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TR 279 - Cracking the Cult of Collective
TR 279 - Cracking the Cult of Collective
Peeling back the layers of illusion and examining the intent that's hidden in language.

Forgive me…

Before I get into anything of actual substance, I have to indulge my inner conspiracy theorist and scratch that itch…

There was an article out about Biden keeping classified documents from his Ukrainian exploits, and it had this picture as its cover image:

Take a good hard look. Note the earlobe on the left side of the picture.

Now let’s mosey over to the White House website, for the official presidential portrait of Joe Biden, and have a look:

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Matchy-match, right? The earlobe on the left looks the same.

IN OTHER WORDS: Joe’s right earlobe is attached.

One more official shot, from the official White House website confirms this truth:

President Joe Biden takes a photo with attendees at an event in Burlington, IA

Whew, because for a second I thought… wait a minute… Old Joe and Barrack were buddies back in the day… there are a lot of pictures of them together… it seems like…

Now, I could be crazy, but something just seems a little bit different about this picture… hmmm… something seems a little off… what is it? Let’s look at another:

THAT’S IT! You know what, I am absolutely sure of it…

That is definitely NOT the same ear!

One earlobe is attached. The other earlobe is NOT attached. Not the same ear.

Check it out…

Now you SEE IT:

Former Pres. Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden's 2020 presidential ...
The Imagined Conversation Memes Between Barack Obama And Joe Biden Are ...

Now you DON’T:

That’s a pretty cool party trick, huh?

You could try it yourself… just run a search and start looking at the images… though I must strongly suggest NOT trying to explain to anyone what this actually means.

Or the obvious implications.

Moving on.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoyed the ride. ;0)

All aboard!

Things are moving quickly now, and just to make sure we’re tracking the right trajectory, I think it’s best to back-track and connect a few dots to what’s happening in the news today.

All the hype around 8,000+ flights being grounded because of an FAA system outage, the failure of the NOTAM system, raised a brow for a few different reasons:

  1. We just looked at the globalist’s prediction that a “highly disruptive cyber attack targeting U.S. critical infrastructure” was likely imminent—that was two days ago, on Monday in TR 277 - Chaos Prevails When Justice Fails. For whatever reason, that makes the timing of this highly suspect in my mind.

  2. Two weeks ago, in TR 270 - Some ASTOUNDING Connections, I documented the link between travel chaos and behavioral change, the Adaptation Agenda, and mysterious links to the Vatican and Masonic Lodge… which were unexpected.

  3. While the White House is out claiming, at this point, there is “no evidence of a cyber attack,” people everywhere are glued to the tube—because nothing unites a nation quite like a national travel quagmire. Notably, this chaos seems to be drowning out the fact that Biden had an illegal stash of classified documents from back in the Burimsa days—which is more than a little embarrassing.

As an interesting, note worthy aside, there are some people pointing out the fact that the DOT and the FAA are spending more time and money on the woke progressive agenda—promoting “racial equity,” “inclusion,” and “environmental justice”—than they are upgrading their vulnerable outdated systems:

It’s all good stuff, and it points directly to the larger, over-arching agenda. In reality, the woke globalist agenda has long been integrated into U.S. domestic policy, literally transforming every American agency from the inside out, by changing the language they use. Change the language, change the focus.

Where the focus goes the energy flows. Thus, by changing the language (a commie tactic), ideological subversion takes root and the mental worm of woke wording begins to infect the minds of middle-management and work its way into daily affairs. Pretty soon, the whole workforce is woke, and the whole world becomes more inclusive.


Control the language, control the focus.

Control the focus, control the mind.

Control the mind, control the masses.

And that’s exactly what they are doing.

Another interesting article that stood out to me was this one at, the reckless liberal belt-way rage, which posited the fact that average everyday Americans no longer believe that the Supreme Court is impartial—as if that was a newsflash.

Listen to the language:

“Never in recent history, perhaps, have so many Americans viewed the Supreme Court as fundamentally partisan. …

Public approval of the nine-justice panel stands near historic lows. Declining faith in the institution seems rooted in a growing concern that the high court is deciding cases on politics, rather than law. …

Public support for the high court sank swiftly last summer in response to Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a landmark ruling that revoked a constitutional right to abortion.”

It’s so maddening, for so many reasons, I just have to take a deep breath. Logically speaking, this too connects directly to what we’ve been talking about. Remember how the Carnegie Foundation map was showing “anti-government” protests in America—not because of rampant political corruption and blatant electoral fraud, but because of the Supreme Court’s ruling to return the abortion rights issue back to the states?

Knowing that this NGO foundation is in bed with the global cabal (as documented), do you think that any of this is just coincidence? Of course not. Like I’ve been saying, the pace continues to accelerate, and the Quadripartite is coming for us all—and they’ll be picking us apart one unsustainable appliance at a time!

Zoom out.

Yesterday, we discussed the The Globalist's Theory of Change, which revealed the nefarious CCA—the Clean Cooking Alliance—and the global effort to control how we cook our food. Today, I want to draw your attention the CAC—the Climate Action Council of New York—which recently released its remarkable 445 page “Scoping Plan” to drive critical “electrification” and “secure climate justice.

Nevermind the fact that the “electrification” of society is an outright sham, tune into the words “climate justice.” Who defines what climate justice is? Well, at some point, it’s probably going to be turned over to the Supreme Court justices to decide, right? In theory, within this framework, the fate of the entire planet might eventually come down to the opinion of just one single justice—the one who either dissents, or not.

There are many things that we could extrapolate from this realization:

  • The entire course of history often changes with the conviction and choice of a single individual—and we all have convictions and the power of choice.

  • Individual convictions and choices are entirely subjective, being as varied and diverse as the infinite complexity of human nature.

  • Justices are human too, which is why everyone knows they have their own implicit bias—because that’s just an inescapable aspect of human nature.

  • The majority of the public defers their personal opinions to the court, incorrectly assuming that these individuals are somehow exalted and objective.

  • When they make decisions based on their own biased interpretations of the language that’s in front of them, there will always be people who disagree.


But, to the Cult of Collective, that doesn’t matter. You’re not allowed to disagree. If you do disagree, you are wrong. If you disagree, you are a threat to peace and stability. If you disagree, you are a threat to public health and safety. If you disagree, you are a threat to democracy. If you disagree, you are a lesser human being.

There is no mutual respect in the Cult of Collective. There is only coercion and compliance. Those who cannot be coerced, those who refuse to comply, must be expelled from the Collective, ostracized, chastised, and eventually eliminated—because even once ousted, the rebels are a reminder that the Collective is nothing more than an illusion, a delusional Cult that exists only in diseased hive-minds.

Where is this Collective? Only in the mind. Only in language. Only in illusion.

Does the concept exist? Yes, it does. But only in the mind. Only in the illusion.

There are many ramifications that stem from this reality.

What cannot be emphasized enough is that this infectious mental disease, the hive-mind, IS IN FACT the driving force behind Agenda 2030. Look at the language, and you will see that the same exact patterns are embedded everywhere. This agenda is being driven by the Collective, and their singular objective is to rule us all.

They mean to be good masters—but they mean to be our masters.

Be your own master.

Justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The good news is, the globalists have meticulously outlined exactly what they think justice looks like, and no surprise, it looks exactly like communism.

Hence the fact that China is said to be a role model for the world.

With that in mind, I want to pull in one more embarrassing headline about the sock-puppet Joe Biden, who is currently making a mockery of America at the “Three Amigos Summit”—aka the North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS).

Along with the “expansion of the successful public-private partnership model”—which consolidates and centralizes power and control—the Three Amigos (Bumbling Biden, WEF Bro Black-face Trudeau, and El Chapo Lopez Obrador) claim they are “committed to combatting the climate crisis” by shoving more socialist solutions further down the throats of an unsuspecting public.

Here’s the headline, from Fox News:

Biden challenged by Mexico president on his 'forgetfulness' during North American Leaders' Summit

If you think Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was making a passing swipe as Biden’s mockable cognitive decline, you’d be wrong. Here’s Obrador’s comment:

“This is the moment for us to determine to do away with this abandonment, this disdain, and this forgetfulness for Latin America and the Caribbean.

You hold the key in your hand.

And what key might that be? Money. Of course.

Biden’s response was, “We share a common vision for the future, grounded in common values.” Just to refresh, this the Common Agenda of global cabal, and it is a poignant example of the Collective hive-mind. Do we really share a common vision?

No. That is not reality. That is an illusion. It would rightly be considered a LIE, except the fact that the Cult of Collective believes this language with utter conviction.

The point I want to make here, is that global socialism, which is the goal of Agenda 2030, inevitably pits developed nations against third-world countries. Of course, the term “third-world countries” is now deemed to be disparaging and racist, because we are in the age of woke equality.

What you must realize is the Cult of Collective is global in nature, and the majority of national leaders have been infected with the hive-mind. Leaders of developing nations are now evaluating geopolitical circumstance, not through the lens of logic, but through the delusions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They seek fairness and equality above all else—ignoring the reality that neither actually exists—and demanding that global councils do more to level the playing field.

To wit, UN Sustainable Development Goal 10 aims to “Reduce inequality within and among countries.” This excerpt from the 2019 SDG progress report makes the point:

Governance reforms are being negotiated at the International Monetary Fund, and changes were adopted at the World Bank in October 2018. However, full implementation will leave developing countries with just over 40 per cent of the voting rights, still short of the 75 per cent they represent in World Bank membership in terms of the number of countries.” (emphasis added)

You see, it’s not fair that 75% of the countries don’t get 75% of the say.

Don’t under estimate the ego of any national leader. They believe, with sincere and unshakable conviction, that THEY deserve more say, THEY deserve more money, THEY are the ones who are suffering from the systemic racism and injustices of the international systems, THEY are the ones who are the disproportionate victims of the Climate Crisis that’s being driven by unsustainable western lifestyles.

And that’s not fair. That’s why the global cabal—the head of the Collective—has to destroy our existing society, to make the world more equitable and fair. It’s a global redistribution of wealth. They can tear down the few strong countries faster than they can build up the rest. It’s more efficient and economical. This is global democracy.

The cabal will make sure that everyone “pays their fair share” at the global level, and make sure that everyone, especially the developed nations, do their part to secure a sustainable future—including abandoning the “considerable fossil fuel infrastructure” that supports modern life. Failure to do so, in the words of U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, would amount to “moral and economic madness.”

Sane individuals are quick to point out the insanity of it all, but their logic is entirely lost on the Cult of Collective. These people are insane, and right now, they’re winning the game. Their Decade of Action aims to mobilize everyone, everywhere, in order to create an unstoppable “collective” force that seeks to conquer us all.

Ironically, for the sake of the collective, we cannot let that happen.

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