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TR 262 - There are Pernicious Patterns at Play

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TR 262 - There are Pernicious Patterns at Play

Connecting the dots between the U.S. dog and pony show and the rest of global unrest.

It’s very interesting.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have long understood the various methods that can be used to manipulate an individual’s mental and emotional state. They have also studied and perfected the techniques of manipulating the public mindset and political sentiment as well. All of these techniques have been developed to a fine science.

In the last 100 years or so, this propaganda has become a sophisticated form of art.

With these tools of psychological manipulation now being infused with and deployed by artificial intelligence, they can now paint an ultimate masterpiece in manipulation.

The deception has never been grander. The collective delusions never so certain.

Our emotions are being batted about like a cat playing with a mouse.

They are stoking rage.

Today we will examine several different patterns that are playing out at the global level, starting with a few prominent headlines right here at home:

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