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TR 245 - Making Sense of Madness

TR 245 - Making Sense of Madness

Broadening our consideration of how the next few years play out.

Look. Listen. Learn.

Look at what passes as news. Listen to the conflicting narratives.

Learn to discern the distinction between fact, fiction, and utter farce.

Let’s take it one issue at a time. First up, election integrity.

Fact: Voting machines lead to widespread election fraud with zero accountability.

  • High profile Democrats have been pointing this out for years, claiming that voting machines are controlled by the Bush dynasty, and that is the only reason that Al Gore and John Kerry lost their presidential bids.

Fiction: Widespread election fraud is a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  • In 2008, Barrack Obama admitted on C-SPAN that the machines had no paper trail and were rife with fraud, pointing out that the problem could be fixed if they could just get “Democrats in charge of the machines”—like they had in Chicago.

FARCE: U.S. elections are safe and secure.

  • Note that this information has been labeled as “misleading” followed by the completely baseless religious mantra that US elections are “safe and secure.”

How do we know for sure that our elections are safe and secure? We just have to click the “Find out more” to learn that “Voting machines provide accurate election results”—according to the Twitter fact-checkers. What an F*ing FARCE!!

Meanwhile, in Arizona, AG Mark Brnovich's election integrity unit is demanding a full investigation into the “well-publicized irregularities,” claiming there is abundant evidence of “statutory violations”—even as the Associated Press tries to sell Americans on the idea that even though programming errors and machine malfunctions are known to have occurred, “no major problems have been reported.”

It’s maddening.

Even more insane, over 70% of Democrats actually believe that sock-puppet Joe Biden (who turned 80 years old on Sunday) will be able to win the presidency again in 2024. Democrat leaders are telling the media that he is still “extremely capable” and that he has delivered an “unprecedented level of accomplishment” over the last two years.

Listen for yourself, and look at his eyes:

People actually believe this crap!!!

The fact that 70% of people cannot distinguish fact from fiction, and that they cannot recognize a flat out lie, does not bode well for our future. With this degree of gullibility—let alone the sheer stupidity—we are almost destined to be enslaved by the global cabal, with the growing chorus of useful idiots cheering for their own demise.

But come on, a global cabal? That’s just fiction, right? Is there really a small group of power hungry people trying to take over the world? Are they really using AI to manipulate humanity and institute a new world order?

By now, that should all seem rhetorical.

Just last week French President Emmanuel Macron—member of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders and WEF stooge—told the world, “We need a single global order.” And let’s not forget, earlier this year our own sock-puppet in office declared that there was “going to be a new world order” and that the US was going to lead it.

Friends, just to drive the point home, it would be wise to recall that it was Republican President H.W. Bush who first announced to the American people that we were heading into a New World Order—and that was all the way back in 1990:

“A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a New World Order -- can emerge…”

Let that sink in, please.

Of course, as you may already know, this has been in the works for much longer than that. You may recall learning about how the Communists were instrumental in establishing the original United Nation’s charter, as carefully documented in TR 84 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, and how all of this is directly linked to the international banking cabal, as outlined in TR 114 - Following the Money to Future Earth.

Elsewhere we’ve explored how this is directly linked to eugenics, the desire for total control and reduction of the global population, and decades of planning that have culminated in the current Agenda 2030 and COVID-19: The Great Reset, which kicked off a decade of “incredible transitions” that will lead us to Future Earth.

More recently, we’ve looked at the deployment of weaponized AI and the Algorithmic Social Interventions that are being used to control public perceptions—which is nothing less than 21st century mind control (aka brainwashing)—and the fact that the global elite are convinced of their inevitable success because they now have the technology to treat the whole of humanity like hackable animals.

Add to that the 280+ international “interventions” that have been facilitated by a consortium of corrupt NGOs like the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems—all of which have direct ties to rigged elections and political upheavals all around the globe—and it would appear that we have a new world order indeed.

Clearly there is an invisible hand that is actively determining political outcomes all around the globe, tipping the scales in favor of the globalist agenda and all that that entails.

Keep that in mind.

Are you excited about Donald Trump running for reelection? Do you think they will let him win? The Republican establishment will oppose and undermine him every step of the way. The Democrat establishment will whip their base into a frothing mad mob. The media will run 24/7/365 coverage of all things anti-Trump and continue to label the MAGA crowd unhinged right-wing extremists—and people will believe it.

How do you think this will play out? Maybe Bill Gates is right, we’ll end up with a hung election and a civil war—as in, maybe his prediction was for 2024.

What we know for sure is that the Democrats will be in lockstep, while the Republicans tear each other apart and Libertarians increasingly split the vote.

Who do you think will win in that situation? We the People?

I don’t like it any more than you do, but near as I can tell, this is what they have planned. The political establishment knows how to out game a bunch of uppity peasants.

Zoom out.

While Americans continue to bicker and squabble, while characters like Kanye West toss their hat in the ring and the circus enters its next act, the global cabal continues to advance and accelerate their agenda. Don’t take your eye off the ball!

Remember the food shortages that Biden said are going to be real? Remember the fuel shortages and the rampant inflation? Remember the destruction of the dollar and the transition to a new digital currency? Don’t forget that this is all part of the incredible transition designed to usher us into the new socialist surveillance state.

Did you know the transition to Fedcoin is officially underway? No doubt this new digital currency will make it much easier for the United States to pay climate reparations to the third-world nations who are suffering because of the planetary damage being caused by our reckless, unsustainable western lifestyles.

This is what is being talked about while Americans bicker about politics.

Friends, we are way past Left versus Right. It’s now local against global, it’s freedom against enslavement, and it’s humanity against the machines. The fate of our future and our children’s future will be decided by the battle between We the People and the psychopathic cabal of global elites who are trying to take over the world.

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