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TR 232 - The Great Manipulation

TR 232 - The Great Manipulation

Revealing the secrets of global manipulation ahead of the midterm elections.

Let’s dig deeper.

Yesterday I tossed out some hypothetical coding—two if-then statements—that would effectively censor free speech without triggering a massive revolt against censoring free speech. The point was to demonstrate how easy it would be to create an algorithm that would facilitate “effective and rapid removal” of online content:

IF the content is counter narrative, THEN reduce it’s reach or remove it.

(If you’re curious what the actual coding might look like, click here.)

Today, I want to drill down on the “tipping the scales” aspect of these algorithmic solutions. Those who are controlling the flow of information are not censoring all of the information (which would be too obvious), but instead, they are “throttling” the information they don’t want you to see. Let’s start with this example:

What do you see? Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea, Seoul, Israel, India, China, Iran, Nigeria… do you see anything that says US elections are less than a week away? Is there any indication of how important this midterm election is?

That is front page news on a major media outlet. For many people, this is the only news they see—and this is just one example. How many people only get their news from Facebook or some other social media platform? How many people only go to a few familiar echo chambers to reinforce their already held beliefs?

The point is that an individual’s perspective on what’s going on in the world—what is important, what is not, and how they should feel about it—is directly shaped by the information they consume. This is true for all of us, which is why I like to scour opposing news sources to tease out the broader narrative and present it here.

With all that in mind, let’s get back to the big picture: The global cabal is actively using Artificial Intelligence to censor political dissent, manipulate public perception, and direct the outcome of elections.

Want proof?

You should, because that sounds like an outrageous claim!

The implications of this little known fact, if it is not immediately brought to light, will lead to nothing less than the enslavement of humanity.

Here’s how it happens:

  1. Global authorities declare that “misinformation” is a threat to public health and announce strategies to immunize humanity against the so-called “infodemic.”

    1. See the WHO’s published research agenda for managing infodemics.

    2. This graphic comes from the WHO’s first “Infodemiology Conference” held June 2020—note the machine learning and AI in the bottom right:
    3. Now consider this second graphic—from the same conference—and note the “Whole of Society” effort to “Save the Election!” from misinformation, in 2016:

What’s critical to realize is that the “new science of infodemics” launched by the WHO actually originated in political censorship. This graphic shows that MAFINDO has been specifically interfering in the outcome of elections by mobilizing “social agents of change” against hoaxes and hate speech.

According to the USAID backed CounteringDisinformation.Org, MAFINDO is a grassroots “civil society organization” that started back in 2015.

Also according to this state-funded “countering disinformation” initiative, there have been 282 worldwide “interventions” similar to the one in Indonesia. Digging deeper, I also find it fascinating that this Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS), which is funded with taxpayer money, works in cahoots with the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems—all of which have direct ties to political upheavals all around the globe.

Surely that’s just a coincidence.

Let’s get back to the AI.

The pandemic gave the global cabal a perfect reason to justify their need to censor free speech, to keep people safe from misinformation and save lives. This marked a notable shift toward programming people to accept this censorship as if it was for their own good—hence the use of “algorithmic solutions” to create behavioral change.

More specifically, Algorithmic Social Intervention aims to leverage AI for “optimally targeting and enhancing social and behavioral interventions to achieve policy or community-level goals.” And just in case you think this is some fringe effort, take note of the top search result below:

Just in passing, it’s worth mentioning that this concept of “algorithmic social intervention” has been being developed for at least 15 years, under the watchful eye of Milind Tambe, the Director of "AI for Social Good" at Google Research who has been deploying AI for the sake of public safety and counter terrorism since 2007.

Want to take a guess how he votes?

Tying it all together:

AI and “algorithmic social intervention” is repeatedly touted as a “critical tool” for the government to achieve its policy goals. In plain speak, Big Gov is using Big Tech to get what they want, and most people don’t realize that’s happening.

Today, more news outlets are picking up on the troubling revelations that the Department of Homeland Security has been caught colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech in America. Intelligent people are beginning to realize that these public-private partnerships are how The Narrative is being enforced.

There is no doubt this is directly affecting our elections. Furthermore, every indication is that these algorithms also had an impact on the 2016 and 2020 elections—long before most of the public had ever heard of misinformation or algorithmic solutions. After all, that’s what this AI was originally trained to do.

BUT, while it is great that more people are squawking about the government censoring free speech, don’t miss the bigger picture. The global cabal is actively deploying AI to systematically search and destroy dissenting perspectives and proactively shape public opinion—and this is happening at the global level.

This is being done to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (via Global AI and other initiatives), despite the fact that—and here’s the catch—scientists increasingly don’t understand how all this AI works!

In other words, the machines are learning faster than we are. They’ve been trained in behavioral psychology and social intervention. They’ve been given a set of goals. They’re actively censoring our conversations and manipulating public perception to achieve specific political outcomes. Who wrote that code again?

What could go wrong?!

Let me know in the comments below!

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