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TR 267 - Looting, Shooting, and Losing Faith

TR 267 - Looting, Shooting, and Losing Faith

What happens when progressives come face to face with the reality they've created?

It’s interesting.

Christmas is over. Sort of.

For many people, who still have kids out of school and family in town, it seems like this “most wonderful time of the year” often stretches into an entire week or more of family time, fellowship, and festive indulgence. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Soak up the good stuff. Bask in the relaxation.

The days are getting longer. Summer is coming.

There are good days ahead. I recommend keeping that in mind, always.

Optimism, gratitude, and a positive perspective are the seeds of mental and emotional resilience. Your grit, tenacity, and determination can be galvanized by the very real challenges that lie ahead, but don’t allow the enemy to steal your joy.

Like the soldiers singing the Christmas truce, we can tap into something positive regardless of our circumstance—and let’s face it, for most of us, life is still pretty damn comfortable. And, as you know, that is both a blessing and a curse. Enjoying a bountiful life of relative abundance brings the blessings of gratitude and simple pleasures, but it also pacifies and beckons us to preserve these creature comforts, even when our freedoms are being threatened by unchecked tyranny.

We are under assault.

We, as a people, are being divided into bickering factions so that we may be conquered by a sly and cunning enemy. This is obvious to anyone who’s not still drinking the kool-aid, but for the most part, for the majority of people, the full weight of this reality has yet to sink in. That’s a major issue.

If we no longer share values or cultural traditions, there is nothing left to unite us.

The foundation of our culture has been crumbling for decades, with every minute fissure being relentlessly exploited by leftist quacks who are hellbent on destroying every aspect of our society to foment their own Marxist fantasies. This enduring culture war is only the long drawn-out prequel to the Communist revolution.

The first step in this Communist revolution, as we’ve discussed at length, is for the commies to build a coalition of crazies in order to “win the battle of democracy.” Once they’ve conned the “majority” of useful idiots into mindlessly voting for their own demise, they’ve cemented the mob rule with which they can then impugn political opposition, abuse any of the rebels who resist their tyranny, and pillage the populace to enrich their collective psychosis—all in the name of democracy.

We are fast approaching that point now.

Now that flagrant, felonious, and fraudulent elections have become common place, this mob rule will have to run its course. During this phase of the revolution, lawlessness abounds. Think about the billion dollar shoplifting crime wave, the senseless looting in Buffalo, the drug infested homeless camps that are overrunning once beautiful cities, the BLM riots, and the violent crime that is plaguing the nation.

None of this is by accident. It didn’t just happen. Remember the big hubbub about defunding the police? That was all part of the plan. Unleash the criminals. Let the cartels and human traffickers have their way with America.

The real threat to America are all the violent right-wing extremists and all those racist Christian insurrectionists, remember? Anyone who wants to Make America Great Again is now categorically demeaned as a domestic terrorist. It’s insane.

But it’s happening. It’s happening right in front of our eyes. It’s happening in big cities and small towns all across the country, and though many people are wise to the fact that something is dreadfully wrong, very few people realize this is all part of a much larger plot. It is a systematic destruction of the America we love.

Have you noticed how many people no longer love the country of their birth? In fact, recent polling indicates 55% of millennials are considering moving to another country. While it may be tempting to say “goodbye and good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” this is a disturbing trend that signifies the institutionally conditioned disenchantment that threatens to end our nation once and for all.

Consider this bitter, cynical, despicable poem that captures the ethos of this anti-American movement:

“I’m stuck in this nightmare called the American dream.
I’m having sleep paralysis. Shaking…yet stuck!
Struggling to wake up from this treacherous dream
It feels really cold & lonely here. Cold metals and hot concrete.
Artificial, everything! Everything is TOXIC!
The air, filled with chem-trails
The water, filled with chemicals
The land, filled with toxins
The water bodies, filled with mercury
The plants, coated in pesticides
The animals, filled with antibiotics
Black blood, spilling in the streets
Oh what a dream.
The American Dream!
Fuck this ‘progressive’ dream
I’m forever anxious in this dream state.
It feels like I was sold a dream
A dream that came with so much debt
Never affording you true, lasting happiness
Pimping consumerism. Powered by sugar.
I’m stuck in a rat race. Running..Running..Running
To make a dollar
Just so Uncle Sam can holla
Shit! I stay working for more zeros
So maybe I can be some type of hero.
So maybe I can buy some more stuff to fill this void?
What am I doing in this dream?
Somebody, please wake me up! Because this can’t be real life….
Fuck the American dream!
Death to the American Dream!”

Reality often hurts.

This poor confused soul would be better served by seeing a psychiatrist than skipping the country, but honestly, having one less useful idiot around doesn’t hurt my feeling one bit. BUT, here’s the issue: There are many, many young Americans who share this same perspective. THIS is what they believe. This is what they’ve been conditioned to believe, because this level of disenchantment unravels the very fabric of our society.

They will not fight for American values. They will not make a stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They do not share the cultural values of grit, tenacity, and self-determination, honesty and hard work. People like this have no functional concept of the American dream. They believe things like this:


Generationally speaking, these indoctrinated morons make up the majority of the population:

To be fair, it should go without saying that not everyone in the younger generation is a woke minion, any more than everyone in the older generation is a staunch constitutionalist—far from it on both accounts. However, these trends carry with them the subconscious biases of institutional conditioning, which is why there are so many angry, disturbed, disgruntled young people committing suicide right now.

Youth suicide is an epidemic—up a shocking 56% in the last fifteen years. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and covid combined. Why?

Simply put, these youth have lost faith in the goodness of life. They don’t know what to think, who to trust, or what to believe. Everything is so mixed-up and turned upside-down, to them the future seems hopeless. They have no cultural roots. Everything that was once good in life—like Christmas for example—has become a symbol of racist, white-supremacist, Christian oppression. Everything good is now bad.

In their darkened minds, snow has become black. The transition is complete.

Where do we go from here?

We have to come together. We have to pull together. We have to work together. We have to grow together. We have to stand together, or else we will surely fall together.

There have been over 100 attacks on the power-grid this year, with four more substations being attacked in Washington state over the Christmas weekend. If the power went out in your neighborhood, who would you turn to for help?

How about all the mysterious attacks on the food supply chain throughout the year? If the food shortages are “gonna be real,” who will you turn to for help?

Imagine when the government starts to institute “Climate Lockdowns”—where authorities put up road blocks to restrict your travel to state sanctioned excursions—like they are getting ready to pilot in Britain. How would you make a stand against this sort of tyranny? More importantly: Who would stand with you?

You see, the Great Reset is far from over. Think long term.

Do not lose faith. Though the American Dream may be on its heels, the American Spirit is still very much alive. The enemy is working night and day to sow division, to divide We the People into warring political factions. We can overcome this by intentionally knitting the social fabric, inviting our neighbors to join us for food, fun, and fellowship. This is how we stitch together our team and shore up our side on the right side of history.

In this way, we can build resistance to tyranny one relationship at a time. We can strengthen our communities. We can gain allies. We can spark hope and fan the flames of freedom. We can organize and mobilize for practical political impact at the local level. We can take back our schools, our councils, and our way of life.

We can do all of this and more, as we ready ourselves for the cultural battles ahead.

Stay wise friends. We’re on a bumpy road ahead, but the best days are still ahead of us!

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