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TR 227 - Are We Headed for Midterm Mayhem?

TR 227 - Are We Headed for Midterm Mayhem?

Why isn't anyone talking about what's really going on?

Something’s up.

For the last two weeks I’ve had a nagging sense that there’s something else going on. The media has been reduced to a simmer, just barely bubbling with enough spoon-fed drivel to keep the various narratives alive. Russia is evil. Biden is strong. The economy is fine. The midterms are a toss up. They’re about to catch Trump. You know the drill.

But hey, at least events in the U.K. have really been exciting, right?!

Still, given all the effort to ratchet up a sense of urgency about the winter variants, concerns over nuclear war, global food shortages, and economic collapse—doesn’t it seem like things have quieted down? Doesn’t it seem a little too quiet?

When I read the news, all I see is surface level propaganda. It’s shallow. Things are in a holding pattern. And so I wonder: What are they up to?

Besides deploying AI to assuage the masses, here’s what I’ve found:

  1. This week, the UN is celebrating it’s 77th anniversary by placing its focus on global disarmament and doubling down “to build a safer, more secure world and to protect people from harm.” This just smacks of moral imperative.

    • “Global disarmament” is typically thought of as nuclear disarmament, but in fact, this ties directly to the Agenda 2030 effort to disarm humanity so they can “prevent violence”—or any armed resistance to their schemes.

  2. Also this week, UNICEF has declared that “the climate crisis is a child rights crisis” because “they are less able to regulate their body temperature compared to adults.” And yet children have been adapting to the climate forever, right?

    • This prompted an international call for “urgent and dramatic emissions mitigation measures to contain global heating - and protect lives”.

  3. Meanwhile, the WHO released its first-ever list of health-threatening fungi. This almost sounds fascinating, until you read the fine print and realize they are paving the way for more bio-weapons research and centralized control over industrial agriculture (aka the food supply):

    • “The authors of the report stress the need for more evidence to inform the response to this growing threat – both of disease and antifungal resistance.…” aka, more government funded research and surveillance.

    • “Resistance to antifungal medicines is partly driven by inappropriate antifungal use across the One Health spectrum. For example, injudicious use of antifungals in agriculture…” aka, keeping crops from molding.

  4. Over at NATO, the Secretary General reminds us that “wars are, by nature, unpredictable”—but if we send billions of dollars in more military equipment to Ukraine, they might be able to hold off the evil Russians while NATO conducts their advanced nuclear war games later this week.

    • NATO also mentioned that they “now engage directly with the [weapon making] industry to be able to replenish our existing stocks of ammunitions and [military] capabilities.”—aka, they are now even more cozy with MIC.

  5. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum is frothing at the mouth over the “threat of climate change” and outlining global actions ahead of the upcoming COP27 event—which is a Convention of Parties (198 countries) who have signed onto the radical environmental demands of last year’s Glasgow Climate Pact.

    • UN Climate Change Chief Simon Stiell claims that COP27 is a moment of truth for the international community, stating: “We’ve been unwilling to accept what ‘systemic transformation’ really means.”

    • It’s worth noting that COP26 stressed urgency, bumping up the initial targets for national action—on everything from cows, to cars, to coal—up to this year, instead of 2025. Their consensus was that we have to reduce emissions by 45% this decade, or else we are all going to die, just like the polar bears.

Okay, got it.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you will immediately recognize that there is a united agenda across each of these organizations that is directly rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals—aka Agenda 2030.

As stated, they believe they have a moral imperative to build a safe and secure world in order to protect people from harm. Here we must insert a reality check:

  1. This supposed imperative sounds good to the dupes who want to be protected, but it ultimately is a complete and utter impossibility. The world is not safe, or secure, and a global government cannot protect people from harm—no matter how adamantly they may argue otherwise.

  2. Having convinced themselves of this morally superior mission, the mission to protect the planet and save humanity from itself, they operate with a completely irrational sense of urgency that ignores personal rights and justifies destroying life as we know it for the sake of achieving arbitrary goals—aka the greater good.

Here’s the thing: This agenda is advancing around the clock. They believe it is important. They are super motivated, organized, and ambitious. They are actively shaping our future in ways that we may not like—and there’s almost nothing we can do about it.

Almost nothing.

We may be facing a global cabal equipped with F-16s, unlimited funding, fancy tools, and weaponized AI, but we sure as hell are not helpless.

Buckle up.

Understanding the global plans helps to put our national politics into context.

Ask yourself: Does the global cabal have a vested interest in America politics?

You bet your ass it does. With that in mind, consider these headlines:

In terms of narrative, what stands out to you?

What stands out to me is the casting of expectations regarding both the midterms and the presidential election in 2024. One headline indicates the midterms may just be a bump in the road for the propaganda machine of the globalist regime, while the other points toward their larger plan.

The ballots are out and the battle for control of congress will be decided in just a couple of weeks. Maybe it will be a red wave. Maybe it will be a hung election. Maybe there will be a false flag interruption. Maybe all hell will break loose. Who knows.

Regardless, their plan marches on.

Here’s a wild question: What if it just so happens that things really do go sideways and get ugly after the midterms—say because of rampant electoral fraud and political corruption—and consequently our country does descend into utter chaos?

What if this coincides with an economic collapse of epic proportion, an unexpected cyber attack on the power grid, and/or potentially some false-flag event?

That would be the worse case scenario, and if that happened, I’d be curious:

Would it be helpful if the UN Security Council already had a multi-national security force deployed to America’s backyard—say like in Haiti—just in case things got out of hand after the election?

Think about it in terms of geopolitical chess and consider what’s happening in the Caribbean right now. The situation in Haiti is spiraling out of control and the besieged Haitian government has officially cried out for international help, requesting for “specialized armed forces” to intervene:

That force would “remove the threat posed by armed gangs and provide immediate protection to critical infrastructure and services,” as well as secure the “free movement of water, fuel, food and medical supplies from main ports and airports to communities and health care facilities.”

The U.S. has already deployed a delegation to assess the situation.

The bigger question we need to be asking ourselves is: Could it happen here?

Are we so much more sophisticated and civil here in America? Are we above falling into depravity and complete societal collapse? If Chicago, San Fransisco, and New York are any indications, I would say we’re barely one step away on a good day!

But what if Americans prove not to be more civil and restrained? Could that lead us into a Haitian situation? Might circumstances arise wherein our government cries out for international intervention to protect critical infrastructure and support the police?

Here’s a thought: What if that was the plan?

Again, who knows. That’s just wild speculation. How could any peasant actually comprehend the vast and expansive strategies being deployed by the global cabal? After all, we’re just hackable animals—in theory they can lead us to think and feel however they’d like.

Right now it seems like they want us to believe that this is just another election. They want us to believe that our votes will bring balance to power. They want us to believe that political accountability is still possible. They want us to believe we can still get back on track and set the record straight.

Make no mistake, they are manipulating our beliefs with targeted precision.

Think about it. What would happen if we didn’t believe these things were possible? What if the majority of people who loved our country believed that it was hopelessly lost? What if the majority of passionate American patriots believed that the federal bureaucracy and political establishment were irredeemably corrupt?

Right now, I believe we are being setup for the next wave of shock and awe. Things are too quiet. Something’s not right. Is this going to be a peaceful, free, and fair election? Or are we headed for more madness and midterm mayhem? Only time will tell.

Patriots take note: In the calm before the storm, it’s wise to batten down the hatches.

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