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TR 242 - Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

TR 242 - Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Are you ready to Make America Great Again? Do you think they'll let that happen?

Here we go.

Last night Trump announced he was running for reelection in 2024. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about it, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. But first, here’s a screenshot of the front page of the Seattle Times this morning:

Notice the words “escalating” and “blame”… hasn’t the blame been escalating for years at this point? Wasn’t that the whole point of the J6 show trials? Hasn’t that been the point of labeling Trump supporters as MAGA extremists? Isn’t that why there has been so much effort to turn the establishment type Republicans against this unhinged fringe minority of the Party? I believe the answer is yes to all of the above.

And we’re not unhinged.

In fact, those of us who voted for Donald Trump in 2020, who I have insisted on asking the hard questions about all the “statistical anomalies” and voting irregularities since then—you know, why in the hell were the Democrats allowed to steal the election and insert a sock-puppet president—we are not the crazy ones.

We are the rational ones who demand logical answers, who are intelligent enough to think for ourselves, and who have yet to receive a satisfactory answer. Instead, every effort has been made to sweep 2020 under the rug and try and keep Donald Trump from getting elected ever again. Their efforts to destroy the man have been insatiable, which makes his announcement equally remarkable and flabbergasting.

And yet here we are. I cannot help but filter this through the lens of psyops.

Optimism? Hope? Will there be investigations and accountability? Will we really Make America Great Again? I suppose it’s possible. We should certainly try. But something just doesn’t quite sit right with all of this. It feels like a set up.

More than anything, what I’ve learned during my time in DC is that our elected representatives are not the ones running the show. It’s just a handful of Party bosses, who despite the appearance of being arch rivals, are actually working in cahoots with global power brokers to advance an international agenda.

They control the flow of money, which is either extracted from the peasants or printed out of thin air, and then directly invested in the proverbial “Deep State” coffers. From there, thousands of unelected federal bureaucrats use these funds to regulate, manipulate, and pilfer the unsuspecting public. It’s top down control.

That’s the state of American politics in a nutshell. Our form of government is supposed to represent the will of the people, but it has become wholly dysfunctional for that purpose—and all of this dysfunction is a feature, not a bug in the system.

Remember Epstein?

Don’t think for a second this wasn’t a political suicide. Now that’s power, is it not?

The ends justify the means. There are no rules, except for the rules of radicals. Morality does not guide the people who have this sort of power. There is neither shame nor conscience in this type of character. Keep that in mind.

Isn’t it amazing that Teflon Don hasn’t been utterly destroyed by the establishment he so brazenly disrupted? They’ve tried, but he always seems to out fox them. When they’ve got him on the run, he always gets away. When they think they’ve got him pinned down or nailed to the wall, he always manages a Houdini-like escape.

It’s almost better than fiction, isn’t it?

Donald Trump is like the ultimate hero, or the ultimate villain, depending on who you ask. His meteoric rise was unimaginable, even incomprehensible to the political establishment and their media lap dogs. His crass, crude behavior reverberated across the heartland, and like him, love him, or hate him, he was a man who got stuff done.

He ushered in an era of energy independence and economic prosperity. There was record low unemployment in communities of all colors. Red tape was slashed and the beast of bureaucracy was temporarily put on a leash. He was a champion of the people.

But then, covid. That changed everything. And don’t forget, Dr. Fauci said it was going to happen, just shortly after Trump took office. Even prior to the pandemic, Trump was opposed by his own party. He was betrayed by the establishment. His efforts to Make America Great Again were undermined at every step, and We the People watched it all happen.

What we’ve been through since way back then, when Trump first came down the escalator has been a wild emotional roller coaster. At first, the surge of excitement and hope, then the tenuous, nervous unknowing of what happens next, then the utter disgust and disappointment of betrayal by the people who we thought we could trust.

Over and over again this pattern played out. Repeal and replace Obamacare? Yes! Oh, wait… oh no… argh! Stabbed in the back by our own party! But wait, there’s hope, they’re investigating Clinton’s water closet, the economy is booming, there’s going to be some accountability and things are looking up—but… no… no way, she got away with it? Now they’re going to impeach Trump? WTF? What the hell is going on out there?

By the time the pandemic struck, our emotions had already been yanked every which way for years. For many people, this new threat of an invisible enemy broke them. Hoarding toilet paper and other strange behaviors were quickly normalized. It was scary, but there was hope—just two weeks to flatten the curve—then we could get back to normal, but wait… no… no way… lockdowns? Canceling school and Christmas? Closing up shop, staying home, living in constant fear?

How much more can we take?!

But wait… wait, there’s hope… there’s going to be a vaccine… yes, then we can get back to normal, once we get the vaccine. People were desperate for the vaccine, and Trump, despite all of his despicable flaws and failures that were being relentlessly pumped out across the media, despite him being arguably the most divisive topic around the dinner table, at least he was a business man… he could get those vaccines made fast.

And he did. I mean, obviously he didn’t make them himself, but he cut the red tape and let the government partner with private corporations in ways they had never done before. Of course, he was embroiled in scandal and twice impeached in the process, but he did deliver on Operation Warp Speed—which must have saved millions of lives.

There was hope, but then came Delta… oh the disappointment when we learned that the vaccines—which we were always promised were safe and effective—was utterly useless against this new deadly variant. But wait, there’s hope, they’ve developed a booster and now Biden is the president! Surely it’s all going to be okay. We can take off our masks now, right? We’re almost back to normal now, right?

I want to get excited, but I’m just not sure….

Haven’t we been here before?

Stop the tape!

Take a slow deep breath. Pause with a full breath. Relax when you let it out.

Why not do it again? Another slow deep breath. Another pause. Feel your heartbeat. Relax your shoulders as you exhale. What’s real right now?

We’ve all been through a lot. We’ve all learned a lot these last few years. Our lives have all changed in ways that are hard. We’ve suffered. But have we grieved?

Have we grieved the loss of loved ones? Have we grieved the loss of hopes, of dreams, of jobs? Have we grieved the loss of life experiences? Have we grieved the loss of normal; of family and friends who we no longer talk to?

Have we grieved the loss of life as we know it? Or are we still holding onto the hope that one day we’ll wake up and everything will be okay, that everything will be normal again? Or perhaps we’ve come to accept that this is the new normal, and it’s not that bad? Perhaps we’ve adapted, adjusted, and accepted that all this craziness was just part of life? Nobody could have seen it coming, right?

I mean, come on, who could have seen Donald Trump running again for president?

Stop the tape, again.

Can you see the patterns? Can you see how the cycle is set to start again?

Do you realize what this is doing to the public psyche? Have you heard of mass psychosis? Are you familiar with psychological warfare? What about brainwashing?

This is how it happens. This is the cycle of emotions that heighten suggestibility. The repeated discombobulation interrupts our mental patterns. It leads to a sort of quasi-hypnotic state, a high-jacking of the mind. At some point people just shutdown, or snap. That’s why society is experiencing a skyrocketing mental health crisis.

But even those who tune out are still immersed in this new reality. They are still absorbing the messages that are bombarding their senses relentlessly. We all are.

Hey, remember that conversation we were having about how the government is using AI to manipulate emerging perceptions? They call it Algorithmic Social Interventions, remember? It’s already being deployed at a global scale. Do you think this AI understands that we are hackable animals, like elites have proclaimed?

How does that all play into this story? Wouldn’t that affect the flow of information that then affects our emotions, how we feel, what we think, what we do, and how we vote? How might our perceptions be manipulated between now and 2024?

Could the next great manipulation already be underway?

Think about it. Decide for yourself. Nothing is quite as it seems—there’s a fine line between waking and dreams. Right now is the time to keep our eyes wide open!

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