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TR 283 - That Which Shall Not Be Said

TR 283 - That Which Shall Not Be Said

Threaded in every vein of the globalist's scheme is the one thing that's never said.

It’s phenomenal.

The fleecing. The gaslighting. The distractions. The smoke and mirrors.

Even as more and more people wake up to the threat of the global cabal, as an increasing percentage of the population begins to bemoan the pompous arrogance and haughty hypocrisy of the global elites, the vast majority of people still have exactly zero comprehension of their underlying motives.

There are a few news outlets that are covering the WEF’s meeting in Davos this week, but the mainstream still remains mum. How many people on planet Earth realize what’s going on right now, in those swanky Swiss resorts, where the most elite of the elite gather to plot our future? From

“The forum estimates that this year’s attendance involves the highest numbers of political and business leaders ever to make the trip up the mountain, including more than 50 heads of state or government, 56 finance ministers, 19 governors of central banks, 30 trade ministers and 35 foreign ministers.”

All told, the WEF invited some 2,500 global elites this year, and there are tens of thousands more who are in town to attend the ritzy dinners and wild nightlife.

Think about it for a moment:

2,500 people are planning how to control the lives of all 8 billion others on the planet.

Care to guess at the math on that? That’s 0.00003125% of the human population who are hellbent on ruling the world. In all fairness, there are more tyrants than just those in attendance, but even a thousand fold increase hardly touches the stat.

The point is that the few intend to control the many, which is to be expected. They understand human nature better than most humans do, and they fully embrace the fact that the vast majority of the population is content to be told what to do, to adapt to whatever agenda they roll out, and accept whatever arbitrary authority they impose.

Such is life. Standing in opposition to this rise of global tyranny is a slightly larger, but ultimately still minuscule percentage of the population who are keen to their evil plot and passionately sounding the alarm over our current trajectory. Unfortunately, these voices are easily drowned out by the din of relentless propaganda—and worse yet, dissenting perspectives are currently being targeted for elimination from public discourse under the guise of fighting disinformation.

But for those of us who are paying attention, this is nothing new.

In Davos today (Jan. 17th), one of the keynote presentations was titled, “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation.” Those who were presiding over this pressing issue were none other than these three stooges:

  1. The disgraced bonehead former CNN Chief Correspondent Brian Stelter (who’s show was canceled for being lame, and who now has a fellowship at Harvard School of Government);

  2. Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, heir, Chairman, and former publisher for the never-non-biased and utterly debased New York Times; and

  3. The insanely egotistical Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton (MA), who along with making a “moronic” secret trip to Afghanistan, and a more recent trip to Ukraine, ran a failed presidential campaign in 2020.

There a couple of female globalist hacks who are also on the WEF panel—likely to round out the requisite appearance of gender equality and women’s empowerment. These two most-likely-not upstanding women are none other than:

  1. Vera Jourová, Vice-President for Values and Transparency, European Commission, who was former EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality, has been embroiled in controversies for taking bribes, and oversees an impressive collection of radical progressive initiatives.

  2. Jeanne Bourgault, President and CEO of the globalist propaganda machine Internews, which purportedly supports “independent media” in 100 different countries, specifically in war zones and in rural communities. Ironically, their motto is “Information Saves Lives”—though Bourgault herself has testified before congress about the “dangerous” nature of free speech.

In their own words, these people believe that disinformation puts democracy under direct attack. Sounds like they are really fighting for democracy doesn’t it?

These strategic communicators, who are directly influencing global communications, are in fact absolutely critical in the battle for democracy—which, as a reminder, is the first step in a Communist revolution:

“The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class; to win the battle of democracy.” —Karl Marx

At any rate, these are the five individuals who are directing the globalist’s discussion on how to combat the spread of disinformation. It’s like the fox guarding the hen house, except this is more sinister and wicked. These so-called “experts” are actively working to convince the world’s leaders to adopt state sanctioned censorship—and they are doing so without the faintest whiff of self-awareness or remorse.

Like all aspects of the globalist agenda, they believe they have a moral imperative to impose their will upon the rest of us. That’s what this gathering is really all about—convincing each other that what they are doing and about to do, morally must be done.

But let’s zoom out.

What’s not being said?

The globalist believe they have a moral imperative to depopulate the planet.

That’s what’s not being said.

Though they have openly admitted to not needing the vast majority of the human population, the WEF’s 2023 Global Risks Report spells out the globalist theory of a triple planetary crisis of “debt, population growth, and climate change” without mentioning the fact they intended to reduce the population to 2 billion—the level they’ve unscientifically determined is sustainable, according to The Science.

This dark and sinister fact is simply concealed behind language that most people will never question—language that has a “hidden, higher meaning” according to the Communist Manifesto. When I read in their report that entire countries will be “unable to scale food production to meet the demands of population growth,” I am reminded that starvation may very well be part of their plan.

Indeed, the report states that a “sharper focus” is needed on “dietary shifts” and “decoupling” unsustainable patterns of food production and consumption. This ultimately leads to their preferred outcome—that you will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy—whether you agree with their plans or not.

What is also not being said, is the fact that this agenda will require tyranny on a scale never before experienced in human history. As Yuval Harari stated, throughout history many tyrants have tried to rule the whole world, but they just didn’t have the raw data and super-computers required to enslave humanity in an inescapable surveillance state—but now they do—and they intend to use it.

Connect the dots.

With “anti-government protests” erupting all around the world—because the will of the peasants is repeatedly being steam rolled by the global cabal, who is intentionally destroying every aspect of their lives to implement the Great Reset—the greatest threat to their totalitarian takeover is the free flow of news and information.

That’s why the Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation panel is such a critical component of their plan—as is using Generative AI, governing the Metaverse, ushering humanity into a global digital village, implementing Global Digital Currency (via a Policy-Maker Toolkit for CBDCs), and “tokenizing” the global economy—but none of this progressive agenda would ever stand a chance unless they first control the narrative. Hence the front-and-center fight against disinformation.

The sustainable development goals don’t stand a chance unless they control the narrative. Their depopulation agenda doesn’t stand a chance unless they control the narrative. The enslavement of humanity doesn’t stand a chance unless they control the narrative. Increasingly heinous crimes against humanity will never stand a chance, unless they control the narrative—and they already control the narrative.

They just don’t control all of the narrative. But they want to.

They really, really want to.

In fact, they have to. They intend to. They have plans to—and they will—unless there is enormous public outcry, push-back, and political accountability; unless there are more “anti-government” protests all around the world demanding respect for the basic right to speak our minds, compare our perspectives, and make our own decisions—let alone decide what we want to eat and how we want to cook it.

All that said, don’t lose sight of the fact that of all the headlines coming out of Davos, what’s destined to impact us most of all, are the facts that shall never be said.

Never forget to read between the lies. Stay wise my friends.

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