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TR 228 - On Aliens & Elections

TR 228 - On Aliens & Elections

Examining some peculiar similarities and clearly disturbing irregularities.

Smile, you’re on camera!

According to two Harvard astronomers, there are some 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 alien spacecraft that may be observing us. That’s 4 quintillion in the common vernacular.

So, maybe starting up the U.S. Space Force wasn’t a bad idea after all, eh?

All silliness aside, as every peasant knows, anyone who works at Harvard is a genius—and even the snarks over at the Grunge understand that Space Force has it’s place:

So, what threats would the US Space Force confront? The biggie is America's not-unimpressive satellite collection, a smorgasbord of orbiting technology upon which just about everything you love depends: smart phones, electronic payment systems, and the always in-vogue services of Sirius XM Radio.

Back in 2007, China killed two birds with one stone by both knocking their own pesky, disused weather satellite out of the sky with a missile strike and proving that they could hit, gosh, anything in orbit that struck their fancy, should the spirit move them.

Here’s a couple things to take note of:

  1. Reasonable people understand that Space Force has its place and the eggheads at Harvard are not all geniuses—which is something that many liberals fail to grasp.

  2. China has proven it can destroy our way of life with a strategic missile-to-satellite strike—and that was with war tech from 15 years ago.

Interestingly enough, news out of the Pentagon today informs us that regardless of everything Russia! Russia! Russia!, China is still the top threat to the U.S.

This is important, as it may impact the midterm elections, but before we get into that there is a more pressing point that needs to be made. It appears, quite unfortunately, that our incipient Space Force has either a) been staffed by heavily indoctrinated useful idiots from Ivy League institutions, or b) been infiltrated by the global cabal.

What do I mean? Visit the official website and notice their top of page priorities:

Honestly, I thought the pandemic was over and “reproductive health care” was nothing more than a divisive political issue being used to stir up the liberal base ahead of the elections—which is why seeing this plastered at the top of the page took me by surprise. Why aren’t they promoting something more space-mission related?

Further down the page, the news section spells it out: Space Force top leadership is being directly indoctrinated by the globalists at Johns Hopkins University (i.e. “Intermediate and Senior Developmental Education”). In lockstep, they have also chosen to “amplify” reproductive health care, the Climate Action Plan, and financial incentives to recruit Children and Youth—all of which are initiatives that come nearly verbatim from the globalists’ playbook. In other words, they’re woke:

BUT, despite the fact that the Space Force appears to be fully caught up in the collective delusions of the globalist agenda, and all of the negative implications that that entails, their role in protecting America from 21st century threats is important and may come front and center much sooner than we expect.

Straight to the point:

Isn’t that what the Space Force is meant to protect us from?

How might that affect the midterm elections?

Let’s get hypothetical.

There has been a lot of chatter about false-flag events lately. It’s always both sides accusing the other side of staging some horrific, unscrupulous attack against innocent civilians. Either Russia stages the attack and blames it on Ukraine, or the invisible hand stages the attack and blames it on Russia. That’s how the story goes.

Somehow the Chinese seem to be conspicuously left out of this narrative.

The fact that a Putin puppet just claimed that Taiwan was "on schedule" to be returned to China—and the recent sighting of Chinese and Russian warships patrolling together off the coast of Alaska—feels related to me, though it’s difficult to connect the dots with any real certainty. What are these shysters up to?

Whatever it is, it’s probably not going to benefit the good old U.S. of A., right?

Here’s the thing:

I believe that the global cabal is running American politics, pulling the strings on the sock-puppet in the oval office, and planting sympathetic sycophants in positions of political power. This has been going on for years, but their emboldened ranks are burgeoning, and at this point the corruption has become commonplace and flagrant.

Together, this group is rapidly advancing the globalist agenda as established by the UN Agenda 2030. This is all part of the Great Reset that will usher in Future Earth.

Underlying all of this are commie tactics and the evil impulse for total control.

If America experiences another Trump-like speed bump, wherein liberty minded constitutional conservatives are voted into power to rectify the situation, it would be a major setback to the globalist agenda. I can’t imagine they plan to let that happen.

Zoom out… way, way out.

Let’s pretend some globalist stooge planted at the Space Force was secretly planning to zap a few satellites and plunge us all into darkness. Maybe it would be to save the planet, or maybe it would be to start a war. Regardless of the motive, unimaginable chaos would ensue. What would the world do? We would look to our leaders.

We’d look to trusted news sources—but of course, they’d all be offline, except for perhaps the state sanctioned emergency broadcast system and perhaps a handful of hardcore preppers who had their HAM radios stashed in a Faraday cage.

Those who were wholly unprepared would immediately snap into savage survival mode and literally be willing to kill people just to get some toilet paper. Gas pumps wouldn’t be working, so people would be limited in their ability to travel and forage for resources. The big cities would implode into utter carnage overnight…

“...but country boys can survive.”

Interestingly enough, the question of whodunnit wouldn’t be top of mind for quite some time. The majority of people would be too consumed with survival to care whether is was the Russians, or the Chinese, or some rogue Deep State actors from our very own Space Force. At that point, would it even matter?

Yes, it would matter, because chances are high that the beleaguered masses of humanity might very well find themselves seeking salvation from the very same people who pushed the button that plunged the whole world into darkness in the first place. It’s just another example of “cause the problem, provide the solution.”

In reality, though this scenario is possible, it is still unlikely. Pulling a stunt like that, even on a small scale (say like hitting just a couple of cities) would cause ramifications that would harm everyone. Even the elites might not escape the pain, which is why I doubt it will ever happen.

If it were to happen, it would likely be an eco-fanatic with an unshakable conviction that they are sacrificing themselves and the rest of humanity in order to save the planet—you know, for the greater good, just like a suicide bomber.

People are crazy.

Do you really think there are 4 quintillion alien space craft flying through space? People do. I suppose it’s possible, but what’s the point? Plenty of people also believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected and that his economy is booming. Why do people believe that? Because that’s what they’re being told:

Nevermind reality.

The midterms are just around the corner.

This time even the aliens will get to vote.

Reports of voter intimidation are pouring in.

The legal challenges have already started.

There will be delays in determining the outcome.

At this point, a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is a 99.9% sure thing.

Honestly, I kind of hope the aliens land before then!

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