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TR 282 - The Shocking Rise of Satanism

TR 282 - The Shocking Rise of Satanism

How the nearly incomprehensible embrace of evil is driving global politics.

It’s shocking.

Headline news from the mainstream rag reads:

Young sacrifice belief in God on altar of Satanism

“Satanism is luring increasing numbers of young people disillusioned with “outdated” and “dogmatic” traditional religions to join its fold by offering an “alternative” to “stuffy,” traditional faiths.”

After opining that it would be “difficult to spot a Satanist walking down the road,” the article presents an almost unbelievable statistic: In some of “The UK’s most Satanic neighborhoods,” the embrace of Satanism has reached an astonishing 70%. 70%!!!

Make of it what you will, the contrast alone is breathtaking. How could a once predominantly religious Christian nation now boast of communities where 7 out of 10 people walking around are Satan worshipers? Holy hell. I’m stunned.

So as not to get stuck on the subject, and shine a little light on my creative process, here are all of the other articles that caught my eye this morning:

Of course, I glanced at many headlines that didn’t make the list, but out of all the noise, these seemed to provide the faintest signal regarding what lies ahead. In my mind, these articles capture and articulate what is already in motion, and point toward the globalist’s ever changing plans to ultimately enslave us all.

Now to tease out the theme… to connect the dots… to peer into the looking glass.


If, as Kevin McCarthy has indicated, Congress releases all the footage from the January 6th “insurrection,” we might expect a sudden shift in public sentiment. I contend that no such shift is forthcoming, and that this is nothing more than political theater. The point I want to make here, is that we are still seeing “counter narrative” news circulating on the internet on popular conservative sites—but for how long?

The big news threaded throughout several of the articles above revolves around the swanky Davos summit, which has officially kicked off, and the gathering of global elites to hammer out the messaging for their altruistic takeover of humanity. What you will find nowhere in their language is their admission to “penetrating the cabinets” and directing national policies with their woke globalist agenda.

And yet that is exactly what’s going on… and it’s happening in broad daylight.

This is how the few control the many.

In that short clip, Klaus Schwab takes credit for influencing the presidency in Argentina. Interestingly enough, the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, is a member of the powerful political movement called “Peronism”—which is “widely regarded as a form of corporate socialism.”

Corporate Socialism.

That terms pretty much sums up the WEF. It’s the ultimate good old boys club, comprised of the most posh and elite public-private partnerships, the real movers and shakers on the global stage, who have realized that by working together, they can rule the world. The ends justify the means, and as such, the ideological merging of capitalism and communism raises no qualms for these aristocratic psychopaths.

The solution, in their minds, has become obvious: Craft the narrative for the one agenda to rule them all, continuously subject the public to military grade propaganda, and then sit back and rake in the profits as the world systematically self-destructs and well-trained globalist stooges quickly fill in the vacuum of power.

Please note, while I have been harping on the impact of pervasive psychological warfare for over a year, there are now more and more prominent voices who are articulating this point as well. Dr. Robert Malone has become increasingly clear in his assertions that the world has been “deeply enmeshed in the largest military-grade psy-ops campaign in modern history,” which should be a wake up call for the masses.

In a recent article on 5th Generation Warfare, Dr. Malone says this:

“This new gradient of warfare uses the internet, social media and the 24 hour news cycle to change cognitive biases of individuals and/or organizations.

A key characteristic of 5th Gen warfare is that the nature of the attack is concealed. The goal is to disrupt and defeat opponents by creating new cognitive biases.

The most effective strategies mix truth with fiction, and act to increase confusion and disorder in the thoughts and minds of those being targeted, so that they are not sure what or whom to believe.”

Malone’s exposition is an excellent and insightful analysis, and I particularly appreciate his proclivity for semantics and the importance of language. This little excerpt strongly resonates with my own perspective (emphasis added):

For my own use, I find the term fifth-generation psyops as being perhaps more accurate for what is happening across the web. But 5th-gen warfare is the term people know, so there it is.”

The full scope of these psyops is literally breathtaking. It’s very daunting to acknowledge the reality of our current situation and consider the greatly disturbing degree of mental and emotional manipulation being perpetrated upon the public.

But we must face reality, so as to deal with reality, in a sincere attempt to protect and preserve reality, in an era wherein Reality itself has become the center of attack.

What cannot be emphasized enough, is that 5th generation warfare has been well understood for over a decade—The Handbook of Fifth-Generation Warfare was published in 2010—but the advances in modern AI have allowed the secret global cabal to weaponize information in ways never before imaginable.

To grasp just how powerful AI has become over the last decade, you might choose to peruse a few of these articles:

Bringing the last decade plus of technological advances into the current geopolitical circumstance, please note that the WEF has launched its own Global AI Action Alliance, which purports to use the “transformative” potential of AI for responsible purposes, such as implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals—you know, by deploying Sentinel Surveillance to monitor and censor public discourse with Algorithmic Social Interventions that control “emerging” public perceptions.

(If these terms are unfamiliar, review TR 157 - Hackable Animals & The END of Free Will.)

Here’s the real threat.

The global cabal seeks to convince us all that their plans are for the greater good.

Using all the available tools, they are tweaking the public perception in real-time.

They are adapting their message based on continual surveillance of public sentiment.

Whereas AI has long been able to beat human beings in everything from Chess to Jeopardy, now this weaponized tech has been turned on the threat of dissension.

Imagine the world’s very best lawyer making every effort to convince you not to argue, not to resist the story, but instead to adopt the story and revise your understanding.

It has long been known that people can be convinced of anything—they can even be convinced of crimes that they never committed! Friends, this is a clinically studied, well-documented, and irrefutably proven phenomenon. AND JUST TO DRIVE THE POINT HOME, please understand that “richly detailed” false memories can be generated in as little as 3 hours, “in a friendly interview environment.”

And these techniques have proven to be effective on 70% of the population!

If human psychologists can convince 70% of people that they’ve committed a crime that never actually happened—complete with “richly detailed” false memories, in just a few hours—what do you think advanced Artificial Intelligence running Algorithmic Social Interventions around the clock 24/7/365 is capable of doing?

Maybe the machines could convince kids that Satan was cool? Maybe they could convince people that the climate is in a crisis? Maybe they might convince the masses that rifles are a threat to public safety? Maybe they might convince the public that experimental genetic injections are going to protect them from an invisible enemy?

Is it possible that these machines might one day soon convince the majority of humanity that the greatest threat of all is local resistance to the global cabal?

Clearly, in this day and age, anything is possible. Now more than ever, we need heroes, heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr—who was bold enough to step off the mental plantation and fight the Democrat opposition to the Republican civil rights movement. As the country simultaneously celebrates and distorts this courageous man’s legacy, let us take his words to heart:

Freedom is never given voluntarily by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” —MLK Jr. 1963

Martin Luther King Jr. passionately advocated for civil disobedience. There are many allegations that the democratic deep state and corrupt intelligence agencies orchestrated the assassination of Dr. King, but the government has investigated these claims and declared they had no role in his assassination whatsoever. Go figure.

As evil continues to ascend and we become increasingly oppressed by machines, the power of peaceful protest and massive noncompliance are in fact our greatest weapons. Regardless of how they spin it, total global control leads to total global tyranny—and for the future of humanity, now more than ever, resist we must!

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