Dec 19, 2022 • 22M

TR 262 - There are Pernicious Patterns at Play

Connecting the dots between the U.S. dog and pony show and the rest of global unrest.

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Luke Throop
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It’s very interesting.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have long understood the various methods that can be used to manipulate an individual’s mental and emotional state. They have also studied and perfected the techniques of manipulating the public mindset and political sentiment as well. All of these techniques have been developed to a fine science.

In the last 100 years or so, this propaganda has become a sophisticated form of art.

With these tools of psychological manipulation now being infused with and deployed by artificial intelligence, they can now paint an ultimate masterpiece in manipulation.

The deception has never been grander. The collective delusions never so certain.

Our emotions are being batted about like a cat playing with a mouse.

They are stoking rage.

Today we will examine several different patterns that are playing out at the global level, starting with a few prominent headlines right here at home:

Tom Fitton works with Judicial Watch. He seems to be a good guy. But when I watched the video, there’s just something about his image. It’s almost too good. But let’s steer clear of conspiratorial conclusions and ask a simple question:

How does this short video clip of the announcement make you feel?

Isn’t it frustrating to be reminded that the Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, that he had weaponized government agencies to target American patriots who were protesting the corruption and government abuses? What ever happened with any of that stuff about the Holder running guns, Lynch meeting Clinton on the tarmac, or the tragedy in Benghazi? Nothing.

Judicial Watch is an interesting and generally upstanding organization. They uncover lots of good stuff. But what happens with all that good stuff? Does any of the evidence ever bring charges or actually lead to change? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Speaking of charges, how about these headlines:

Again, the question is not whether or not Trump should be indicted. The question is not about whether the J6 trials were anything more than political theater. The only question that really matters is: How do you feel about Trump being arrested?

Speaking of being arrested, how about these headlines:

“Donald Trump cares more about this country than anyone I know, and those bastards in the media want to drag him through the mud,” declared Kari Lake, before giving the media establishment the finger, minus the finger. (video here)

How does that make you feel?

How do you feel about the media lying to the American people, censoring our free speech, pushing the government propaganda, and running cover for the corrupt political establishment? Hell yeah, give ‘em the finger, right?!

I love it. I love the raw passion. I love the unvarnished truth. I love the courage to speak the truth, to stand up and push back, to challenge these bastards at their own game. Arrest corrupt elections officials who broke the law and violated their oaths of office. Hell yeah. That’s exactly what needs to happen. But will it?

These are honest questions: Will Judicial Watch hold the Obama administration accountable for their corruption? Will Donald Trump actually get charged with a crime this time? Will the Arizona election officials actually get arrested? Gosh, guess we have to stay glued to the news to find out, right?! Do you see the pattern?

But let’s zoom out, because there are other patterns at play.

How about this quote from the liberal rag I referenced above:

Lake went on to preach the need for America to have religion and former President Donald Trump who, like Lake, refused to concede the 2020 presidential election to President Joe Biden.

“We are Americans and we bow to one king and that is our Creator, God,” she said, raising her hand.

“We got to bring God back, guys,” added Lake. “I want to bring somebody else back. I think you know who I’m talking about, President Donald J. Trump.”

Read those words and let them sink in. How do you feel about this perspective?

Now how do other people feel about this perspective, about America being a Christian nation, needing to bring God back, needing to bring Trump back?

AHA! Now we can see the wedge. This is yet another divisive issue (kind of like Brunson)—and it isn’t dividing the radical left, it’s dividing the political Right and the liberty movement. I’ve written about this issue and pointed out how they are trying to paint our resistance to tyranny as a Christian insurrection, as noted in these reports:

Before it’s all said and done, we will have to reconcile with the fact that Americans from all walks of life—Christians and non-Christians alike—must stand together on the right side of history to preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations.

Zoom out more.

Just as a friendly reminder, we are in the midst of the Great Reset, which seeks to enslave humanity in a great global socialist surveillance state under the guise of saving the planet. Digital currencies and social credit scores will be all the rave, and China is the perfect role model for the whole entire world. Get with with program.

It would also be wise to keep in mind that this is a global level sham.

It’s happening all around the globe at this very moment. Not a single day goes by that the invisible hand of the global cabal isn’t weaving its wicked schemes into the fabric of our daily lives. Their agenda is ominous and ever present. They have captured the minds of the masses and they have seduced our elected leaders. They drive the narrative just as suredly as the sun drives the seasons.

But, lest I get stuck waxing poetic, the gist is this: Pain is all part of the plan.

Pain is the plan. Crank up the stress, uncertainty, and suffering enough, and the populace will begin to beg and plead for government intervention. The masses will willingly throw themselves into the arms of tyrants, begging them to take charge, to control the unruly mobs who threaten peace and stability, to arrest those rebellious peasants who are threatening democracy and imperiling public health and safety.

Political chaos is the prerequisite for political revolution.

And that’s all part of the plan too—the political revolution—but we’re not there yet even though it does appear that we are getting there fast. According to Kari Lake, it’s time to burn it all to the ground:

“I think they’re all wondering what I’m going to do,” Lake told the crowd. “I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to just knock that house of cards over. We’re going to burn it to the ground.”

When’s the last time you heard a conservative candidate talk like that? Is she wrong? Is she right? Was Bill Gates correct when he predicted a civil war? Is now the time?

Let’s play a game.

When I say Peru, you say…. coup!

When I say Brazil, you say…. coup!

When I say Tunisia, you say…. coup!

When I say Albania, you say…. coup!

When I say Czechia, you say…. coup!

Each of these sovereign nations are in a slightly different stage of being overthrown by the global cabal. That’s my take on it at any rate. The aim is to install a socialist leader that is sympathetic to the globalist agenda and who stands in solidarity with the United Nation’s goal to rule the world with a Global Digital Governance.

This list of five countries is just the tip of the iceberg. There are conflicts and “anti-government” protests erupting all around the world. Why is that?

Because in many places, people have been being treated like animals by their government for much longer than we have here in America. They’ve been lied to and betrayed and have come face to face with the fact that political corruption knows no bounds. As governments centralize and consolidate their power and control, they inevitably exercise more power and control. Especially socialist governments.

Good sense and the peasants be damned.

If you were to drill down and search for “coup in Peru” for example, what you will find are both claims and counterclaims. You will find court rulings and rulings being overruled. You will find sophisticated propaganda from both sides. But most importantly, you will find that this subversive process has been underway for years, if not for decades. Again, the patterns abound.

The closer we look at what is happening around the globe, the more clarity we gain. It becomes increasingly clear that our clandestine operations have come home to roost. The regime toppling playbook is now playing out across the daily headlines.

Within that framework, let me ask you a question:

What has to happen for America to fall?

What has to happen for martial law to be declared, for elections to be overturned, and for civil unrest to explode across the nation? What has to happen before our cash becomes trash and inflation destroys what’s left of our feeble economy? What has to happen before we are all assigned a digital ID that works with our new digital currency? What has to happen before we become more like our role model China?

There is no end to the speculation, but having China setting up a “China House” in the U.S. State Department, to advance a vision of a new “inclusive international system,” seems like a solid first step. At this rate, we’ll all be enjoying a global social credit system and communist style global dictatorship in no time! How exciting!

Here’s the what:

We have to be divided before we fall—and we’re pretty well divided as it stands.

We have to be angry before we fight—and they are stoking this rage as we speak.

The peasants would have to be desperate before they try to burn the whole place down. Call it a hunch, but all the pernicious patterns seem to be pushing us in that direction, and fast… “while the cabal keeps marching on!”

Stay wise patriots. The enemy is on the move. And remember:

“All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

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