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TR 286 - Reflecting on the Mess We're In

TR 286 - Reflecting on the Mess We're In

A broad survey of personal sentiment about the many things we're up against.

[PSA: To capture the emotion of this reflection, it really would be best to listen!]

It’s interesting.

After weeks of averaging 1500 downloads per day, give or take, this week the listening audience has shrunk to a mere few hundred of the most ardent supporters of The Torch Report. I’ve been contemplating why that might be.

Is the message off topic? Is there something more important that I’m missing? Is the pull of the 24/7 news cycle so enticing, with the Biden stories, etc, that talking about how the global cabal intends to cull the human population just doesn’t connect?

Is it too terrible to talk about? Is there an invisible hand throttling my reach, ala the Algorithmic Social Interventions of the Twitter and Facebook kind?

Has my writing been bland? Has the podcast been dry?

I don’t think so… but feel free to let me know if that’s ever the case!

The more I’ve ruminated on the phenomenon—that the listening audience has taken a dip at a time when I feel like I’m uncovering some of the most interesting and impactful information I’ve come across in months—the more I’m convinced it’s likely just a case of information overload. It’s too much to think about perhaps?

Regardless, the beauty of being an independent podcaster, researcher, reporter (of sorts), and radio host, is that I get to present to you what feels like the most important issue, to me, that I believe is destined to impact all of our lives. Whether we acknowledge it or not, there are dark forces who are seeking to eliminate the “defectives” and enslave the masses in a mental illusion of a woke New World Order.

As cerebral and distant as this reality may seem, this is the driving force behind the global policies that are directing the federal government’s agenda, which inevitably and invariably trickles down to the state, county, and local levels—wherein the woke agenda of the global elite land squarely in our lap, and we have to deal with it.

Seeing popular conservative commentators make comments like this is a rub:

“Unpopular opinion: the obsession with Klaus Schwab, Davos, and the WEF is misguided, as they have little real power over life in America. It's also enervating, as it shifts the locus of control to far-away figures, while constructive action can be taken at home. Stay focused.”

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo)

As I responded to Christopher, he’s correct that local action is essential. However, to find local level solutions, we must fully understand the problem. As local activists scramble to fight against CRT, DEI, LGBT, Comp Sex Ed, Gun Control, and radical environmental policies, our efforts become fractured. Furthermore, these issues are being driven by an overarching comprehensive agenda that has been a century in the making—which means we’re reacting with too little, too late.

Meanwhile, the cabal keeps marching on, planning out 2030, 2050, and beyond.

Their agenda is singular: Divide and conquer us all.

Using issues that enrage work the best for this purpose. People get fired up and start fighting, they get emotionally involved in the battles against the school boards, the health boards, the city councils and county commissioners—and this is all good stuff—BUT, ultimately, that battle becomes an unending drain on the few passionate patriots who step up to rage against the globalist machine. Disenchantment ensues.

At the very same time as all of this is happening—all of this good stuff, all of this local resistance—the cabal continues to divide factions within factions, driving ideological wedges into our communities, stoking strife and discontent that serves to disconnect us from one another. We already face a situation where too few people care enough to get involved, and they are actively working to amplify this apathy.

How? By dazzling the masses with distractions and programming them with propaganda. By relentlessly pushing their overarching agenda—Our Common Agenda, Agenda 2030, etc—tweaking their strategies as needed to react to the uppity peasants (who eventually give up and go home), and continuing to capture the language of public discourse, all of which gives them control over people’s beliefs and behavior.

As we’ve discussed at length, the use of weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions are the greatest threat to humanity at the current moment. With these tools, the elites have virtually limitless control over society. Why? Because when they control what people can and cannot say, when they control what people can and cannot see, they control what people feel, how people act, and ultimately, how people vote. In other words, they control the outcome of the game, and we lose, forever.

Local resistance will be worn down by the invisible influence of these forces. As the majority of people are prodded into the Metaverse and begin to increasingly prefer virtual interactions, as opposed to actually getting out of the house, the divides within our communities will only grow stronger. People will be less connected with their neighbors, and more connected with the carefully controlled narratives of the online world. The result is simple: More and more people will accept the globalist agenda.

And the majority will vote, in time virtually, to advance this sinister globalist agenda and usher us into Future Earth—where you will eat bugs, own nothing and be happy, as they say. And all the time, those few passionate parents and patriots who are battling the woke local policies will continue to be worn down, conditioned to accept failure in the face of state funding. It’s all part of their strategy.

Nothing is more important than keeping people safe. Nothing is more important than funding our hospitals and schools. Nothing is more important than making sure everyone has equal access to high-speed internet, so they don’t get left behind. Nothing is more important than peace and stability, sustainable development, and ensuring level playing field and equitable outcome in a just and inclusive democracy.

Such is the social programming that has long been embedded in the minds of the masses. These seeds have sprouted, and they have very deep roots. We are not going to uproot these weeds in the garden of thought by bickering over different beliefs at the local level. We have to realize who’s scattering the seeds and develop a weed killer.

(That would be the anecdotal thought, developed and deployed through conversations.)

Alternately, perhaps in time, we will have to rotor-till the garden and start over fresh.

If we just keep trying to pull weeds—aka fighting against the many different facets of the overarching agenda—we will exhaust ourselves, our resources, and our allies.

TO BE CLEAR: I am not saying that we shouldn’t be fighting these things—if you are compelled to battle the insanity and injustice of it all, do so with all your strength.

But realize the effort is never ending. The global cabal will continue to cast seeds faster than you can pull weeds. Using their 21st century toolkit, capitalizing on the fact that the masses have become perfectly pliable “hackable animals,” leveraging their New World Order of public-private partnerships to drive their negative eugenics and depopulation agenda, they will continue to profit and pilfer humanity in the process.

Eventually, if all goes according to their plans, the resistance will simply die out—with a little help from orchestrated global famine, global wars, and massive genetic modifications of humanity as a whole. We are standing at the edge of this precipice today, peering into the darkest abyss, where free will and the future of humanity meet their final end—the place where the inescapable prison of illusions and the hypnotic trance-like state of domesticated servitude become the norm, the place where self-determination and indivual soveriegnty is little more than an ancient myth.

A forbidden myth.

It’s the forbidden myth of magical souls freely expressing themselves in infinitely diverse ways, laughing at off-color jokes, relishing the zing of the unstructured past, raising hell, worshiping God, calling names, shaming fools, and damning tyrants—those were the good old days.

It’s the forbidden myth that we can be who we want to be, say what we want to say, go where we want to go, and do what we want to do; the antiquated belief that we can read what we want to read, listen to whom we want to listen, and decide for ourselves what's in our own best interest.

It’s the forbidden myth that we are each born free, as free human beings, and that we have phenomenal cosmic power, the power of choice, with which we can manifest our heart’s desire in the material world, playing the hand we’re dealt, dancing the flow of time, shaping our destiny each step of each day.

Friends, we are NOT just fighting the progressive agenda.

We are fighting against dark forces that seek to control us all. We are fighting against a global cabal of powerful people who are driven by an evil impulse to exercise limitless power over our lives, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this ultimate power, because in their twisted minds, the ends justify the means.

In a world that’s not what it seems, don’t lose sight of the dream—the American dream—the yearning of the human spirit to live free or die, to pursue life, liberty, and personal happiness in the glorious midst and mess of daily life. It’s good to be alive!

But there are those who seek to take this life away from you—and there are those who seek to distract you while this thievery happens. For my part, I will continue to keep this threat front and center, so we don’t lose sight of what we’re really up against, even when it’s unpopular, even when few people care to listen and tune in.

Speaking of tuning in, you can tune in for the exciting full hour broadcast of The Torch Report Weekend Review this Sunday at 1pm PST from anywhere in the world at (or tune in at 1400AM / 98.1FM locally).

My promise to you is to speak from the heart, even when it’s not what most people want to hear. I’m more concerned with truth than a popularity contest, and I appreciate your grace as I resist the pressure to conform to popular talking points.

Resistance is the spice of life, and on that front, I will continue to lead by example.

I’ve spoken my mind. Thanks for listening!

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