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Trump is a motivational leader, can’t argue intelligently against that. And with any election, they never get 100% of their wish list. So I believe 50/50 is realistic so I see on the achievement side, energy, security, financial stability, to be on that side. On the won’t get done side. Guns, vacs, eminent domain.

So I can put a check by his name.

To step back and look at the larger picture, it’s only a delay not a fix. In that aspect I would rather fight now then my children to fight later without me. And so I can make an argument to write in vote for Wait for it. GORE 24🫡.

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There are two choices Trump or communism. Trump is the only one that will stand up against China and if he gets re-elected he will be the most powerful man in the history of the free world. Which will set the communist back at least 15 years. DeSantis is not the person he pretends to be.

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