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TR 289 - WATCH OUT: It's a Jungle Out There!

TR 289 - WATCH OUT: It's a Jungle Out There!

How do we decipher the mixed signals flooding into any given moment? Here's how.

Just breathe.

Microsoft just dumped $10 billion into “leftist AI” that praises progressives, disparages conservatives, and refuses to acknowledge its own implicit bias.

This new AI, ChatGPT—which was released for the public to play with November 30, 2022—recently passed the highly prestigious Wharton MBA exam, leading college professors to sound the alarm. It can also write poetry, computer code, science fiction, legal treatise, and “accurate” news articles with equal ease. It’s pretty cool.

And really scary.

Did you catch that part about the AI being biased against conservative, liberty loving Americans who cherish traditional values and culture?

Friends, I’ve been sounding the alarm over weaponized AI for months. As the news of this great new tech trickles into the mainstream, don’t forget that governments all around the world are using the technology to do terrible things. Namely:

  1. Controlling “emerging public perceptions” with Algorithmic Social Interventions.

  2. Conducting “sentinel surveillance” with advanced “social listening” programs.

  3. Creating “behavioral change” by “immunizing humanity” against misinformation.

Given these three efforts have been underway for years, and that they have proven to be wildly successful, especially at swaying elections, it is not an exaggeration to claim that this rise of weaponized AI is the singular greatest threat to humanity.

BUT HERE’S THE THING: It’s not the robots or the algorithms we should worry about. It’s the fact that these technologies are being wielded by a small group of sociopaths who are using these new weapons against the whole of humanity.

They are warping and augmenting reality “so fast it will make your head spin.”

We’ve already talked about how the AI can create scientific reports that can fool the scientists—and that was ten years ago. It’s not hard to imagine a relentless deluge of “fake news” being generated by the machines, crafted with the unfathomable expertise of a super-intelligent machine that can instantly draw upon decades of clinical research in psychology, persuasion, marketing, and behavioral change.

Do you see how this becomes an unstoppable force?

Always and forever, the vast majority of people will remain ignorant to the ways in which they are being manipulated. Most people cannot come to grips with the degrees of their own self-deception, let alone comprehend the quantum-level deception deployed by weaponized AI in the hands of government agents.

Now connect this deception to “democracy” and the outcome of elections.

In time, the machines—and the people pulling the strings—will simply convince the public of anything they want, almost at will, with virtually flawless persuasion.

Though some will undoubtedly resist, will this resistance really matter in the context of the “majority of voters” who support whatever insane proposition they’ve been convinced to accept? Will this emotionally charged ignorant horde accept and respect the dissenting perspectives, especially when such dissenters have been demonized, disparaged, and dismissed as “false or misleading” disinformation?

You see, it all comes down to trust. Who do you trust? Who do the masses trust?

Just like criminals and abusers often seduce their victims, so too does the government and the global cabal seek to seduce us all into trusting their plans for our future.

This plays out at every level of society.


  • When the mainstream media wants all your attention to focus on Biden’s classified documents, they’re trying to seduce you.

  • When Republicans pretend that they’re going to abolish the IRS and bar lawmakers from trading stocks, they’re trying to seduce you.

  • When Democrats want you to “break up with your gas fireplace,” your gas cook stove, and your gas guzzling car, they’re trying to seduce you.

  • When environmentalists try to twist your arm into buying an expensive, unreliable, and wholly unsustainable electric car, they’re trying to seduce you.

  • When the global propagandists try to convince you that sending tanks into Ukraine is necessary to drive Putin insane, they’re trying to seduce you.

  • When “top scientists and security experts” move the “Doomsday Clock” to a mere 90 seconds before midnight, they’re trying to seduce you.

Look over here! No wait, look there, the good guys are winning! Oh no, look over there, the bad guys are gaining ground! But wait, we’re all on the same side right?—against those guys over there! But oh no—don’t look now—we’re all going to die!!

Fear is seductive. Distraction is seductive. Power is seductive.

Politicians consolidate power by seducing the masses with fear and distraction.

There’s really not a damn thing we can do about that, except acknowledge the fact.

So let’s zoom out.

Just breathe… it’s easy. It’s simple. It’s effective.

Is doomsday really just around the corner? Well… isn’t it always?

I read a fascinating article about the Culture War this morning, and I want to share this excerpt with you, from The American Conservative:

“A friend suggested to me in a letter yesterday that for my own mental and spiritual health, I need to stop writing about the culture war. I suspect he's probably right, but on the other hand, there is so much that is going on that ordinary people who aren't plugged into this stuff don't see, and aren't aware of, because our media ignore it. It feels like trying to push a pile of leaves uphill, writing about this stuff, but if people like me aren't yelling about it, the bad guys are going to win.”

I too have had friends challenge the sanity of my incessant digging into the darker side of global affairs. I am fully aware that I’m out on the edge, on the fringe of what people find interesting enough to listen to—and that’s okay.

As the world catches up to the fact that we are in the midst of a Great Reset that has been planned for decades; that Agenda 2030 and all the “sustainable development” is being driven by eugenics; and that there is currently a “secret cabal” actively trying to conquer the world; there will eventually be a great awakening, a great resistance, and a great revival of spirit and truth—however one might imagine that happens.

“It feels like trying to push a pile of leaves uphill, writing about this stuff,
but if people like me aren't yelling about it, the bad guys are going to win.”

Just to keep tabs on the full scope of insanity, in passing I’d like to point out that prominent doctors are now acknowledging COVID-19 was a bio-weapon released as a “slow way to debilitate, if not kill off the population in North America and Western Europe,” that N95 masks are utterly useless for stopping the spread of viral disease, and that excessive deaths from the experimental mRNA injections continue to skyrocket. Don’t lose sight of what’s already in motion.

While the EU says, “Shut up and eat your bugs,” and the American establishment circles the wagons to protect the status quo, toss cold water on the idea of political accountability, tax people into compliance with their radical agenda, and digitally revise history in the making, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

The global cabal is directing the evolution of life as we know it.

Compare the UN call for a “worldwide commitment” to transforming education, with the woke capture of American classrooms. Consider the inaugural meeting of the WHO’s Youth Council and how they are using their EARSEarly AI-supported Response with Social Listening—to immunize future generations against the truth.

Think about the globalist’s perspective on the State of the Connected World, and the incomprehensibly powerful tools they’ve got to pull off their plans—then realize that these global elites are using the AI to target children for full assimilation.

Put it all together, and what do we get? We get a heavy does of reality.

It’s a jungle out there—not a global village, a global jungle—and in order to survive in the jungle, to protect our independent villages, our families, our children, and future generations, we have to gather our respective tribes and make a stand.

Friends, let there be no doubt: Our humanity is under assault. We are in fact in the 11th hour, perhaps just 90 cosmic seconds from the point of no return. That’s why now more than ever, we have to sound the alarm. We have to get the truth out there. We have to work together to wake people up; before it’s too late!


Sound the alarm!

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