with this one absolutely astounding disclaimer displayed at the top of the page:

The results are “changing quickly.”

It takes some time for “reliable sources” to publish information.

Come back in a few hours or days and they will have successfully buried this dissenting perspective under a steaming heap of bullshit propaganda.

For now, the most trusted sources they could push up to the top of the list was CNN making a remark on Twitter and the worthless liberal rag Washington Post pumping out a hit piece about GOP extorting the public over the debt ceiling.

It would take a great deal more effort to find what I already knew existed.

(Links that prove people are talking about how Kevin “The Despicable RHINO Schmuck” McCarthy did in fact “cave” can be found here, here, here, and here.)

Let’s zoom out.

What do you think is more important?

  1. That establishment Republicans and the entrenched two-party system are willfully destroying the value of American’s hard earned dollars?

  2. That artificial intelligence is being used to manipulate public opinion by controlling search results in such a “subtle” yet heavy-handed way?

I have said repeatedly that they are re-writing history in real-time. Is this not proof? When Google openly states that the “results are changing quickly” and that more “trusted sources” will be available in the coming hours and days, think about how this is going to shape people’s perspective moving forward. People will only know what Google wants them to know, based on the information that they dish up.

Same goes for DuckDuckGo trying to keep me “safe” with their trusted sources.

That is what Algorithmic Social Intervention looks like. You may recall:

[ASI] aims to leverage AI for “optimally targeting and enhancing social and behavioral interventions to achieve policy or community-level goals.

Friends, this is major stuff. This is more important than the Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow, the Russians issuing a warrant for the arrest of Lindsay Graham, or Ted Cruz condemning some “anti-gay Uganda law”—by several orders of magnitude.

It’s more important than recent peer-reviewed studies showing that COVID vaccines are causing “autoimmune disease, myocarditis, and cancer-cell growth,” or the fact that over 300 previous covid studies have now been withdrawn for “not meeting standards of scientific soundness”—as in, they were all junk science.

These revelations are important, but the weaponized AI is far more important.

Democrats and the progressive global elites have convinced the useful idiots that “Republican voters are low IQ” and that they alone know what’s best for the rest of us. Unfortunately, these stooges actually believe this crap, and it is precisely this haughty arrogance that is driving these Algorithmic Social Interventions.

As with every other aspect of their agenda, it is a complete inversion of reality. The elites understand. The machines that they are programming do not—and neither does the average peasant, which puts the populace at a distinct disadvantage.

With each passing day search results keep changing, and public perspective keeps changing right along with them. As you have just seen, this is not speculation.

The implications and impact of this manipulation are far reaching, which is why we need to raise awareness to this issue before it is too late. Failure to do so will result in a degree of collective ignorance that may very well lead us to a real extinction level event.

Resist we must!


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