Sep 20, 2022 • 23M

TR 201 - Evil is Gathering Power

Looking at the agenda of multiple meetings currently being held by the global cabal.

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Busy this weekend?

The globalists are. Starting today and stretching over the weekend, dignitaries, politicians, corporate leaders, radical environmentalists, and progressive commie hacks will be bumping elbows at swanky venues throughout NYC and the DC area.

On the docket are the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact meetings, the United Nation’s 77th General Assembly, and the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2022 Taking Action Together meeting, and the uber niche Atlantic Festival which boasts of bringing together “today’s most important and provocative political, cultural, business, tech, and climate leaders” in Washington D.C. at the same time.

Bu bu bu bu but, Russia is mobilizing to annex huge parts of Ukraine again! This time there might really be a nuclear war!! Says Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan:

"By what is happening and still about to happen, this week marks either the eve of our imminent victory, or the eve of nuclear war. I can't see anything third."


In case you missed the Ukraine Special Report, written back in February, what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine has been happening for decades. The Minsk agreements I and II gave the Luhansk and Donetsk regions the right to elect their own leaders. The majority of people in this region share Russian cultural norms and values, as well as family ties, and are thus more Russian than European. This massive voting block repeatedly prevented Ukraine from joining the EU, the globalists intervened, and here we are now.

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Somewhere along the line, Hunter Biden got a cush job smoking crack, Nina Jankowicz got to test her chops at crushing free speech, and good ‘ol Joe got to twist some arms and flex his political clout as the then-Vice President. Oh yeah, and a Ukrainian comedian and media personality who pretended to be Prime Minister on national TV got elected as the Prime Minister of Ukraine—after a series of color revolutions of course—and Trump got impeached for calling to congratulate him.

The whole situation is so damn absurd that it would be hilarious, if it were not for the fact that the global cabal has so successfully used this political theater as an epic distraction, enabling them to conduct their malicious business without much notice.

The fact that Russia is being blasted all over the headlines, again, just as the global elites meet and mingle to message and sell their next moves, is clearly not coincidence.

Here’s something that I want to make clear: What is happening at these conferences and summits is critically important to our future. BUT, this is not where the plans are being made—this is where the plans are being sold. This is where global leaders gather to get their orders, to learn the language, and accept their sense of duty.

The psyops at this level are impeccable. Only the most heavily conditioned and groomed individuals are elevated through the ranks. As with any secret society, the selection process is stringent, and those at the top (who are making the plans and calling the shots) are not the ones sitting in public forums. Thus, the vast majority of UN’s 193 country leaders are little more than lapdogs. Keep that in mind.

Why does it matter?

Because what these so-called “national leaders” are doing, is being programmed. They are asked to make verbal and written commitments to the globalist agenda. They are informed by panels of “international experts” who skillfully articulate the message that humanity is facing a crisis—and that the global cabal holds the only solution.

Nevermind that these experts are hand-picked according to their own degree of conditioning and capacity to speak the narrative. Their language has long been trained, as have their customs and their worldview. Everyone at this level of the game has been fully assimilated into the global collective, and they neither think for themselves nor have any regard for the value or will of the individual.

In their minds, meaning the global collective, they are facing an existential planetary crisis that requires unwavering moral resolve to avert. The problem with humanity is humanity itself, and if there is any lingering sense of contradiction in that statement, it is quickly dissolved in these collective roundtable discussions.

These meetings are meant to foster solidarity and further convince these leaders that they alone are right—and that they alone have the capacity, the authority, and the moral obligation to implement the plans being presented.

The plans being presented have long been established, fine-tuned and adapted through successive feedback loops, and repackaged for the current crop of leaders. In the box, so to speak, under the flowery and flattering language, the pie-in-the-sky ideals, and the utopian globalist fantasies, beneath the drivel of diversity, equity, and inclusion, concealed within the language with “hidden, higher meaning” lies the Communist impulse and their true intent:

Total control of the human population.

The question is how.

How do they get to the point of having total control?

Rest assured the world’s most brilliant evil masterminds have been working on this for centuries. Those of us who are just waking up to the very real presence and evils of the global cabal have arrived very late in the game. Of course, that is not by accident—they’ve long treated we peasants like mushrooms, if you know what I mean.

But now the time has come, at the global level, to reveal the plans. They’ve mastered propaganda to the extent that they can talk about crushing free speech, forbidding free assembly, confiscating personal property, destroying national economies, and eradicating individual rights—and sell it as the only viable solution.

Anything else is a threat to democracy, to peace and stability, to public health and safety, to the planet, and to the future of humanity. For those who have been conditioned to accept the premise, this is watertight logic. For those who remain free thinkers, this is the epitomy of delusion and denial of reality. Still, the collective marches on, emboldend by their success in manipulating the masses with sophisticated ease.

So, what’s their plan? What is this gathering gaggle of global leaders actually being programmed to do? Let’s take a look at the language being used, from the opening remarks presented by Csaba Kőrösi, President of the 77th session:

“The world needs solutions through solidarity, sustainability and science. Solutions because we have drafted many treaties, set excellent goals, yet have taken too little
action. We need solidarity because inequalities have reached record heights. We need sustainability because we owe it to our children to leave behind a liveable world. We need science because it offers us neutral evidence for our actions.”

So we find that the overarching themes are solidarity, sustainability, and science. We see that when they talk about solutions, they mean taking action. (Recall that the Clinton Global Initiative’s meeting is titled “Taking Action Together”…do you think that’s just a coincidence?) But the big take away here is that all of these global actions are going to be driven by The Science—aka “neutral evidence.”

I would point out that global leaders are being primed for taking rapid, drastic actions in order to address the “climate carnage” that, according to the UN Secretary General, is ravaging the planet on an unprecedented scale. Just think of the children, because we owe it to our children to “leave behind a livable world” —which is not untrue. This is the truth that evokes emotional attachment to the cause and conceals their insidious intent: Destruction of life as we know it.

That’s what they call sustainability—because life as we know is not sustainable, at least not in their minds. The solidarity feature also carries significant implications. Re-reading their words exposes the hidden, higher meaning:

“We need solidarity because inequalities have reached record heights.”

I wonder which inequalities he’s referring to? Is it the inequalities between the global elite, who have vacuumed up incomprehensible wealth and power in recent years, and the global peasants who have suffered throughout the process? That’s probably not what he’s talking about. More likely, he’s referring to inequalities between the unsustainable western lifestyle and the poor starving peasants in third-world countries.

More specifically, he’s probably talking about the inequalities in access to quality healthcare (i.e. vaccines), quality education (i.e. state indoctrination), and high-speed internet (i.e. globalist propaganda and the socialist surveillance state). Just a guess.

What’s key here, is trying to maintain a globalist mindset. They are sitting with leaders from hundreds of other countries, the majority of whom envy the American Dream (especially while being razzle-dazzled in the Big Apple). Leaders from wealthy countries hear firsthand of the plight of the hungry peasants—and it’s just not fair. That’s why they must stand in solidarity, ship billions of dollars in foreign aid to corrupt third-world politicians, and swear it’s to end inequality.

Of course, just to point out the obvious, these wealthy leaders have to petition their own governments to extract more taxes from their own weary peasants, and/or destroy their own economies by printing more money out of thin air, just to support the cause.

Now that’s solidarity. It’s a global redistribution of wealth that allows the global elites to glean off the top an infinite amount of resources, money, and power as they further consolidate control over the means of production and consumption.

Evil is gathering power—and it has been for a long time. To catch a glimpse of their next moves, we need only to look at a few more lines from the opening remarks:

  • “The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. It must be the first priority of every government and multilateral organization.”

    • Hence Biden’s climate agenda being passed off as the Inflation Reduction Act and the intentionally inflicted energy crisis that is gripping the globe.

  • “Social media platforms based on a business model that monetizes outrage, anger and negativity are causing untold damage to communities and societies.
    Hate speech, misinformation and abuse – targeted especially at women and
    vulnerable groups – are proliferating.”

    • Hence Biden’s recent remarks about reforming Section 230 and the overarching effort to remove dissenting perspectives from public discourse.

  • “Artificial intelligence is compromising the integrity of information systems, the media, and indeed democracy itself. Quantum computing could destroy cybersecurity and increase the risk of malfunctions to complex systems.”

    • Hence the urge to have total control of these 21st century tools and use them to forcefully impose the global socialist agenda by controlling information.

  • “Neurotechnology – connecting technology with the human nervous system – has progressed from idea to proof of concept. Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies are widespread.”

    • Hence the rush to global digital currencies that can be linked to implanted nano- and neuro-tech that will secure their total control.

That’s just a glimpse.

Remember, Agenda 2030 is being implemented in a cross-sectoral, multi-lateral, integrated international fashion, in conjunction with a world-wide web of non-profits, NGOs, and public-private partnerships. These are the stakeholders in civil society and they are wielding every resource and ounce of collective influence to usher in Future Earth—and none of this bodes well for the expendable, problematic, and excess majority of the human population. They simply don’t need us.

Says one global leader speaking to the rest:

“…fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.

Hence the meetings.

This week the global cabal is gathering their minions to give them marching orders and accelerate their evil schemes. Meanwhile, Americans are thrilled with the return of Thursday Night Football and benevolent Big Tech is reminding us to vote.

I’d say enjoy the game, register to vote, but don’t be lulled to sleep. Evil is gathering power and their plot is picking up pace. What happens between now and the November elections is destined to be interesting.