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TR 205 - Re-engineering Reality

Understanding the connection between climate justice and the consolidation of power.

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Luke Throop
Intelligent views on global news.
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Let’s circle back.

In Torch Report 204, I mentioned wanting to discuss “climate justice” and “digital public goods” —both concepts being trumpeted by the global cabal—but instead I addressed the targeted methods being used to indoctrinate future generations. I put forth the concern that children are not only being victimized, but they are also being weaponized against the future of humanity.

They are being conditioned to believe that humanity is an existential threat to the planet and that the only solution is central control and population reduction.

Despite the declared sense of urgency (we’re approaching the point of no return, we MUST do something RADICAL, NOW!), this is ultimately a long-term strategy. By pushing the agenda at the global level and disseminating this template of thought through major institutions, particularly through education, there will be incremental changes made that accumulate to advance the progressive agenda.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a Communist agenda that seeks total control.

All the environmental rhetoric is just the latest wrapping on the package. It is intentionally deceptive and lures the masses into forfeiting their sovereignty for the sake of the collective. The “climate crisis” is the all encompassing reason that governments absolutely must take greater and greater control over our lives—in fact, in their minds, it is a moral imperative on par with preaching salvation.

Which reminds me… what do we do when sincerely held beliefs turn out to be wrong? Remember the people that thought the rapture was going to happen last weekend? Obviously it didn’t—and that’s not the first (or the last) time that particular prediction was turned on its head. People seem to forget: Nobody knows the hour or the day.

But this phenomenon, the desire to predict the future based on exclusive information, does provide a learning opportunity. Is it not the same with Al Gore and the polar bears? This is a revealing excerpt regarding Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which was lambasted by the head of the National Academy of Sciences:

Al Gore, when he talks about the polar bears being killed by the receding glaciers, no basis for that. In fact, let me jump ahead and tell a little story. Ralph Cicerone, head of the National Academy, said there are lots of things wrong in his movie, and Al Gore asked him to come and explain this to him, and he did come. And he said, “Well, what’s wrong with my movie?”

“Well, lots of things, like the polar bears. We track polar bears. Not a single polar bear has died because of retreating ice.”

And Al Gore turned to his movie producer and said, “So, why did we put that in?” The movie producer said, “Well, it really gets people emotionally involved.”

See, this is what politicians do. They put in things that they consider a real danger that represents what they consider to be reality. Doesn’t matter if it’s technically true or not. So, there’s so much misinformation on this field. Global warming is real. I am deeply concerned about it. I am leading a major study on global warming. But most of what made the newspaper headlines is either wrong, or backward, or simply exaggerated.

Note that the NAS director is concerned about global warning, but he’s even more concerned about the misinformation being spread by politicians who care more about emotional reaction than scientific truth. I want to point out that this article is actually debunking the above quote as misinformation—and digging into it, seeking facts, revealed a fascinating ecosystem of climate fanatics decrying “Gore Derangement Syndrome” and all the skeptics who dared to challenge The Science.

Sound familiar?

The takeaway is that most people are going to believe what they want to believe. For the most part, kids are going to believe what they’re taught. People are going to trust the experts and the public is going to trust the government—because why wouldn’t they? This is a fundamental aspect of human nature that is being heavily exploited.

Last week, the global cabal held various high-level meetings to flesh out their vision and establish the collective messaging for next year’s push toward Agenda 2030. Along with targeting children, there was a major emphasis placed on the idea of environmental justice and how this concept is being tied to the food supply.

Are you familiar with Biden’s Executive Order 13985? I wasn’t either, until it came up in a speech made by Matthew S. Tejada, director of the new Office of Environmental Justice. As it turns out, Biden signed this Executive Order his first day in office, and according to Tejada, “it changed the paradigm of the federal government.”

According to their website, the OEJECR—The Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights—exists for the following reason:

OEJECR provides resources and other technical assistance on civil rights and environmental justice, engages with communities with environmental justice concerns, and provides support for community-led action. 

Here’s the big question:

Why is the EPA funneling billions of dollars into civil rights?

Here’s the simple answer:

Because environmental justice makes a healthy environment a human right.

What happens when someone violates an individual’s civil rights? Better yet, what happens when a corporation or a government violates someone’s civil rights? Litigation. Legal battles. Exorbitant fines and fees. Ultimately? Compliance.

Nobody wants to be on the bitter end of a civil rights law suit—especially no corporate leader worth their salt, or city, county, or state official who intends to maintain their position at the local level. Just the threat of being accused of violating civil rights is enough to keep most leaders in line. Keep that in mind.

In other words, civil rights are a weapon in the hands of social justice warriors. Now that we are witnessing the mainstreaming of environmental justice, we can expect to see “environmental rights” being weaponized to coerce compliance with increasingly radical and restrictive environmental policies. Understanding that this is being directed at the global level, the power play is revealed as the cabal seizes more control.

Let’s get global.

So, Biden’s first day in office he signed an EO that initiated a whole-of-government approach to advancing racial equity, which is now being touted as the paradigm shift that bolstered the environmental justice movement. Sneaky bastards. How does this all connect? From the opening section of EO 13985:

“Our country faces converging economic, health, and climate crises that have exposed and exacerbated inequities, while a historic movement for justice has highlighted the unbearable human costs of systemic racism. Our Nation deserves an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the opportunities and challenges that we face.”

Read that a time or two or three. It’s more than a word salad. It’s a template.

Last week, from the UN General Assembly, we find this headline:

Speakers Call for Vaccine Equity, Climate Justice, Institutional Reform, on Day Three of General Assembly’s Annual Debate

This is “the forefront of fighting climate change through ambitious national action plans,” according to their own words. They go on to say “that solidarity was still lacking for climate action, which continued to be the “stumbling block” to address the global climate change emergency.” How do they intend to build solidarity?

By building consensus around climate justice.

Indeed, Biden’s new Department of Environmental Justice is being mobilized for “consensus-building and collaborative problem solving.” And, from the WEF’s Top 10 Takeaways from last week’s meetings, we find that “to break the geopolitical barriers around climate action we have to unite on our passion for food.”

If you were to watch the WEF videos, you’d find the merging of climate, energy, and food crises. To make sense of why this is important, understand that “geopolitical barriers around climate action” is fancy language for humans resisting the threat of global tyranny. If the cabal could simply exert control over the entire human population, then they could end all these crises at once—but they’re not there, yet.

That is why we are experiencing energy and food crises. The powers that be are using these manufactured crises as leverage over the peasants. The link between these issues and the alleged “climate crisis” facilitates further intrusion into our everyday lives. It pushed the boundary of political power ever closer to total control.

In theory, environmental justice means everyone has a right to clean air and water. By extension, no one has the right to recklessly pollute the planet as a useless meat-eating mouth-breather. That means that the all-powerful government needs to protect public health and safety by enforcing environmental justice.

This is an easy sell to the indoctrinated minions.

Soon, solidarity will entail people everywhere drinking the green kool-aid in one massive collective act of delusional self-sacrifice—sacrificing sovereignty at the local, national, and personal levels, and willingly submitting to global tyranny for the sake of “saving the planet.” You will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy. That is how you are to do your part and be part of something bigger.

And don’t forget, equity is a global ambition.

Says Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia, to the people of world:

“Our people, who have a long tradition of living harmoniously with nature and who barely contribute to poisonous emissions warming the Earth, are the ones paying with their lives today.”

You see, if we all lived like nomadic tribesman and African peasants, we could easily save the planet. Large scale agriculture, which feeds the masses, requires fossil fuels that are destroying the planet. Thriving economies, which clothe, comfort, and entertain the masses, are also unsustainable and destroy the planet. In order to ensure equitable environmental justice, both will have to go.

That’s why the means of production and consumption must be consolidated under the benevolent dictatorship of woke public-private partnerships—at least that’s their rationale. The good news is, Bill Gates—who along with funding ways to further manipulate humanity into taking experimental genetic modifications and using AI to reprogram young people—is now the largest owner of farmland in the U.S., and he’s got some spiffy Magic Corn that is guaranteed to save us all!

It should go without saying, but buyers beware!

What they are really selling is the end of liberty, happiness, and life as we know it.