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TR 255 - What's Not In the News Today

TR 255 - What's Not In the News Today

Zooming out to maintain proper perspective on what lies ahead.

They’re at it again.

It’s not exactly a secret, but the global elites are meeting this week to plan out the rest of our lives, and virtually no one is paying attention.

Meanwhile some quasi-honest liberal media outlets are beginning to acknowledge that results of the Arizona elections appear to be outright fraud, dumb Republican politicians continue to bicker and fight over who gets the gavel, a notorious cartel hit man who tortured and decapitated dozens of people has simply vanished from his U.S. prison cell, and some sleek Saudi sheik brokered a deal to swap a U.S. women’s basketball player for a Russian merchant of death. You can’t make this stuff up.

Today, we need to set aside this circus of insanity and focus on the bigger picture.

We are in the midst of the Great Reset, remember? The outcome of this incredible transition is nothing less than enslavement in a global socialist surveillance state, complete with social credit scores, state controlled digital currency, AI facilitated censorship, and draconian regulations that will make life more miserable than you might imagine. In just seven short years, you will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy.

If you resist, you will either be re-educated (via moral regeneration and brainwashing), fully and completely ostracized from civil society (no soup for you!), or worse yet, you will simply disappear—just like a Mexican cartel boss in maximum security prison.

Still, resist we must. This is an epic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. If we want to live out our lives in relative peace and prosperity, if we want to preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations, if we want America to be recognizable at the end of this decade, we have to make a stand, and we have to do it now.

I am disgusted by reports that Republicans did not motivate their base and get out the vote. Is this true? How is that possible in light of the blatant corruption? How can so many people fail to show up and vote for a future worth having? Whether or not this is what actually happened, or if it’s just a projection of inaccurate perspective, the fact that there was no red wave—for whatever unwholesome reason—simply pisses me off.

Election integrity? Ha.

Accountability? Yeah right.

Investigations? Stop wasting my time.

We’re getting played like grade-schoolers playing against Brittney Griner. We’re barely up to the knees of the giants who are running the show. Every shot we take gets knocked down before the ball even leaves our hand. We are out matched in every way, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it—but we’ve still gotta play ball.

This is a David and Goliath death match at the global level. We may pray for Providence to intercede, but don’t think for a second that the cavalry is coming.

Don’t think that Trump is going to get re-elected. Even if he deserves it, even if he was robbed of victory in the last election, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that he will ever sit in the oval office again. The two-party establishment will bring down the whole house of cards before that happens. There is zero chance of Trump saving the day, despite what many would like to believe. It’s not going to happen. Get over it.

Don’t think that Republicans in congress are going to conduct any meaningful investigations that will lead to any sort of accountability whatsoever. It’s not going to happen. They may pull off some entertaining political theater, but in the end, nothing will happen. They are powerless. Our elected representatives are owned by an army of highly adept lobbyists who are skillfully doing the bidding of the global cabal.

And don’t forget about the invisible hand, the global forces forged in darkness that have fused public-private partnerships that are infinitely more powerful than any nation state, who are deploying a vast fleet of NGOs to conquer the world under the auspice of doing good. This is the global cabal, deeper than the deep state, and wholly superior to any other force that has ever been assembled in all of human history.

Do you think they are going to let Donald Trump ruin their plans? “C’mon man!”


These people wield the most powerful tools and weapons that have ever been created.

What can we do with our tiny torch and pitchfork? Think about it.

Friends, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we cannot win. I’m saying that it’s beyond a long shot, and wishful thinking and false hope are not helpful. Neither is some esoteric “faith” that our fate has already been written—i.e. that prophecy will prevail and therefore we should just sit back and watch the show. WRONG.

Such attitudes feed apathy and detachment from reality.

What we must do is face what is right in front of us and be brutally honest about the situation. If there is hope to be had, it will be found in building relationships and alliances with other liberty loving Americans who can see what’s going on, who are willing to roll up the sleeves and take the massive uncomfortable actions necessary to correct course before it’s too late. Many will hear the call, but only the bravest among us will rise to the challenge and fight with all their worth.

Are you willing to risk it all? Would you rush headlong into battle if it meant saving everything you love? Would you rise and fight the beast if it meant feeding your hungry family? Would you face ridicule, imprisonment, and endure tribulation for the chance to live and die free? If your answer is no, I understand. Few will heed the call.

What then?

Being physically out matched, literally out gunned, and strategically on our heels, the wise would realize this is a battle of wits. It’s a mental game. It’s psychological warfare.

The enemy is recruiting allies. Are we?

The enemy is persuading the masses. Are we?

The enemy is relentlessly on the move. Are we?

The enemy is driven by conviction. Are we?

The enemy is playing the long game. Are we?

Many years ago, the enemy of humanity—that small group of sociopaths who seek to conquer and control us all—started collaborating at the global level. They gather frequently to brainstorm, build relationships, and put their plans on paper. Through innumerable iterations, they ultimately announced that the 2020s would be “The Decade of Action”—a proclamation they made more than 30 years ago.

Think about what has happened since January 2020. The world has been turned upside down. I am telling you, this orchestrated chaos is all part of their long established plan. This is the Decade of Action. It is destined to be a decade of radical action that is meant to fundamentally transform the world as we know it, and it will, whether we want it to or not. The change is inevitable. There is no going back.

But, and that’s a Great Big BUT, that doesn’t mean that we are helpless. The fact they’ve been planning this for so long doesn’t mean that we can’t interrupt their plans. The fact that they have an agenda that seeks to enslave humanity does not preclude us from advancing our own strategies to free the minds of humanity.

The change is inevitable, but we can still choose to use change to our advantage.

We can and we must choose to use change. We must embrace the chaos and step into the storm. We must seek advantage and opportunity within the ever evolving current circumstance. Now is not the time to lament losing our comfortable past, but instead prepare for the coming hardships and peer into future potentials, seeking solutions for what lies ahead and working backwards from there.

Does that make sense?

Yes, we have big problems in the here and now. The utter lack of election integrity comes to mind, or millions of illegal aliens smuggling drugs and kidnapped children across our borders, or homeless drug addicts littering the streets of once beautiful cities, or corrupt politicians breaking their oaths of office with complete impunity, the perversion of public education and the grooming of an entire generation, or any of the other myriad examples of madness that seem to be running unchecked—these are all very real problems, but focusing on these problems will yield no solution.

These issues must be dealt with, no doubt, but by focusing on these very real problems our attention is fixed on reacting to the here and now. That means that our energy and our efforts are being siphoned through reaction to circumstance that are being orchestrated by a much more organized enemy. That means we lose, forever.

It’s like a child playing chess against a chess master. By the time the child realizes a piece is being threatened, the master is already many moves ahead. The child reacts to the threat, but the reaction was calculated and anticipated by the master. Regardless of how the child reacts, whatever move they chose, the game is already lost.

The master was driving reaction, the child was simply reacting.

If we only react to the problems at hand, we will always be many steps behind.

That means we lose. That’s the moral of the story.

But we don’t have to lose. If we realize the situation and adapt fast enough, if we adopt and mirror the strategies and techniques being used against us, if we learn from the masters who are manipulating our fate, we do have a chance at reclaiming our destiny.

It won’t be easy, but then again, defeating evil never is!


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