Oct 12 • 21M

TR 217 - Is This the Holy Grail?

Extracting lessons from the illusions of holographic stage performances.

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Luke Throop
Intelligent views on global news.
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It’s just weird.

Remember when Micheal Jackson was “brought back to life” and performed in Las Vegas as a hologram? If you’ve got 33 seconds, here’s a short clip:

For the record, that act of magic was performed back in May of 2015—and evidently phantom Jackson wasn’t the first star to rise from the dead and dazzle the crowds. Turns out Tupac Shakur’s hologram had pulled off a similarly successful stunt a year before that, but unfortunately, I missed the show. Learn something new every day.

Today we learn that Steve Jobs—the quirky black-turtleneck-and-jeans wearing genius who invented the iPhone—is the most current resurrection of cult personalities. Here was the catchy title:

Eerie AI tech brings Apple founder Steve Jobs ‘back to life’ in fake Joe Rogan podcast interview

When I read the words “eerie AI” it made me think of yesterday’s podcast and all the talk of how this powerful new technology is being weaponized against humanity. When AI is fully deployed across all sectors of society, the sentinel surveillance will be able to conduct social listening from virtually every device.

Once the sentinels key into the words and phrases being used, they can then trigger “algorithmic solutions” wherein the AI dishes up the information you need to correct your perspective. Here’s the hypothetical:

You’re talking with your friends about the fact that Covid-19 vaccines were never tested against transmission—which means that every injection is prone to spreading infection—and how this information just came out under oath.

“Wow, thanks for sharing,” says your friend, “I can’t believe they would do that!”

The conversation then drifts in the general direction of distrust for Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Brother… nothing too crazy, just pointing out how these industries and institutions have consolidated massive amounts of power and money, and how they are leveraging every advantage and treating humanity like hackable animals.

Ding! Ding!

Your phone beeps at you—and vibrates a little in your pocket. You hear it. You feel it. You just can’t ignore it. It’s probably nothing, but you have to have a look.

It’s that little red alert that lets you know there’s some information that you’re missing out on—you know, the one that was designed to stimulate addiction. So you tap the screen… and it’s soooo satisfying to tap the screen, isn’t it? It’s a little frustrating when the service is slow—4G has soooo much lag time, and that’s why we really need 5G—but eventually you get the message: “Covid vaccines are safe and effective.”

What nonsense, you think to yourself. The Florida Department of Health just released a comprehensive study that showed there was an 84% increase in cardiac related deaths within a month of the covid injection—especially among young healthy males—so they don’t recommend this group keep getting the jab.

You quickly flick past the annoying PSA and begin scrolling the screen.

You see this kind of stuff everywhere:

Covid-19 boosters are the most important thing you can do for your health, really? What about eating healthy, exercising, and getting good sleep?

The thought trails off… then you see this:

FDA authorizes updated Covid-19 booster shots for children as young as 5

Really, why?

Oh my gosh. What the heck is going on? It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It’s confusing.

I’m not sure what to think anymore. Who do I trust? Is any of this misinformation?

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. But ultimately, how will you know?

Do you remember how this whole conversation started? We were talking about mystical performances where AI is used to bring people back from the dead.

Now that’s power.

Before we move on, consider that the AI is already always listening.

Consider that your information and content is already being curated and that the vast majority of what you know has been carefully scripted to evoke particular emotions that heighten your suggestibility. Consider that the AI can read you like a book and that algorithms are highly trained in behavioral psychology.

Consider that this technology is now being used to manipulate what you think, what you believe, how you behave, and ultimately what you choose to do or not to do.

Now, let’s talk about the “eerie AI” version of Steve Jobs and the “fake” Joe Rogan podcast. What lessons might be gleaned from this story? Here’s what I think:

  1. They have the technology to blur the lines of reality.

  2. Most people have no idea how good this technology is and that it is being used.

  3. In the hands of evil people, this technology will be used for evil purposes.

Imagine if the AI could resurrect a trusted leader in a time of need. Or, better yet, imagine a decrepit and senile president keels over dead right at the brink of war, but the AI uses holograms and voice synthesis to keep the commander-in-chief alive.

Of course, someone would have to know what really happened, but the argument would be that this phantom leader—the AI generated and animated projection—would prevent a crisis in leadership that might make the U.S. appear vulnerable on the geopolitical stage. Continuity, in this context, is more important than reality.

Again, how would we know?

This is all just wild hypothetical thought experiments, but it brings up the point that this technology could very well be used to create an illusion so compelling that the average person ultimately lacked the skills to discern the distinction between what is real and what is not real—and that is a MAJOR threat to humanity.

Many people already struggle with distinguishing between fact and fiction. It’s part of human nature. Not only are we creatures of habit—as in habits of thought—but as a species we are predisposed to believe in stories regardless of their accuracy. We believe stories because a) we heard the story, and b) it sounds believable enough.

It’s really not any more complicated than that.

AI: The Master Storyteller

Part of what makes social listening such a powerful tool, is that the machines learn your language patterns. Then, by extracting patterns from billions of data points (i.e. people’s devices), the machines learn how to best counter your perspective and slowly condition you to believe something different. No one is immune to this manipulation.

I know it sounds crazy, but I must emphasize that this is already happening.

As we move forward toward Future Earth, the global cabal will increasingly rely upon the advances in AI technology to further enslave humanity. This I believe with everything in me, which is why I’m making such a fuss about it.

But let’s key in on the words “enslave humanity” for a moment. What do I mean when I say that? Are we all going to be walking around with chains around our necks? No, of course not. Are we all going to be confined to bio-pods that harvest our energy like in the Matrix? No, probably not. So how are we going to be enslaved then, exactly?

We will be enslaved in our own minds.

Our stories—the stories fed to us—will ensnare our thinking, twisting our stream of thought into knots of self-denial and delusion. We will be trained to drink the kool-aid, to forfeit freedom, to sacrifice our sovereignty for the sake of the collective, to trust the Institutions, the Science, and the Law, and be willing subjects of the State.

When I say “we” I mean the whole of humanity. To be clear, I don’t intend to succumb to such psychological manipulations—and I doubt you’re planning on surrender either. That said, the unfortunate reality is that the bulk of the population is likely to fall prey to these schemes. I believe that is why the cabal is so bold—because they’ve figured out how to hack humanity and pull this off.

Which brings up the pressing question: What can we do to resist?

The best anecdote to fear and confusion is anger and action. Think about it: If you were attacked by a wild animal, the first instinct may be to cower in fear and try to protect yourself. Once the beast begins to feast on your flesh, sinking its teeth into your body, a deep primal rage wells up to cause you to fight to survive. This instinct is there for a reason, and it offers us strategic insight.

What do we do about the commies taking over the world? Get mad about it and take action—tell someone what’s going on. What do we do about corrupt politicians destroying our country for their own selfish gain? Get mad about it and take action—get out and vote for liberty loving leaders.

What do we do about the senile old sock-puppet-in-office claiming there’s not going to be a recession and that he’s going to beat Donald Trump in 2024? Just laugh.

Laughter is good medicine. Then get mad at the fact that the entire Democrat party and the entrenched two-party system is propping the fool up—and they’re doing it for a reason. Whatever that reason is, you can be sure it’s not in the interest of the peasants.

When the global house of cards comes crashing down, someone has to take the blame, and right now the world chaos is reaching fever pitch:

  • Ukraine is demanding more military support, while plying NATO to make preemptive strikes against Russia, even as some realize NATO is in trouble.

  • The economic war with China is worsening, while U.S. inflation soars and Russia meets with Arab leaders to praise OPEC for stabilizing the oil market.

  • NATO is set to hold a “nuclear deterrent exercise” while Russia is moving nuclear weapons toward Ukraine and Biden warns of nuclear Armageddon.

  • Yet another pipeline pumping gas from Russia to Europe has been knocked offline, while Sweden refuses to release the results of its investigation into the Nord Stream bombings—and Europeans scramble to stay warm.

We’re on the verge of WWIII—that’s the story that’s being told. This overarching story line is sufficient to keep people on edge and provide political cover for domestic issues like the self-imposed energy crisis, economic collapse, corrupt elections, etc.—but what do we know for sure? The invisible hand of the global cabal is hard at work.

Don’t forget their agenda is nothing less than depopulation and total global control.

What if people never learned that the vaccines had a negative effectiveness and were spreading mutated variants at an alarming pace? What if the truth never came out?

In the age of AI, a customized version of reality can be created right before our eyes— which makes artificial intelligence and your data the Holy Grail for the global cabal.