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TR 280 - The Perversion of Science

Connecting the dots between science, language, and tyranny.

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Luke Throop
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The ends justify the means.

That’s what they believe, those progressive stewards of the greater good, those radical environmental wackos, those greedy globalist NGOs and multinational corporations, and of course, those useful idiots whom these collective sociopaths prey upon.

They believe the ends justify the means.

They believe that peace, stability, and saving the planet justify the utter disregard for basic human rights, the abandonment of decency and morality, and ultimately, the enslavement of humanity in an inescapable tech-enabled transhumanist totalitarian hell, the grand dystopian dream of a great global socialist surveillance state.

To the global elite, having 8 billion meat-eating, mouth-breathing, useless consumers is a major issue—because The Science says that’s not a sustainable population.

Two billion would be much better, much more sustainable.

Like they’ve said, they just don’t need the majority of the human population!

(Please see TR. 196 - Starvation is Their Strategy if you are unfamiliar with these facts.)

Is this the beginning of the end?

I’ve had many “end times” conversations lately, and though I enjoy the speculation, it is my personal conviction that there’s really no way of knowing. Even if we are in the end times, so what? We’ve still got work to do. We’ve still got life to live. We’ve still got battles to fight. We’ve still got a war to win—the war for the hearts and minds of humanity. Like I’ve said, if we fail to acknowledge these facts, freedom is lost forever.

(Please see TR 136 - Is This The Start of Civil War? if you doubt the fact that we are at war.)

All of the QAnon conspiracy crap pumps people full of hopium, elevating Donald Trump to a god-like super genius who’s playing 4D and 5D chess—you see, we just can’t understand his plans, they’re way too complex—and therefore we just have to “trust the plan” and “wait and see” because Trump never stops working for us. Trump loves us. Trump is our leader, and he will never lead us astray. That’s the story.

And it’s a familiar story, isn’t it? Jesus is also a God-like super-genius, isn’t he? I mean, he out-smarted the devil, he speaks in parables, his ways are higher than our ways, and thus we cannot comprehend his plans. But Jesus has a plan for his people. He is the Lion and the Lamb, and in the end he will win—and therefore we just have to “trust the plan” and “wait and see” because Jesus never stops working for us. Jesus loves us. Jesus is our leader, and he will never lead us astray. That’s the story.

Which story do you believe?

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: I am NOT denying the very significant and obvious differences between Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.

Nor am I telling you what to believe or trying to argue scripture or epistemology.

I am simply pointing out the similarities in beliefs. Once we acknowledge those similarities, we can see how otherwise intelligent and discerning individuals get caught up believing things that simply are not true. The key here, is to realize that this is a predictable human disposition that is being heavily exploited by nefarious forces.

Given that we are all susceptible, stay alert. Stay wise. Moving on.

Hopium abounds.

There is a reason that Karl Marx believed religion was the opiate of the masses—because it’s true. If, as a Christian, you find this annoying or disturbing, try thinking about it in terms of all the other religions out there. All those other religions are giving people false hope, are they not? Even assuming that salvation through Jesus Christ is not false hope, we can still acknowledge that Marx was making a point.

May he burn in hell. Amen.

Now then, let’s get logical for a minute. We are talking about belief systems. Religions are belief systems, are they not? Belief systems are built on language, and every belief system has its own language, correct? Are you with me here? The logic looks like this:

Religion » Belief systems » Language.

In other words, the root of religion, the root of our belief system, is language.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 KJV

That passage is both popular and powerful. In the Greek, the Word is logos—which is used 69 times throughout the New Testament—and translates variably to “the news,” “the report,” “the saying,” “the statement,” “the utterance,” “the message,” “the story,” and of course, the Word. Logos is a beautiful word, with deep and rich meaning.

Connecting the dots here, we can logically say that our belief systems are based on the news, the reports, the sayings, the statements, the utterances, the messages, the stories, and the words that we receive. Again, our beliefs are based on language.

Think about it like this: If there had not been reports of the Good News—“He is not here, he has risen!” Matthew 28:6—would you believe in your salvation? Of course not. You would have never heard the story. The message would never have spread.

Now think about it like this: If there had not been reports of people getting multiple jabs and then falling over dead, would you ever doubt that the injections were safe? Of course not, because the story you heard, the message you got, was that the vaccines were safe and effective. Do you see what I mean?

Language is very, very powerful. Like I was saying yesterday, those who control the language control the minds of the masses. That’s why psyops, propaganda, and psychological warfare are so damn effective. That’s why government censorship with weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions—i.e. machines manipulating language—is such an existential threat to humanity.

(See TR 225 - Has AI Been Weaponized? & TR 226 - The Greatest Threat of All for reference.)

Which brings me to the title, “The Perversion of Science”—how does this relate to the power of language and personal beliefs? I’m glad you asked!

Zoom out.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that everything we believe is based on language. Add to this, the idea that our beliefs drive our behaviors. That is true, is it not? Our beliefs drive our behaviors, for better or worse, regardless of truth. What we believe to be true is what we believe is actually true—otherwise we wouldn’t believe it.

We belief the reports, the stories, the language.

Now take this line of thinking and apply it to politics. Politics is a power game. The goal is control, nothing more, nothing less. Who has the most power and control? None other than those who control the language!

We could lump this control of language into controlling the flow of information, but it always comes back to which stories are getting out, which determines what people believe, and ultimately manifests in the way people behave and how society functions.

And here’s where The Science comes in.

Let’s start with some objective facts:

  • Some people are better at reading and writing than other people.

  • Even people who are good at reading and writing have a limited vocabulary.

  • It is very difficult to understand something if you don’t know the words.

  • It is impossible to understand something if you don’t know the language.

  • Each sector of science has a language all of its own.

If you don’t understand the language, i.e. the scientific jargon, then you really can’t understand The Science, right? And just to level the playing field a bit, let’s not forget that even the bona fide scientists (the “experts”) don’t understand the language half the time—as in the bogus AI-generated fake scientific studies that duped the actual scientists, at more than 30 legit scientific conferences over the last 15 years.


(Check out TR 246 - Peacefully Enslaved By Machines? for more on that story.)

If the scientists don’t understand the science, then who does? Certainly not the peasants—and definitely not the politicians! And therein lies their insidious plot.

It was The Science that drove the pandemic. It was language being used. It was a public messaging crisis, not a public health crisis, just like the honest doctors said.

The pandemic kicked off the Great Reset (hence the book COVID-19: The Great Reset), which established the mood and political environment for radical progressive policies to take root. Ideas like “immunizing humanity against misinformation” all of a sudden sounded plausible, because they have to keep people safe.

Thus, the precautionary principle became the focal point of all public policy. With the merging of public and planetary health, this principle became the central strategy to snare humanity in an intricate web of increasing restrictions being spun up under the guise—under the language—of public health and safety.

So, here we are today, dealing with ridiculous vaxx mandates, despite the fact that the actual science, based on actual studies, conducted by actual scientists, has proven conclusively that the more clot-shots a person receives, the more likely they are to be infected, get hospitalized, or die—because that’s not the story most people hear.

The perversion of science is being used as a weapon of control, precisely because the vast majority of people cannot understand the language. Regulations and public policies, shrouded in legalese, are operating on the same strategy. This is how the global elite concealed their deceit right out in the open, “in front of God and everybody,” as the saying goes.

Which reminds me of an ancient story, a story about a tower that was so tall it could almost touch the sky, a tower that took great collaboration and collective effort to build, a tower that was made possible by a common language—the Tower of Babel.

As the story goes, God came down and saw the tower, and noticed the people were all speaking the same language. God reasoned: “If as one people speaking the same language they can do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

Do you know how the story goes? God confused their language so they couldn’t understand each other, then scattered them over the face of the earth. It’s an old, old story, but it bears lessons that are very relevant to this day.

The globalists are controlling the narrative. They control the language, and they are spreading this language all around the globe. The same language is found in public policies from the global to the local levels. The same language is used in the media, in entertainment, and even in science.

Speaking the same language means that nothing is impossible for them to do.

And speaking the same language is how they’re doing what shouldn’t be done.

Patriots take note… we need to up our game. Language is the key.