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TR 299 - SOTUS, Biden, & The Bigger Picture

TR 299 - SOTUS, Biden, & The Bigger Picture

We'll take it line by line, and then get back to what's real right now...


After an hour of droning on about his wild successes, shouting about the need to build back better and finish the job, and slurring everything in between, Biden shuffled off the stage. The drugs were wearing off and it was time for him to get tucked in. He’ll be back though, because this man, this sock-puppet, is ready for another four years.

Make of it what you will, but Joe Biden gave liberals just what they needed: Another shot of fantasy to keep their illusions alive. Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected, he’s a feisty stalwart leader who is not afraid to call out the right-wing extremists who threaten “our democracy” and fundamentally transform our country into a Orwellian socialist hell—aka, the Brave New World.

“FOLKS,” let me tell you, it was lies from start to finish. It was gaslighting at its finest, as Biden proudly proclaimed his bald-faced lies with utterly shameless conviction. Even the liberal fact-checkers are calling BS on at least half of it, but that’s not where I want to focus. I want to focus on the language that belies his underlying intent.

Last night I went through the speech line by line, and here’s what really stood out:

  • “The story of America is a story of progress and resilience. Of always moving forward. Of never giving up.” — Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Progress. Resilience. Moving forward. These are the bells that make liberals drool. This is also the twisted language that conceals the “hidden, higher meaning” and socialistic interpretation that is the “exact contrary of its real intent,” per the Communist Manifesto. This is the regressive progressive agenda dressed up with a bow on it.

  • “As we gather here tonight, we are writing the next chapter in the great American story, a story of progress and resilience. When world leaders ask me to define America, I define our country in one word: Possibilities.” — Again, the repetitive use of words emphasizing the progressive agenda, and defining our nation with the impossibly broad term “possibilities.” What possibilities is he talking about? As you will see, it’s nothing less than the possibility of duping the ignorant hordes into supporting class warfare as a justification for the government to centralize control of private businesses and everyday life.

  • “And that’s always been my vision for our country. To restore the soul of the nation. To rebuild the backbone of America, the middle class. To unite the country.” — This one was hard to stomach. I only include it because it points to the recurring theme of uniting the working class, spurring them to rise up against the greedy capitalists, and ultimately give Big Gov more and more control over the means of production and consumption, i.e. Communism. Despite the fact that his policies have decimated the middle class, this gaslighting was followed up with the oft repeated phrase, “We’ve been sent here to finish the job.”

  • “I ran for President to fundamentally change things, to make sure the economy works for everyone so we can all feel pride in what we do.” — Okay, how’s that for boldly admitting the overarching plan to “fundamentally” transform our country? Perhaps he’s here to finish what Obama started? Actually, as we’ve studied, the Communist Revolution started much further back, but we saw those cultural seeds come to fruition in last night’s speech.

Here I want to point out that making sure “the economy works for everyone” is impossible, given that many people simply refuse to work. But it does skillfully appeal to the proverbial fear of missing out—and also to the sense of “pride” that says one should have what everybody else has, regardless of merit or effort. In other words, he’s hooking into strong emotions, pride and fear, both of which induce a strong desire to get something for nothing by giving the government more control over other people’s lives. This is classic class warfare, and as history has shown, it is highly effective.

All of his mustered pomp and drug-induced swagger, spouting off about “record low unemployment” and creating a record 12 million jobs and such, was never meant to be taken seriously by serious people—it was meant to cast an illusion, a fiction that low-functioning liberals could buy into, in order to maintain the requisite high-level cognitive dissonance that keeps them blind to their own suffering.

  • “Here at home, inflation is coming down. Here at home, gas prices are down $1.50 a gallon since their peak. Food inflation is coming down.” — Coming down from a 40 year high is a good thing, but inflation is still at an all time high, 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and the Fed just said we have “a long way to go” with the current inflation—Bidenflation.

Just to briefly paint a more accurate picture, consider this pithy response from Wyoming Representative Harriet Hageman:

“When Biden took office, gas was $2.39 on average; it is now $3.49 – and that is after he irresponsibly drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) and sold off a portion of these reserves to China. We aren’t feeling the pain of high gas prices because of the Ukraine/Russia conflict. The extreme Biden policies of blocking permits, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, and waging war on our most important and efficient energy resources such as coal are why America has gone from being energy independent to facing an energy crisis in just two short years.”

Friends, it just goes on and on and on, and I’m sure you’ll be encountering plenty of rebuttals throughout the day, so let’s pivot a bit.

Biden lamented the fact that the U.S. used to be #1 in the world in infrastructure, but now we’ve fallen to #13—and that’s just unacceptable, according to the senile old sock-puppet. His advisors probably haven’t had the heart to tell him that we’ve dropped to #23 on the Human Freedom Index, and we are among the Top 6 Most Polarized nations on the planet. Such facts would probably burst his bubble faster than an F-22 Raptor can bring down a Chinese spy balloon!

Under the overtones of casting a Unifying Vision—a vision that is flatly rejected by the vast majority of good old fashioned red-blooded liberty loving Americans—Joe Biden has become the globalist mouthpiece for a “blue-collar blueprint” to Build Back Better all around the globe. What’s critical to realize, is that all of this building back better must be rebuilt out of the rubble of current society.

We’re still in the demolition phase.

Those in the know understand that the Communist aim is to destroy all aspects of existing society. We’ve discussed how they pull this off at length, but I want to narrow in on one passage from the Manifesto that spells it out succinctly:

“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

Now let’s take a few of the more generous promises from Biden’s speech:

  • We capped the cost of insulin at $35 a month for seniors on Medicare.

  • This law also caps out-of-pocket drug costs at a maximum $2,000 per year.

  • If drug prices rise faster than inflation, drug companies will have to pay the government back the difference.

  • A record 16 million people are enrolled under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Thanks to the law I signed last year, millions are saving $800 a year.

  • Let’s finish the job, make those savings permanent, and expand coverage!

The masses swoon at the sound of such promises. “Wow, the president is really looking out for us, he cares for us, he’s going to regulate the greedy capitalist corporations—and save us money!” It’s not hard to see why lesser endowed individuals (i.e. the useful idiots) buy into this crap. In essence, they get something for nothing. All they have to do is vote for the government to forcefully take control of these private companies—which is, of course, the abolition of private property.

Just to be real clear here:

The Biden administration—along with the rest of the global cabal—is just casually doing away with a company’s right to crunch the numbers and calculate the cost of doing business, then figuring these costs into their prices. That means that all the equipment, personnel, and resources that a company has (their private property) has essentially been confiscated by the government.

Now the government gets to determine what a company can and cannot produce, what materials they can use in the process, and how much they can charge for their products. This is centralized control of production and consumption, which comes after the abolition of private property. Per the Manifesto:

“Private property must, therefore, be abolished and in its place must come the common utilization of all instruments of production and the distribution of all products according to common agreement – in a word, what is called the communal ownership of goods.

In fact, the abolition of private property is, doubtless, the shortest and most significant way to characterize the revolution in the whole social order – and for this reason it is rightly advanced by communists as their main demand.

You see, that’s not your factory, business, or pharmaceutical plant — that’s our factory, business, or pharmaceutical plant — and by our factory, business, or pharmaceutical plant, we don’t mean your factory, business, or pharmaceutical plant, we means OURS, as in the government’s, as in the people in charge, as in the elites who have preyed upon the ignorance and vulnerabilities of useful idiots to consolidate power and control into their own greedy, incompetent mitts. It works every time.

And, just to draw a little from the mainstream, even some prominent conservative commentators are starting to wake up and see this for what it is. While we are marching straight into a Communist Revolution in a step-wise fashion, it was promising to see a recent headline with this title:

Communism is a religion -- and it's rising again from its ashes

It is a religion. It’s a cult in fact, and it’s not just back, it’s never gone away. Communism has just rebranded as democracy—because the first step in the Communist Revolution is “to win the battle of democracy”:

Back to Biden’s commie laden speech:

  • Let’s finish the job. Reward work, not just wealth. Pass my proposal for a billionaire minimum tax.

  • Corporations ought to do the right thing. That’s why I propose that we quadruple the tax on corporate stock buybacks.

  • Let’s finish the job and close the loopholes that allow the very wealthy to avoid paying their taxes.

After squawking about how “cracking down on wealthy tax cheats” was the epitome of fiscal responsibility—while simultaneously promising impossible unfunded giveaways—Biden says this:

“And I will pay for the ideas I’ve talked about tonight by making the wealthy and big corporations begin to pay their fair share.

Look, here’s the deal. Big corporations aren’t just taking advantage of the tax code. They’re taking advantage of you, the American consumer.

Here’s my message to all of you out there: I have your back.”

Wow! In theory, the most powerful politician on the planet just promised to protect the proletariat from the evil bourgeois capitalists. He’s got your back. He’s going to tax the rich and make them pay their fair share. They’re not taking advantage of the tax code, they’re taking advantage of you. That’s why the government must commandeer these renegade corporations and steal their private property—to protect you!

Friends, that’s only the first half of Biden’s speech. All of his bluster about how “for too long, workers have been getting stiffed”—but not anymore, because we’re building back better and “beginning to restore the dignity of work”—all of this is an overt call for a commie revolution. It’s like a dog whistle for the “working class” who are being exploited by these lies. He hooks their emotions, promises the moon, but ultimately means to take control of every aspect of their lives, for the greater good of course.

What people fail to realize is that when the government assumes the authority to abolish private property, which was the underlying theme of last night’s speech, they mean to abolish your private property. More broadly, your rights as an individual are nothing in the eyes of the collective cult. What you have is not yours, it belongs to the collective, and it’s not just your property, but your livelihood, your lifestyle, and the very life within your breast—all of everything that you are belongs to them.

Because that’s what’s best for the greater good.

To be continued…

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