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TR 259 - The Gist of Generational Warfare

TR 259 - The Gist of Generational Warfare

There are longer cycles at play than just what happens today.

Think long term.

You know that the global cabal is operating on a long term plan, executing strategies that were developed decades ago, pushing for outcomes that have been sought for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s hard to wrap the mind around this reality.

Secret societies. Special religious sects. Prophecy.

All such discussion must be taken with a grain of salt. People believe different things. What we can know for sure, is that the more secretive and elusive a group is with their beliefs, the more staunch their convictions and the more deeply embedded their ideologies become. This then becomes the catalyst for long term tactical actions meant to achieve grandiose visions and lofty global goals.

What I am saying is this: Yes, there are secret societies, special religious sects, prophecies, and even outright cults. These people have been meeting in the shadows and contemplating how to assert influence on society for as long as society has existed. This is a basic manifestation of human nature—our obsession with secrets and the occult—and it inevitably weaves its way into every aspect of society, especially politics.

As a result we end up with Skull and Bone presidents, Illuminati influencers, Club of Rome federal officials, JWs and Scottish Rite Freemasons as elected representatives, etc. I’m not saying any of this is wrong per se, I’m just pointing out that people will be people, groups will be groups, and some groups are more organized that others. A small group of very organized people, say like a secret society with a clear vision and specific plan of action, is going to have much greater impact than a random gaggle of peasants—and some groups have been organizing for a really, really long time.

Hence the current situation, where a small group of sociopaths are trying to enslave humanity in a technocratic dystopian hell; a great inescapable global socialist surveillance state that dictates the minutia of daily living under the threat of penalty, imprisonment, or expulsion from modern society; this small group of powerful elite have their plans to have their way with us, and masses have only begun to be abused.

But let’s set all of this aside. There is another over arching force coming to bear on this moment, and that is the force of generational cycles. The impact of societal circumstance that impressed itself upon the subconscious motivations of each generation inevitably leads to revolution in more ways than one, not the least of which is a revolution in ways of thinking and relating to life.

Are you ready for a revolution? You should be, because our generation has been primed for this moment in time by forces beyond our control. Now we must rise to the challenge of redefining what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will look like for generations to come, and we must organize, as reluctant leaders, the opposition to antiquated idealism that seeks to impose its intolerant beliefs upon us all.

Buckle up.

Forgive my philosophical musings. It may seem like fluff, but I’m stretching out into that fluff, grasping for a purpose. What will compel that average Gen-Xer to get off the bench and into the game? How much abuse must our generation take, before we decide that enough is enough? If not for ourselves—who have learned to adapt and simply take the abuse—we must intercede and interrupt this cycle of tyranny to secure the blessings of liberty for future generations.

That’s the gist in a nutshell. The old guard is getting old. They’ve failed to protect the people, the rights of the people, and the ways of the people from the ideological subversion of zealots. These zealots, with their secret societies and cult-like obsessions, have long been planning to rule the world—and they’ve nearly pulled it off. It is only now, in this moment of great awakening, that our in-between generation can fully begin to appreciate the role of bridging the old world with the new.

There is no going back. It is time to let go. But it would be foolish to toss the baby out with the bathwater, to uproot cultural tradition entirely, and succumb to the fanatical whims of sociopaths who have amassed great wealth, power, and influence in their ideological crusade against the way things were.

There is value in the past. Those who forget history are destined to repeat it, as they say. We’ve seen this all before, albeit without the 21st century twists that make this such an edgy and seemingly lost cause. Preserving freedom for future generations? The old would tell us that freedom is what caused this mess and that centralized control is the only solution. The young are still foolish enough to believe them.

But we know better.

It does not matter what issue they use to divide and conquer. It does not matter what cause they push to incite the riot. What matters is why they—the older generation of Klaus Schabs, Joe Bidens, George Bushs, Epsteins and Pelosis—why they are systematically destroying all aspects of existing society. They are doing it to drive their own ideals, to fundamentally transform the world into their idealistic utopian dream called Future Earth. What they really want is control.

Believing that they know what is best for everyone else on the planet, they believe that the ends justify the means. They believe their victory is inevitable. They believe that they are morally and intellectually superior. They believe they’ve got it dialed. All the pieces are in place. They’ve been waiting for this moment, working toward it for a long, long time. Nothing can stop them now.

They must win, in order to save us from ourselves. They have to save the planet. They have to keep people safe. They have to liberate children from their families, liberate families from their traditions, and liberate traditions from the cultures that enshrined them. In other words, they have to convince the masses to reject the reality that surrounds them, in order to embrace the idealism of a great socialist state.

But I have a different idea.

Rise up.

Rise up and be heard. Stand and be accounted for. We’ve been called the silent generation, the lost generation, the hapless, hopeless generation, a generation of drifters and misfits who have more or less been left to figure life out on our own.

We see the folly of the older generation and the foolishness of the younger—and make no mistake, we see our own folly and foolishness as well. Yet we also see the wisdom in the ways of days gone past, as well as wisdom in the adaptation to modern innovations brought forth by the younger generations.

While we are less likely to be members of secret societies or religious sects, while we are quick to reject the cumbaya of collective fantasies being projected by kids who’ve yet to face the full harshness of reality—kids who know no better because they’ve been conditioned, victimized, and preyed upon by the sociopathic leaders of the older generation—we stand distinctly separate from, intermingle with, and bridging the gap between these interlocking fallacies.

The world is not perfect. It never has been, which is why the idealism of the 60s gave birth to the Clintons and Obamas of today. And it never will be, which is why their perennial call for social revolution—which is nothing less that socialist, marxist, communist revolution, regardless of what they call it—has gained such traction amongst the youth of today. These youth also see the problems of the world, if only the problems they have been trained to perceive.

Pragmatically, standing in the gap, we see the problems from both angles. And, for all the infinite complexity of these societal problems, we also see there are simple solutions. To the issue of an overbearing corrupt political class (which mirrors the generational struggle of Boomers against their own overbearing parents), we offer the simple solution of peaceful noncompliance.

Rules for thee, but not for me? Yeah, we’re over that.

To the issue of great, global, collective challenges—like climate change and endemic pandemics—we offer the simple solution of local control, which may come as a sobering dose of reality for the useful idiots who actually believe that some unelected group of bureaucrats in some distant land have any sort of authority to rule our lives.

This authority does not exist, despite what they claim.

It is easy to prove this fact, the fact that this authority does not actually exist, but to do so requires breaking the rules, castigating political correctness and petty politeness, shattering social norms, and getting back to basic instinct. Irrefutable proof of individual autonomy and self-sovereignty—the very substance and foundation of self-governance—is best understood from a biological basis.

Rights? Rules? Restrictions? Oh yeah, says who? Try to put a mask on my face. Try to stick a needle in my arm. Try to prevent me from caring for a loved one or gathering with family and friends. Whatever might be made to forcefully impose some arbitrary sense of power and authority will be met with an instinctual urge to resist, to rebel, to fight back, and to re-establish some mutual respect.

To the tyrants trying to take over the world: Who the hell do you think you are?

To the petty tyrants who are all puffed up, high on their sense of importance, and pompously trying to do the bidding of these elite sociopaths:

Do you really want to do this? Is it worth getting punched in the nose?

Step back.

Let’s reconcile to reality. Empathy unlocks the answers. We have to agree to disagree.

Yes we have to work together. Yes we have to find solutions to common problems. Yes we have some challenges to overcome. But here’s the thing: The solutions being presented are as foolish as the problems they are purported to solve.

There is a fundamental disconnect that happens when we, as a society, disagree on what the underlying problem is. Is it institutional? Is it political? Is it environmental?

Is it mental?

The case could be made for any of these answers, but at its root, the source of all these problems is human nature. Institutions come and go, as do political norms, processes, and regimes. Nature itself ebbs and flows from one environmental extreme to another, from ice age to a fully tropical planet, before plunging back again into cold.

We are we a spec, a pale blue dot, as Carl Sagan so famously said. Our lifetimes are but an instant in the geological span of time. Our lives are but a blooming flower and our generations are a mere season of change, which reminds me of a poem:

Transient time
Layers of change
Create and destroy
Two sides of the same.

Change is inevitable. This too shall pass. But within this moment lies an opportunity to grasp the fullness of being alive, to embrace the nature of being free and independent beings, to assert the primal human urge to live free or die, and fight to protect this right for ourselves and future generations. We have to remind people what it means to be free and help them fall in love with freedom once more.

That is the calling of our generation. Will our reluctant leaders heed the call?

Only time will tell.

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